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1. Conjugal definition is - of or relating to the married state or to married persons and their relations : connubial

Conjugal, Connubial

2. How to use Conjugal in a sentence.


3. Conjugal means relating to marriage, but it is perhaps best known for its use in Conjugal visit, in a which prisoner is allowed to visit privately with their spouse for the purpose of having sexual relations


4. Conjugal adjectivemarital, nuptial, matrimonial, married, wedded, bridal, spousal, connubialA woman's refusal to allow her husband his Conjugal rights was once grounds for divorce

Conjugal, Connubiala

5. The adjective Conjugal describes all husband-and-wife matters, so if someone who is married says, "Single people don't understand how I feel," you can be sure it's a Conjugal situation

Conjugal, Can

6. The definition of Conjugal is relating to marriage or a relationship


7. An example of Conjugal used as an adjective is the phrase "Conjugal relations" which means a …


8. Conjugal Pertaining or relating to marriage; suitable or applicable to married people. Conjugal rights are those that are considered to be part and parcel of the state of matrimony, such as love, sex, companionship, and support.Loss of consortium is a loss of any or all Conjugal rights

Conjugal, Considered, Companionship, Consortium

9. This Conjugal annoyance is the only one that makes you beside yourself with joy


10. THE PETTY TROUBLES OF MARRIED LIFE, COMPLETE HONORE DE BALZAC She rose with a smile to guide the young and guileless apprentice to Conjugal arts through the labyrinth of her palace

Complete, Conjugal

11. The Conjugal act is natural sexual intercourse between a married heterosexual couple that's open to life and love

Conjugal, Couple

12. 6 synonyms of Conjugal from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms


13. Conjugal: of or relating to marriage.


14. A Conjugal visit is a popular practice that allows inmates to spend time alone with their loved one (s), particularly a significant other, while incarcerated


15. By implication, and candidly, Conjugal visits afford prisoners an opportunity to, among other things, engage their significant other sexually.

Candidly, Conjugal

16. In the United States, Conjugal visits occur only in state prisons, not federal prisons


17. In the early 1990s, 17 states had active Conjugal visit programs


18. Conjugal (adj.) 1540s, "pertaining to marriage, nuptial," also "pertaining to the relationship of husband and wife," from French Conjugal (13c.), from Latin coniugalis "relating to marriage," from coniunx (genitive coniugis) "spouse," which is related to coniugare "to join together," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + iugare "to join," from iugum "yoke" (from PIE root

Conjugal, Coniugalis, Coniunx, Coniugis, Coniugare, Com, Con

19. Early 16th century from Latin Conjugalis, from conjux, conjug- ‘spouse’, from con- ‘together’+ jugum ‘a yoke’.

Century, Conjugalis, Conjux, Conjug, Con

20. Conjugal means relating to marriage or a married couple's relationship, especially their sexual relationship.

Conjugal, Couple

21. Conjugal Experiences de vie Conjugale; rupture(s), difficultes Conjugales, role du conjoint, etc.; tous les propos concernant la (ou les) conjointe ou conjoint

Conjugal, Conjugale, Conjugales, Conjoint, Concernant, Conjointe

22. A Conjugal partner is someone with whom you have more than just a sexual or physical relationship


23. Music video by SpiceVybz Kartel performing Conjugal Visit



Creative, Copy, Conjugalvisit

25. ‘The Conjugal vision of marriage itself is being stamped as discriminatory and bigoted.’ ‘The writer himself says of the Conjugal relationship, ‘This is a great mystery, and I …


26. What Is a Conjugal Family? Jim and Lisa are high school sweethearts


27. Amoris itself confuses “sexual relations” and Conjugal relations” by invoking, in its controversial footnote 329, the Second Vatican Council’s reminder to married persons not to

Confuses, Conjugal, Controversial, Council

28. Definition of Conjugal adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


29. Definition of Conjugal in the dictionary


30. What does Conjugal mean? Information and translations of Conjugal in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Conjugal, Comprehensive

31. Conjugal rights are those that are considered to be part and parcel of the state of matrimony, such as love, sex, companionship, and support

