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1. Confusion definition is - an act or instance of confusing

Confusion, Confusing

2. How to use Confusion in a sentence.


3. Confusion is the most common sign of medical complications related to cancer treatment

Confusion, Common, Complications, Cancer

4. Confusion definition, the act of confusing

Confusion, Confusing

5. Confusion is sometimes a fleeting problem with a clear cause

Confusion, Clear, Cause

6. Find 127 ways to say Confusion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Confusion, Com

7. Confusion is a change in mental status in which a person is not able to think with his or her usual level of clarity

Confusion, Change, Clarity

8. Frequently, Confusion leads to the loss of ability to recognize people and or places, or tell time and the date


9. Feelings of disorientation are common in Confusion, and decision-making ability is impaired.

Common, Confusion

10. Sudden Confusion, sometimes called delirium, can be a sign of many health problems

Confusion, Called, Can

11. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Confusion crossword clue

Crossword, Confusion, Clue

12. Confusion is a common problem in persons over 65 years of age

Confusion, Common

13. A mental state marked by Confusion about time, place, or who one is


14. A usually reversible condition characterized by the acute and sudden development of Confusion, illusions, movement changes, inattentiveness, agitation, and hallucinations

Condition, Characterized, Confusion, Changes

15. Confusion occurs when a person has difficulty understanding a situation or has disordered or unclear thoughts


16. Confusion can increase slowly over time or come on abruptly, depending upon the cause.

Confusion, Can, Come, Cause

17. Confusion is the inability to think as clearly or quickly as you normally do

Confusion, Clearly

18. 48 synonyms of Confusion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 64 related words, definitions, and antonyms


19. Find another word for Confusion


20. Confusion: a state of mental uncertainty


21. Confusion synonyms, Confusion pronunciation, Confusion translation, English dictionary definition of Confusion


22. The act of confusing or the state of being confused: Backstage Confusion made the rehearsal difficult

Confusing, Confused, Confusion

23. Confusion can be a sign of COVID-19, particularly in elderly people, Charulatha Nagar, MD, a neurologist at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital in …

Confusion, Can, Covid, Charulatha

24. A Helmed Horror can be immune to Confusion if its creator chose that as one of the three spells

Can, Confusion, Creator, Chose

25. You could cast Confusion at 7th level or higher if you really wanted to of course

Could, Cast, Confusion, Course

26. Confusion or decreased alertness may be the first symptom of a serious illness, particularly in older adults


27. Health problems that can cause Confusion or decreased alertness include: Infections, such as a urinary tract infection, respiratory infection, or sepsis

Can, Cause, Confusion

28. Music video by Electric Light Orchestra performing Confusion


29. Confusion may result from drug side effects or from a relatively sudden brain dysfunction


30. Acute Confusion is often called delirium (or "acute Confusional state"), although delirium often includes a much broader array of disorders than simple Confusion

Confusion, Called, Confusional

31. Sudden Confusion can be caused by many different things

Confusion, Can, Caused

32. Some of the most common causes of sudden Confusion include: an infection – urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common cause in elderly people or people with dementia;

Common, Causes, Confusion, Cause

33. Confusion, bewilderment, uncertainty, and unsureness are common symptoms of anxiety

Confusion, Common

34. Welcome to Confusion, the home of the 2021 Eastercon! Confusion 2021 will be held 2-5 April 2021 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, at the NEC.


35. The metabolic Confusion diet is an eating style that’s different from most other diets


36. This newly published book provides an introduction to the central, relevant details of metabolism, and even more importantly, End Your Carb Confusion gives a detailed and concrete action plan customized to your specific metabolic state.

Central, Carb, Confusion, Concrete, Customized

37. Antonyms for Confusion include clarification, explanation, elucidation, clarity, enlightenment, illumination, description, explication, exposition and explaining

Confusion, Clarification, Clarity

38. Sklearn.metrics.Confusion_matrix¶ sklearn.metrics.Confusion_matrix (y_true, y_pred, *, labels = None, sample_weight = None, normalize = None) [source] ¶ Compute Confusion matrix to evaluate the accuracy of a classification

Confusion, Compute, Classification

39. By definition a Confusion matrix \(C\) is such that \(C_{i, j}\) is equal to the number of observations known to be in group \(i\) and predicted to be in group \(j\).


