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CONJUNCTIONS [kənˈjəNG(k)SH(ə)n]


  • a word used to connect clauses or sentences or to coordinate words in the same clause (e.g. and, but, if).
  • the action or an instance of two or more events or things occurring at the same point in time or space.
  • an alignment of two planets or other celestial objects so that they appear to be in the same, or nearly the same, place in the sky.
Synonyms: co-occurrence . concurrence . coincidence . coexistence . simultaneity . simultaneousness . contemporaneity . contemporaneousness . concomitance . synchronicity . synchrony . combination . juxtaposition .

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1. Conjunctions are linking words like and, or, but, then and because: They knocked down all the houses and they built a car park. Are there four or five people living in that house? My shoes look …

2. A conjunction is a word that joins together words, phrases, or parts of sentences. The three most-used Conjunctions are and, or, and but

3. Conjunctions can join words together, like in this sentence: I'd like five peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, please.

4. Conjunctions Conjunctions are words used to connect words, phrases, or clauses

5. There are three types of Conjunctions: Coordinating Conjunctions

6. Coordinating Conjunctions join like with like

7. Conjunctions are known as connective or linking words. They join thoughts, actions and ideas, as well as clauses and phrases

8. Each of the three different types of Conjunctions joins different parts of a …

9. A Look at Subordinate Words: A List of Subordinating Conjunctions

10. Since you have FANBOYS down, let’s move on to a subordinating Conjunctions list

11. A conjunction is the part of speech (or word class) that serves to connect words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. The common Conjunctions (and, but, for, or, nor, so, and yet) join the elements of a coordinate structure and are thus called coordinating Conjunctions

12. While the writings in Conjunctions:75, Dispatches from Solitude, cannot resolve all of humanity’s problems, they tend toward celebrating, even in ways that aren’t all bliss and rainbows, the myriad meanings of what it is to be alive at a time of full-on global affliction.

13. Alright, today I want to start talking about Conjunctions, and Conjunctions are this part of speech that has a very particular function in English and what it does Conjunctions unite words, phrases, and clauses.

14. There are three different kinds of Conjunctions -- coordinating, subordinating, and correlative -- each serving its own, distinct purpose, but all working to bring words together.

15. The three categories of Conjunctions (correlative, subordinating and coordinating), together with their lists, are useful, but it would be much more helpful if the page attempted to explain what these three categories are, how they work and what makes them distinct.

16. Conjunctions A conjunction is a word like and, but, although, because

17. Conjunctions have an important function because they join other words and phrases together

18. Without Conjunctions, we could only make very, very simple sentences.

19. Conjunctions Conjunctions are words used as joiners

20. Different kinds of Conjunctions join different kinds of grammatical structures.

21. Conjunctions are linking or joining words that connect other words and phrases together

22. So there are some very important uses of Conjunctions in English grammar

23. Let us take a look at the types and use of Conjunctions.

24. With the help of this worksheet, students will learn how to use Conjunctions to connect related facts—and …

25. Conjunctions That Connect Two Clauses

26. Coordinating Conjunctions, a.k.a

27. Conjunctions allow you to create clear and elegant sentences

28. It makes your job easier to make sure the expressions that the Conjunctions combine are the same

29. Watch this short clip to learn more about Conjunctions and why we use them in our writing.

30. There are three kinds of Conjunctions: coordinating, correlative, and subordinating

31. Coordinating Conjunctions include and, but, or, not, yet, for, and so

32. Either Conjunctions are important for coordinating phrases, or they’re not! (Hint: They are.) '60s Folk 3D Printing 9-11 9/11 911 A Wrinkle in Time AAPI Heritage Month ADHD Abraham Lincoln Absolute Value Acceleration Acids and Bases Acne Active Transport

33. Conjunction is a word that connects or joins clauses, words, phrases together in a sentence.Conjunctions are used to coordinate words in a sentence

34. “but”, “although”, “while” are some common Conjunctions.Three types of Conjunctions are Coordinating Conjunctions, Subordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions.Let us learn the types and examples of Conjunctions and …

35. Conjunctions are linking words like and, or, but, then and because: … And, but, either … or, etc

36. (coordinating Conjunctions) Coordinating Conjunctions connect items which are the same grammatical …

37. Subordinating Conjunctions are also known as subordinators, subordinate Conjunctions, and complementizers

38. Many subordinators are single words such as because, before, and when, but some subordinating Conjunctions consist of more than …

39. Conjunctions are desperate until they connect words, phrase or clauses! In this part of our Conjunctions worksheets for grade 4 and grade 5, match the clauses to apt conjunction elements to complete sentences.

