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1. Log in with your username and password to access the Concur Solutions website.


2. Concur synonyms, Concur pronunciation, Concur translation, English dictionary definition of Concur


3. To be of the same opinion; agree: Concurred on the issue of preventing crime

Concurred, Crime

4. Concur definition is - to express agreement


5. How to use Concur in a sentence


6. Log in to your world class Concur solution here and begin managing business travel and expenses.

Class, Concur

7. Concur definition, to accord in opinion; agree: Do you Concur with his statement? See more.


8. If two or more events Concur, they happen at the same…


9. Use the University of Michigan Concur Travel & Expense System


10. Begin accessing SAP Concur products, including Expense, Travel and Invoice


11. Learn to AdministerLearn the basics of administering SAP Concur products Expense, Travel and Invoice, including SAP Concur Support and the Support Portal


12. Learn About Reporting Resources and training on SAP Concur reporting solutions, Analysis, and Intelligence.


13. Across Canada and the world, SAP Concur simplifies travel, expense and invoice management for total visibility and greater control

Canada, Concur, Control

14. Concur & PCard Homepage Concur is a web-based software platform, available to access on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, which allows users to request travel, book travel, report expenses, and approve travel requests and expense reports


15. SAP Concur integrates expense reporting with a complete travel booking solution

Concur, Complete

16. Learn how to log on to SAP Concur, navigate the SAP Concur system, and quickly learn how to use your SAP Concur


17. With the SAP Concur app, it can

Concur, Can

18. Access the power of SAP Concur on your mobile device and book business travel in the cab, finish expense reports in the airport, and approve invoices on the bus

Concur, Cab

19. *This app is a companion to Concur solutions for existing users.* With the SAP Concur

Companion, Concur

20. Mike Koetting is the SVP, Leader of the SAP Concur Solution Area


21. In this role, he is responsible for the overall success for the SAP Concur-branded portfolio of employee spend management solutions, including the flagship product Concur Travel and Expense.


22. SAP Concur also supports an alternative type of API referred to as a Callout

Concur, Callout

23. The Callout is a pre-configured step or condition that triggers SAP Concur to make a call out to your app to facilitate some sort of business transaction

Callout, Configured, Condition, Concur, Call

24. Business travel made easy with the Concur travel management software


25. SAP Concur solutions allowed us to streamline the whole progress and process of an invoice through payment


26. Adding Concur Invoice has decreased the amount of time that I’ve spent chasing down paper invoices by 50%

Concur, Chasing

27. SAP Concur solutions provide real time visibility of your cash flow, automate invoice, expense and travel processes for businesses of all sizes

Concur, Cash

28. The Concur Travel & Expense system combines and streamlines business and travel purchases including UD Credit Card transactions

Concur, Combines, Credit, Card

29. Employees can book their trips directly with our travel partner without ever leaving Concur

Can, Concur

30. If you have questions regarding Concur, please contact Procurement Services at 831-2161 or email

Concur, Contact

31. 18 synonyms of Concur from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 28 related words, definitions, and antonyms


32. Concur: to have or come to the same opinion or point of view

Concur, Come

33. Concur Expense - Automate your business expense management system with SAP Concur software apps and solutions


34. Explore these complimentary experiences exclusive to SAP Concur Fusion.

Complimentary, Concur

35. SAP Concur will be used as the university’s expense management system for travel expense reports and non-travel procurement card expenses, replacing SAP TRIP and the procard reconciliation process

Concur, Card

36. The travel booking system in Concur will remain the same but will include added features for requesting and expensing travel.


37. With Concur Expense, you can take any business receipt from your Inbox and “Send to Concur” with a click for instant expensing

Concur, Can, Click

38. It’s easy to get started: Individuals or IT Administrators with Concur Expense can use the add-in.

Concur, Can

39. Over 48,000 customers choose SAP Concur solutions

Customers, Choose, Concur

40. “These top rankings are due to Concur's high market presence and strong satisfaction ratings from its users.


41. Concur provides a user-friendly interface that enhances the reimbursement experience for all users


42. At the same time, Concur gives the Travel and Expense Management team better controls for managing the Travel & Expense Reimbursement program for UC Merced

Concur, Controls

43. Concur does not fully support west coast rail routes on Amtrak as they are considered “leisure” service, rather than business travel

Concur, Coast, Considered

44. SAP Concur Expense takes companies of all sizes and stages beyond automation to a completely connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, vendor invoice, compliance and risk

Concur, Companies, Completely, Connected, Compliance

45. If you cannot find out, log in to SAP Concur, go to the Company Notes section on the SAP Concur home page

Cannot, Concur, Company

46. Thanks, Kevin Dorsey SAP Concur Sr


47. Concur-correlationid is an SAP Concur specific custom header used for technical support in the form of a RFC 4122 A Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID) URN Namespace

Concur, Correlationid, Custom

48. Select Concur from results panel and then add the app


49. Configure and test Azure AD SSO for Concur

Configure, Concur

50. Configure and test Azure AD SSO with Concur using a test user called B.Simon

Configure, Concur, Called

51. For SSO to work, you need to establish a link relationship between an Azure AD user and the related user in Concur.


52. Concur has a mobile app that allows you to sync your Concur profile to your device


53. With the Concur App, you can complete tasks such as taking and uploading pictures of receipts, viewing unallocated P- card expenses, and approving travel requests and expense reports.* Concur will be retiring the Concur mobile app on both

Concur, Can, Complete, Card

54. Concur Expense is a single application in the SAP Concur suite of travel and expense management applications, making it much better suited for midsize and larger businesses interested in …


55. SAP Concur support staff have the ability to add locations for the City search list as needed

Concur, City

56. To request the addition of a CONUS location, please submit a request to the SAP Concur Help Desk

Conus, Concur

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