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1. English Language Learners Definition of Confederation : a group of people, countries, organizations, etc., that are joined together in some activity or effort See the full definition for Confederation in the …

Confederation, Countries

2. Confederation, primarily any league or union of people or bodies of people


3. The term in modern political use is generally confined to a permanent union of sovereign states for certain common purposes—e.g., the German Confederation established by the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

Confined, Certain, Common, Confederation, Congress

4. The Confederation, the union of the 13 original U.S


5. States under the Articles of Confederation 1781–89


6. Confederation is similar to the word "federation," but with important differences


7. Whereas a federation has a strong central government, a Confederation is more of an agreement between separate bodies to cooperate with each other

Central, Confederation, Cooperate

8. The European alliance could be called a Confederation, while the United States is a federation.

Could, Called, Confederation

9. Articles of Confederation, first U.S


10. Established in 1999, Confederation Group has grown into a diverse organization supporting our clients through an expertise in immigration, human resourcing and strategic consulting

Confederation, Clients, Consulting

11. 2 the state of having shared interests or efforts (as in social or business matters) the big-budget movie was produced by the studio in Confederation with another in order to lower the risk


12. An organization consisting of different groups of people, countries, or companies working together for business or political reasons: Never before has a Confederation of small businesses so seriously …

Consisting, Countries, Companies, Confederation

13. What does Confederation mean? A league or alliance; specif., independent nations or states joined in a league or confederacy whose central authority i

Confederation, Confederacy, Central

14. The AFC in Asia, CAF in Africa, the Football Confederation (CONCACAF) in North and Central America and the Caribbean, CONMEBOL in South America, UEFA …

Caf, Confederation, Concacaf, Central, Caribbean, Conmebol

15. Canadian Confederation (French: Confédération canadienne) was the process by which the three colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into one federation called the Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867

Canadian, Confederation, Conf, Canadienne, Colonies, Canada, Called

16. Upon Confederation, what had formerly been called the Province of Canada was divided into the two provinces of Ontario and Quebec

Confederation, Called, Canada

17. Find 25 ways to say Confederation, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Confederation, Com

18. The FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 ended with a final that lived up to the expectations generated by the tournament

Confederations, Cup

19. Confederation enables a faction to permanently assimilate another faction of the same race


20. Although diplomacy is the classic process to confederate, some races have their own unique Confederation mechanics

Classic, Confederate, Confederation

21. Each Confederation may attract some …


22. Confederation College COVID-19 Response

Confederation, College, Covid

23. ‘The actions were called by all seven of the main trade union Confederations and all the parties of the left, including the Socialist Party.’ ‘As organizations, each national party is a decentralized and loose Confederation of state parties and of other affiliated groups.’

Called, Confederations, Confederation

24. The latest CAF Confederation Cup news, rumours, table, fixtures, live scores, results & transfer news, powered by

Caf, Confederation, Cup, Com

25. A Confederation is a group of countries that, by treaty, have given some of their powers to a central government.They do this in order to coordinate their actions in a number of areas

Confederation, Countries, Central, Coordinate

26. A Confederation is not the same as a federation, but they have a similarity.


27. A Confederation is an organization or group consisting of smaller groups or states, especially one that exists for business or political purposes

Confederation, Consisting

28. …a Confederation of small tribes


29. American English: Confederation / kənfɛdəˈreɪʃən /


30. The NHS Confederation is the authentic voice of NHS leadership


31. Confederation A union of states in which each member state retains some independent control over internal and external affairs

Confederation, Control

32. The Confederation Bridge linking New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island opened in May 1997


33. Canadian Confederation is sometimes referred to as the "birth of Canada," marking the beginning of more than a century of progress toward independence from the United Kingdom

Canadian, Confederation, Canada, Century

34. The 1867 Constitution Act (also known as the The British North America Act, 1867, or the BNA Act) formed the Canadian Confederation, making the three colonies into the

Constitution, Canadian, Confederation, Colonies

35. Confederation (plural Confederations) A union or alliance of states or political organizations

Confederation, Confederations

36. Confederationism; Confederationist; Translations

Confederationism, Confederationist

37. Survey Confederation is licenced under the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for data handling – DPA No – ZA171758

Confederation, Commissioners

38. Confederation Place Hotel is less than a half mile from St


39. All reviews Confederation centre anne of green gables mamma mia gift shop comfortable seats live theatre visiting charlottetown prince edward island performance pei canada canadian replica video province

Confederation, Centre, Comfortable, Charlottetown, Canada, Canadian

40. Read the essay To Form a More Perfect Union in Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774 to 1789 for background information about the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation and the call for a new Constitution

Continental, Congress, Constitutional, Convention, Confederation, Call, Constitution

41. Search on Articles of Confederation to retrieve an incomplete copy of the Articles dated 1777.

Confederation, Copy

42. United States (U.S.) Articles of Confederation America’s First Constitution

Confederation, Constitution

43. Articles of Confederation we took "baby steps" as a nation


44. The Confederation Lounge - Discover Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, hotel in Edmonton and enjoy the hotel's spacious, comfortable rooms in Fairmont Hotel

Confederation, Comfortable

45. The NHS Confederation is the membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf of organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services in England, Northern Ireland and Wales

Confederation, Commission

46. Employers' Confederation Author: Zachary Knox Read related entries on E , EM , Employers organisation , Employment And Working Conditions , Labour law and labour relations , …

Confederation, Conditions

47. Looking for Confederation? Find out information about Confederation


48. The union of the Swiss cantons is the oldest surviving Confederation 2

Cantons, Confederation

49. Another name for a federation Collins Explanation of Confederation

Collins, Confederation

50. Meeting Places for the Continental Congresses and the Confederation Congress, 1774–1789

Continental, Congresses, Confederation, Congress

51. Confederation of the Rhine, league of German states formed by Emperor Napoleon I in 1806 after his defeat of the Austrians at Austerlitz Austerlitz, Czech Slavkov u Brna, town, S Czech Republic, in Moravia

Confederation, Czech

52. Before the United States had the Constitution, it had the Articles of Confederation, a much weaker government that lasted from 1777 to 1789

Constitution, Confederation

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