40. Synonyms for Confusion in Free Thesaurus


41. 55 synonyms for Confusion: bewilderment, doubt, uncertainty, puzzlement, perplexity, mystification


42. Metabolic Confusion can sound, well, confusing

Confusion, Can, Confusing

43. Confusion can be protected against by wearing a Persim Band

Confusion, Can

44. In Pokémon Conquest, Confusion is a non-volatile status

Conquest, Confusion

45. The Confusion assessment method (CAM): A systematic review of current usage

Confusion, Cam, Current

46. Background: Non-specific symptoms, such as Confusion, are often suspected to be caused by urinary tract infection (UTI) and continues to be the most common reason for suspecting a UTI despite many other potential causes

Confusion, Caused, Continues, Common, Causes

47. Confusion is a Psychic-type move introduced in Generation I


48. 1 Description 2 Effect 2.1 In battle 3 Learnset 3.1 By leveling up 3.2 By breeding 4 Gallery 5 See also Confusion does damage and has a 10% chance to confuse the target

Confusion, Chance, Confuse

49. In a Double Battle, Confusion can target any Pokémon around the user

Confusion, Can

50. In a Triple Battle, Confusion can only target a Pokémon that's adjacent to the user

Confusion, Can

51. A Confusion matrix in R is a table that will categorize the predictions against the actual values

Confusion, Categorize

52. Delirium is a state of mental Confusion that starts suddenly


53. Confusion can start or get worse when the patient goes to a new place and may worsen at night (you might hear this referred to as sundowning)

Confusion, Can

54. Usually the cause of the Confusion can and should be treated

Cause, Confusion, Can

55. Delirium is a mental state of severe Confusion that usually happens suddenly


56. Find 127 ways to say Confusion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Confusion, Com

57. Science is the process that takes us from Confusion to understanding in a manner that's precise, predictive and reliable - a transformation, for those lucky enough to experience it, that is empowering and emotional.


58. Confusion heard his voice, and wild uproar Stood ruled, stood vast infinitude confined; Till at his second bidding darkness fled, Light shone, and order from disorder sprung

Confusion, Confined

59. Confusion, Forgetfulness, Frequent nighttime urination and Frequent urination


60. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Confusion, forgetfulness, frequent nighttime urination and frequent urination including Medication reaction or side-effect, Alzheimer's disease, and Dehydration (Children).

Checker, Common, Conditions, Confusion, Children

61. Conversations through the early months are dominated by Confusion, with the focus initially on foreign travelers, from China and then from Europe, and …

Conversations, Confusion, China

62. Confusion matrix is a very popular measure used while solving classification problems

Confusion, Classification

63. An example of a Confusion matrix for binary classification is shown in Table 5.1.

Confusion, Classification

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CONFUSION [kənˈfyo͞oZHən]

confusion (noun) · confusions (plural noun)

  • lack of understanding; uncertainty.
  • a situation of panic; a breakdown of order.
Synonyms: uncertainty . unsureness . indecision . hesitation . hesitancy . skepticism . doubt . ignorance . dubiety . incertitude . certainty . disorder . disarray . disorganization . disorderliness . untidiness . chaos . mayhem . bedlam . pandemonium . madness . havoc . turmoil . tumult . commotion . disruption . upheaval . furor . frenzy . uproar . babel . hurly-burly . maelstrom . muddle . mess . shambles . anarchy . entropy . disarrangement . order .
  • the state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something.
  • the mistaking of one person or thing for another.
Synonyms: bewilderment . bafflement . perplexity . puzzlement . mystification . stupefaction . disorientation . befuddlement . muddle . discomfiture . discomposure . shock . daze . devastation . wonder . wonderment . astonishment . disconcertment . disconcertion .