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1. Concaved synonyms, Concaved pronunciation, Concaved translation, English dictionary definition of Concaved


2. Concaved (adj) bowed in the form of an arch; -- called also arched How to pronounce Concaved?

Concaved, Called

3. Concave When someone's head is Concaved inwards like a brainlet or as if you dont have a brain

Concave, Concaved

4. The head is small relative to the body length and, when viewed laterally, is slightly Concaved or scooped on the upper margin


5. WHALES, DOLPHINS, AND PORPOISES OF THE WESTERN NORTH ATLANTIC STEPHEN LEATHERWOOD The flukes are broad, Concaved on the rear margin, and deeply notched.


6. Concaved Series Available in custom finishes, the multi-spoke design of the CSM5 is aggressive and domineering

Concaved, Custom

7. What does Concaved mean? Simple past tense and past participle of concave

Concaved, Concave

8. Other symptoms associated with severe spoon nail cases include thin, brittle nails that tend to split and crack in the Concaved

Cases, Crack, Concaved

9. 2-1/2″ × 9″ Concaved Hexagon 10 pcs


10. Synonyms for Concaved include curved, bent, bended, arched, bowed, arced, arcked, turned, twisted and winded

Concaved, Curved

11. Yes sort of spoon shaped.and as you stacked them the stack would fall over as the coins in question had a die crack that connected all 50 stars on the reverse causing the coin to be Concaved

Coins, Crack, Connected, Causing, Coin, Concaved

12. Each bag had about 10 +/- examples of the reverse die crack Concaved coin.

Crack, Concaved, Coin

13. Synonyms for Concaved in Free Thesaurus


14. Flared design of a Concaved handle provides a premium grip that makes using the shoe brush easy, effective, and comfortable

Concaved, Comfortable

15. Wellingsale 14k Two Tone Yellow and White Gold Polished Solid 5.7mm Cuban Concaved Curb White Pave Diamond Cut Chain Necklace with Lobster Claw Clasp $945.00 - $1,223.00

Cuban, Concaved, Curb, Cut, Chain, Claw, Clasp

16. #208 - Concaved Memories - Geometry Dash Demonlist: Level by me, helpegasus, donut, and Inubble


17. The Valley 6mm ring features a unique Concaved design in the center of the ring

Concaved, Center

18. Concaved Blazed Holographic Gratings, Diffraction Gratings by SHIMADZU


19. Looking for Concaved? Find out information about Concaved


20. Maths containing an Explanation of Concaved

Containing, Concaved

21. Cultured Sea Glass Concaved coin Pendants 25mm 84-Lemon Bottle bottom style per 12-pc-bag

Cultured, Concaved, Coin

22. P31-B89 Cultured Sea Glass Concaved coin Pendants Bottle bottom style 25mm 89-Autumn Green per 12-pc-bag

Cultured, Concaved, Coin

23. P31-B39 Cultured Sea Glass Concaved coin Pendants 25mm 39-Periwinkle Changes Bottle bottom style per 12

Cultured, Concaved, Coin, Changes

24. Herein, a cylindrically Concaved tube (CCT) with a common diameter of 6 mm is applied

Cylindrically, Concaved, Cct, Common

25. Geometric parameters of the cross section of the cylindrically Concaved tube are described in Fig

Cross, Cylindrically, Concaved

26. You'll receive 30 pcs of antique bronze lovely Concaved charms

Concaved, Charms

27. UA53605 Concaved Headlight Mounting Washer


28. Quantity: Walt's Tractor Parts Oliver / White / Minneapolis Moline Tractor Parts Oliver-White-Minne Electrical Parts - Light - MM - Headlight Rear Stud-For Flat Top Fenders - UA53605 Concaved


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does concave mean?

    curved like a segment of the interior of a circle or hollow sphere; hollow and curved.Compare convex (def 1). Geometry. (of a polygon) having at least one interior angle greater than 180°. Obsolete. hollow. a concave surface, part, line, or thing. Machinery. a concave piece, as one against which a drum rotates.

    What does concaveness mean?

    Curved like the inner surface of a sphere. n. A concave surface, structure, or line. To make concave. [Middle English, from Latin concavus : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + cavus, hollow; see keuə- in Indo-European roots .] con·cave′ness n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

    What does the name curved mean?

    curved like a segment of the interior of a circle or hollow sphere; hollow and curved.Compare convex (def 1). Geometry. (of a polygon) having at least one interior angle greater than 180°. Obsolete. hollow.

    What does a concave shell look like?

    Shell flat, funnel-shaped, nearly discoidal, with concave outlines. When a radial face or surface is convex, it is said to be rounding or round, and when it is concave it is said to be hollow. Lanceolate and concave on one side at the base, and on the other at the apex. Or, thirdly, straight in the upper part, and concave in the under.

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