40. Conjunction Conjunctions are used to express relationships between things in a sentence, link different clauses together, and to combine sentences

41. There are four main types of Conjunctions: coordinating Conjunctions, subordinating Conjunctions, correlative Conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs

42. Conjunctions Test With Cool Music – This is a great way to close out a unit on Conjunctions

43. It covers coordinating Conjunctions, subordinating Conjunctions, and choosing the right conjunction

44. Conjunctions And - But - Or English Grammar PeriwinkleWatch our other videos:English Stories for Kids:

45. Conjunctions are used to express relationships between things in a sentence, link different clauses together, and to combine sentences

46. Without Conjunctions, we would be forced to use brief, simple sentences that do not express the full range of meaning we wish to communicate

47. Conjunctions are words like as, since, because, when, before, and, but, though and if

48. Test your understanding of Conjunctions with this grammar exercise.

49. Coordinating Conjunctions hook up two equal items so it could be two sentences, two items in a list, two adjectives describing the same noun whatever it is when you look on either side of a coordinating conjunction the side should be equal

50. The nice thing about coordinating Conjunctions as well, there is a limited amount so they're pretty easy

51. Conjunctions involve either two objects in the Solar System or one object in the Solar System and a more distant object, such as a star

52. Correlative Conjunctions and starting sentences

53. Practice: Correlative Conjunctions

54. Beginning sentences with Conjunctions

55. Subordinating Conjunctions List

56. There are quite a few subordinating Conjunctions, many more than correlative Conjunctions (more on that below)

57. Here is a brief list of subordinating Conjunctions that you are likely to see and use

58. List of Subordinating Conjunctions:

59. Few of Coordinating Conjunctions are are listed in the table given

60. A terrible dragon has attacked the kingdom of Lingua and only a Conjunctions Master will be able to save it

61. Will it be you? Put your knowledge of pronouns to the test as you venture through Parts of Speech Quest - Conjunctions! Pre-K GRADE K GRADE 1 GRADE 2 GRADE 3 GRADE 4 GRADE 5 GRADE 6+ Parts of Speech Quest 7 - Conjunctions.

62. So, And or But are some of the most used Conjunctions

63. ‘The elaborated variety was alleged to have greater syntactic complexity, as evidenced, for example, by a greater proportion of subordinate clauses, Conjunctions, etc.’ ‘Parliamentary question time is full of wonderful examples of extended verbs, Conjunctions and prepositional phrases employed to evade answering a question.’

64. There are a lot more Conjunctions which we use to connect one clause with another clause

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What are the most common examples of conjunctions?

Most Common Conjunctions List, Definition and Example Sentences

Conjunction Definition Example
Further Further is an adverb. It means "also", . ... He is very clever, further, his father i ...
Likewise Likewise means "in the same way", "in th ... I think apples are good. Likewise, i thi ...
For example For example means "Examples of something ... Lots of animals, like for example lions ...
Both ... and Both ... and refers to two things or peopl ... You can be both mother and business woma ...
8 more rows ... Sep 30 2020

What are the two types of conjunctions?

The two main types of conjunctions are coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. There are also correlative conjunctions, copulative conjunctions, adversative conjunctions, disjunctive conjunctions, and final conjunctions.

What are the two type of conjunctions called?

There are three major types of conjunctions:

  • Coordinating Conjunction
  • Subordinating Conjunction
  • Correlative Conjunction
  • What is list of common conjunctions?

    25 Most Common Conjunctions

  • and.
  • that.
  • but.
  • or.
  • as.
  • if.
  • when.
  • than.
  • because.
  • while.
  • More items...

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