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1. Definition of Condescending : showing or characterized by a patronizing or superior attitude toward others Other Words from Condescending What is the difference between Condescending and patronizing? Example Sentences Learn More about Condescending

Condescending, Characterized

2. To be Condescending is to interact with others in a way that implies that you’re superior to them. It especially refers to when this is done in an arrogant or patronizing way—meaning when you act as if you’re doing someone a favor by supposedly lowering yourself to …


3. Synonyms & Antonyms of Condescending (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to descend to a level that is beneath one's dignity I will not condescend to answer the sore loser's charge that I cheated in order to win the race

Condescending, Condescend, Charge, Cheated

4. This sort of “sigh, shame-on-you” comment can be used in all kinds of situations, but is almost always experienced as Condescending. It’s the the sort of thing an exasperated parent would say to

Comment, Can, Condescending

5. The definition of Condescending is acting in a way that shows a superior attitude. An example of Condescending is a parent who speaks to her grown child as if he were still a toddler.

Condescending, Child

6. Find 17 ways to say Condescending, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Condescending, Com

7. Condescending 1. To descend to the level of one considered inferior; lower oneself. 2.

Condescending, Considered

8. Nobody likes hanging out with a Condescending person


9. Condescending attitudes tend to push people away. Condescension may take many forms, but in general, it involves talking down to others and acting as if you are more intelligent or more important than they are

Condescending, Condescension

10. / ˌkɑːn.dəˈsen.dɪŋ / treating someone as if you are more important or more intelligent than them: I hate the way he's so Condescending to his staff!


11. Condescending or arrogant people think that they are the most amazing people ever and that the world around them should listen to their ever-growing expertise in just about any field


12. Being Condescending will cause other people to look at you with disdain.

Condescending, Cause

13. Condescending facial expressions include smirking or curling the lips, rolling the eyes, peering at someone over the top of one’s eyeglasses, or wrinkling the nose as if disgusted

Condescending, Curling

14. A Condescending person’s gestures can include waving away comments, putting up a hand to shush you, or shrugging as if what you said doesn’t matter.

Condescending, Can, Comments

15. Some highly Condescending people even go to the extent of thinking that flaunting their superiority everywhere is good


16. Here is a disclaimer for you right at the beginning of this article – being called a Condescending person is definitely not a compliment for you.

Called, Condescending, Compliment

17. If you say that someone is Condescending, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they talk or behave in a way which shows that they think they are superior to other people


18. I'm fed up with your money and your whole Condescending attitude


19. American English: Condescending / kɒndɪˈsɛndɪŋ /


20. Condescending behavior is having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority; showing that you consider yourself better or more intelligent

Condescending, Consider

21. The Latin prefix con- means "with," and the Latin word for descend means "down," so the word Condescending probably developed to describe someone who looked down on others

Con, Condescending

22. Condescending behavior is, not surprisingly, itself looked down upon.


23. Sometimes people lapse into Condescending behavior by accident and without realizing it


24. Other individuals are simply prone to Condescending behavior, and may be unwilling or unable to work on the issue


25. Definition of Condescending written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

Condescending, Count

26. Everyone has experienced the eye-roll-inducing experience of working with a Condescending co-worker at least once in their professional life

Condescending, Co

27. Condescending (adj.) 1707, "marked or characterized by condescension, stooping to the level of one's inferiors," present-participle adjective from condescend.In …

Condescending, Characterized, Condescension, Condescend

28. ‘a Condescending smile’ ‘But nothing could be more patronising and Condescending than his own view that being a farm labourer is an inadequate occupation.’

Condescending, Could

29. Psalm 113:6 says: 6 He is Condescending to look on heaven and earth," Some translations render Condescending as "humbled"


30. It's a good example of the positive meaning of Condescending that you mentioned


31. If the doctor is Condescending or makes you feel foolish, it’s not a healthy partnership


32. Inserting these words into your sentences immediately makes you sound Condescending


33. Condescending - "having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority." Patronizing - "apparently kind or helpful but betraying a feeling of superiority; Condescending." As noted by the above definitions, a person who is "patronizing" may be more subtle and not as open in their attitude of superiority as a person who is "Condescending".


