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CONFRONTATION [ˌkänfrənˈtāSH(ə)n]

confrontation (noun) · confrontations (plural noun)

  • a hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties.
Synonyms: conflict . clash . brush . fight . battle . contest . encounter . face-off . engagement . tangle . skirmish . collision . meeting . duel . incident . high noon . hostilities . fighting . warring . set-to . run-in . dust-up . shindig . shindy . showdown . afters . rencounter .

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1. English Language Learners Definition of Confrontation : a situation in which people, groups, etc., fight, oppose, or challenge each other in an angry way See the full definition for Confrontation in the …

2. The Confrontation, resolved over the weekend, is the latest in a string of clashes centering on the software sales-related growth engine of America’s most valuable company

3. Confrontation the act of facing or being made to face one's own attitudes and shortcomings, the way one is perceived, and the consequences of one's behavior, or of causing another to face these things

4. The Crossword Solver found 31 answers to the Confrontation crossword clue

5. Empathic Confrontation (Ivey et al., 2014), also known as the challenge technique, can be implemented to help clients analyze their narratives for discrepancies and contradictions between words and deeds

6. Confrontation can be physically stressful—your muscles tense, your pulse rises, the adrenaline starts to flow—so some actually avoid the physical sensations that accompany it

7. 19 synonyms of Confrontation from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 17 related words, definitions, and antonyms

8. Find another word for Confrontation

9. Confrontation: an earnest effort for superiority or victory over another

10. A situation in which people or groups with opposing ideas or opinions disagree angrily: Confrontation between sb and sb The agreement ended a potentially serious Confrontation between management …

11. The Most Effective Way of dealing with Confrontation in the Workplace We all have a certain way in which we engage in conflict or a way in which we confront someone else about something that has happened to cause conflict

12. Confrontation “The primary object of the [Confrontation Clause is] to prevent depositions of ex parte affidavits

13. Confrontation is an element of conflict wherein parties confront one another, directly engaging one another in the course of a dispute between them

14. A Confrontation can be at any scale, between any number of people, between entire nations or cultures, or between living things other than humans.

15. The skills of Confrontation, and it’s cousin, logical consequences are important counseling skills to have

16. This right is known as the Confrontation Clause

17. The Confrontation clause guarantees criminal defendants the opportunity to face the prosecution's witnesses in the case against them and dispute the witnesses' testimony.

18. Confrontation can be either helpful or harmful depending on the situation, and the Bible gives examples of both

19. Harmful Confrontation is motivated by pride, greed, or some other fleshly desire

20. Those who confront others in order to gain the upper hand or to make themselves appear better are abusing the art of Confrontation.

21. Confrontation Visual Fields for Ophthalmologists in Training Stephen C

22. While Confrontation can be a good thing, and standing up for ourselves and others is an important part of life, make sure to pick your battles wisely

23. Confrontation can be a great intervention, or it can create communication barriers that shut down the client with slim hope of addressing the topic

24. What does Confrontation mean? The act of confronting or the state of being confronted, especially a meeting face to face

25. There are signs that the Confrontation is beginning to de-escalate

26. The fear is that these minor clashes may develop into all-out Confrontation

27. Confrontation is a roots reggae album by Bob Marley & the Wailers, released posthumously in May 1983, two years after Marley’s death

28. Confrontation: A New Definition

29. If effective Confrontation is a respectful request for a new behavior or behavior change, then we can confront situations and issues that arise in our organizations with candor and transparency

30. A Confrontation is a dispute, fight, or battle between two groups of people

31. The issue has caused great tension between the two countries and could lead to a military Confrontation

32. American English: Confrontation / kɒnfrʌnˈteɪʃən /

33. A Confrontation is, yes, a “face to face meeting,” but it’s also a “clashing of forces or ideas.” A conversation is “an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions or ideas.”

34. Confrontation is a skirmish level tactical fantasy miniature wargaming in which the combatants are represented by metal or plastic figures in 28 mm scale

35. The need for these individuals to avoid Confrontation is so strong that he or she has a safe Confrontation in their mind and feel that they have dealt with the issue

36. Chapter 23 Confrontation Objectives 1

37. Identify the benefits of Confrontation skills 2

38. Discuss the steps of the CARE (Clarify, Articulate, Request, Encourage) model of Confrontation 3

39. Identify the relationship between Confrontation skills and empowerment 4

40. Practice Confrontation in selected exercises to build confidence in the skills Unless you stop the crack you will rebuild the wall.

41. A Confrontation is the direct expression of one's view (thoughts and feelings) of the conflict situation and an invitation for the other party to express her or his views of the conflict

42. Confrontation in front of an audience invites embarrassment and offers undue opportunities for “emotional performances.” Consider timing the Confrontation at the end of the work day

43. ‘It is a grotesque Confrontation with the reality of life and death.’ ‘The logic of events will lead them to a Confrontation with the West.’ ‘In fact, she had been avoiding him since the Confrontation with the paint stick.’ ‘The Confrontation with the court represents the first test of the new administration, analysts say.’

44. Confrontation is a technique used in therapy to recognize shortcomings and their possible consequences

45. In other words, in a Confrontation you describe where each partner is stuck, showing them how they are preventing the growth of their relationship and then providing a way out.

46. Confrontation (noun) a bold challenge

47. Confrontation (noun) discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions

48. Confrontation (noun) a hostile disagreement face-to-face

49. Confrontation (noun) the act of opposing groups confronting each other; "the government was not ready for a Confrontation with the unions" "the invaders encountered stiff

50. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Confrontation con‧fron‧ta‧tion / ˌkɒnfrənˈteɪʃ ə n $ ˌkɑːn-/ noun [countable, uncountable] 1 DISAGREE a situation in which there is a lot of angry disagreement between two people or groups She had stayed in her room to avoid another Confrontation

51. Confrontation suggests the tension between the girls and their situation, rather than between the two of them; they radiate alienation—from each other, and from the crumbling infrastructure of their surreal, beachfront surroundings

52. Well, you guys asked for it! Confrontation Jekyll/Hyde - Robert Cuccioli Recorded on 11.15.97 (November 15th, 1997), at the Plymouth Theatre, NYC

53. "The Confrontation" takes part in 1823, in the infirmary after Fantine dies

54. Confrontation means, to bring face to face, a person or persons into a revelation or truth

55. Confrontation in a Christians life is real! Those that live for Christ will by their very conduct cause Confrontation

56. THE ELIJAH CHURCH IS A ConfrontationAL CHURCH INTRO: This is part of a series using the life of Elijah as a picture of the last day Church.

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