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"Conditionals" in Example Sentences

1. 1. 1. 1. 1. The correct grammar to use in a sentence involving probable conditionals follows this pattern - 'If + subordinate clause in present tense followed by the main clause in future : 12. In a sentence where 'provided that' is followed by two conditions, is a second instance of 'that' required, optional or wrong?
2. The use of the conditional implies that one action in a sentence depends on the other. The conditionals are used to speak about both real and imaginary situations. conditional sentences are also known as “if clauses”.
3. conditionals - What if How to use " what if" in a sentence . What if I don't help you? What if they betrayed you? What if you lost all your money? What if they had never called you? What if the train's late? What if you hadn’t passed your exams? What if you were late for work? What if it rains? What if he told you a lie?

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