34. Condescending quotations to activate your inner potential: Rain is grace; rain is the sky Condescending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.


35. Antonyms for Condescending include approachable, deferential, friendly, humble, respectful, dutiful, regardful, gracious, civil and courteous

Condescending, Civil, Courteous

36. Synonyms for Condescending include arrogant, patronising, patronizing, haughty, supercilious, superior, pompous, snooty, uppity and snobbish


37. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Condescending con‧de‧scend‧ing / ˌkɒndɪˈsendɪŋ $ ˌkɑːn-/ adjective RUDE/IMPOLITE behaving as though you think you are better, more intelligent, or more important than other people – used to show disapproval SYN patronizing Professor Hutter’s manner is extremely Condescending

Contemporary, Condescending, Con

38. When your boss is being Condescending, clamming up is the last thing you should do

Condescending, Clamming

39. A Condescending little brat walked into daycare today and called all of the kids a "Loser!" Joan needs to take her Condescending attitude elsewhere and realize that she is not queen of the world

Condescending, Called

40. The arrogant boss spoke to his employees in a Condescending manner.


41. Condescending(adjective):Meaning: having a superior attitude towards someoneUsage:Don't be so Condescending.Brought to you by illustrate - The Video Dictiona


42. One woman felt that I was a little Condescending toward whites, that I sounded like I was superior


43. But I find other usages where being Condescending is obviously considered a good thing, perhaps more like being humble, or equal, rather than superior He took a Condescending and friendly interest in the common people.

Condescending, Considered, Common

44. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the Condescending sort crossword clue

Crossword, Condescending, Clue

45. What Does Patronizing Mean? The adjective patronizing is very similar to Condescending


46. Patronizing is defined in the American heritage dictionary as “To treat in a Condescending manner, often in showing interest or kindness that is insincere”, and in the Oxford dictionary as “treat with an apparent kindness which betrays a feeling of superiority”.


47. Condescending adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (patronizing) condescendant adj adjectif : modifie un nom

Condescending, Condescendant

48. Usage notes [] "Condescend" is a catenative verb that takes the to infinitive.See Appendix:English catenative verbs; In sense “to talk down”, the derived participial adjective Condescending (and corresponding adverb Condescendingly) are more common than the verb itself.; In older usage, "condescend" could be used non-pejoratively (in a sense similar

Condescend, Catenative, Condescending, Corresponding, Condescendingly, Common, Could

49. Definition of Condescending in the Idioms Dictionary


50. What does Condescending expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.


51. Okay, maybe your Condescending boss really thinks you’re kind of an idiot


52. Condescending - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


53. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Condescending adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (patronizing) altivo/a adj adjetivo: Describe el sustantivo.Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo ("casa grande", "mujer alta").

Condescending, Casa

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CONDESCENDING [ˌkändəˈsendiNG]

condescending (adjective)

  • having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.
Synonyms: patronizing . supercilious . superior . snobbish . snobby . scornful . disdainful . lofty . lordly . haughty . imperious . respectful .


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word condescending mean?

Definition of 'condescending'. condescending. If you say that someone is condescending, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they talk or behave in a way which shows that they think they are superior to other people.

What is a condescending manner?

condescending manner nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (patronizing attitude) actitud paternalista nf + adj. He thinks he's better than us - he always treats us with such a condescending manner.

What is the verb for condescending?

condescend(Verb) To come down from one's superior position; to deign (to do something). condescend(Verb) To treat (someone) as though inferior; to be patronizing (toward someone); to talk down (to someone). condescend(Verb) To consent, agree.

What is a sentence for condesending?

Condescend in a sentence Would you condescend to accompany me? Take care not to condescend to your readers. She is so proud that she will not condescend to speak to us. I wonder if Michael will condescend to visit us? When giving a talk, be careful not to condescend to your audience. Perhaps your father would condescend to help with the washing - up! More items...