Conjugal, Considered, Companionship

32. Loss of consortium is a loss of any or all Conjugal rights.

Consortium, Conjugal

33. Conjugal (2 Occurrences) Conjugal (2 Occurrences)


34. Exodus 21:10 If he take himself another, her food, her clothing, and her Conjugal rights he shall not diminish

Clothing, Conjugal

35. Old (3966 Occurrences) Then it makes the man recognize this Conjugal relation, not at all with reference to sexual passion or the propagation of species but as furnishing man occasion


36. Conjugal CHASTITY The virtue of chastity to be practiced by the married

Conjugal, Chastity

37. Conjugal happiness Some prisoners who want to start a family are to be permitted Conjugal visits


38. (Translation of Conjugal from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University …

Conjugal, Cambridge

39. A Conjugal relationship exists when there is a significant degree of commitment between two people

Conjugal, Commitment

40. Divorce from one Conjugal relationship must occur before another Conjugal relationship may occur in family law


41. The Conjugal companion of Mr Verloc had suddenly become ravingly, murderingly insane.

Conjugal, Companion

42. Conjugal rights are encouraged in imprisoned individuals because it apparently helps lessen the risk of being repeat offenders


43. However, there are limitations to using Conjugal rights


44. In other states, same-sex Conjugal rights are still not permitted.


45. I shall show the higher part intellect plays in Conjugal love, the control, restraint, forbearance, sacrifice.

Conjugal, Control

46. The excellence of the intention is fully and readily recognised, but, for all practical purposes, the letter has received very much the same treatment at the hands of the Northern public as that usually assigned to intermeddlers in Conjugal differences.


47. Conjugal love involves a totality, in which all the elements of the person enter—appeal of the body and instinct, power of feeling and affectivity, aspiration of the spirit and of will


48. The Conjugal retreat was focused on married couples who needed to refresh their relationships

Conjugal, Couples

49. 🔊 The bride and groom were looking forward to Conjugal bliss for the rest of their lives


50. 🔊 A common Conjugal argument revolved around the couple’s finances

Common, Conjugal, Couple

51. 🔊 Before they got married, the pastor conducted Conjugal counseling for engaged

Conducted, Conjugal, Counseling

52. Conjugal Partnership Property Art


53. All property acquired during the marriage, whether the acquisition appears to have been made, contracted or registered in the name of one or both spouses, is presumed to be Conjugal unless the contrary is proved

Contracted, Conjugal, Contrary

54. (160a) The following are Conjugal


55. The Conjugal family gained in importance: Roman and especially canon law favoured its authority over the wider solidarities of clan or kin (extended family); rulers made the hearth a basis of fiscal responsibility

Conjugal, Canon, Clan

56. A Conjugal Partner Visa is obtained under the Family Sponsorship Visa Category

Conjugal, Category

57. A Conjugal relationship is where both partners are interdependent on each other - financially, socially, emotionally and physically


58. A Conjugal Partner is different from spouse and common-law partner.

Conjugal, Common

59. This book defends the Conjugal view of marriage


60. A Conjugal partnership is a relationship between two people who are in a marriage-like relation but are not married and cannot live together due to circumstances beyond their control, To qualify for a Conjugal partner sponsorship application the relationship should have been for at least one year before submission of Conjugal partner sponsorship.

Conjugal, Cannot, Circumstances, Control

61. Conjugal Roles Conjugal Roles Conjugal roles referrer to the roles executed by the woman and man in a household


62. Various sociologists have had dissimilar opinions as to whether Conjugal roles have turned out to be equal


63. These researchers have measured various characteristics of inequality and equality in relation to Conjugal roles.

Characteristics, Conjugal

64. Conjugal partner relationships are recognized to have most of the same characteristics as marriages and exclusive common-law relationships

Conjugal, Characteristics, Common

65. By definition, a Conjugal relationship has most of the same legal restrictions as marriage, such as prohibited degrees of consanguinity.

Conjugal, Consanguinity

66. Restitution of Conjugal Rights judgements


67. Held that for husband in order to obtain a decree of restitution of Conjugal rights it is not necessary that actual cruelty must be established

Conjugal, Cruelty

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