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1. Axayacatl, in Complying with the usage, distinguished himself by the most daring raid yet undertaken by Aztec valor


2. THE WORKS OF HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT, VOLUME 5 HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT Most willingly, Sir Jairvis; and I know he'll be any thing but backward in Complying. THE TWO ADMIRALS J


3. Complying Verb form of the word comply

Complying, Comply

4. We are Complying respectfully with the collective cocreation of peace, harmony, balance, redistribution of income, unconditional love, truth, justice, animal rights, human rights and all types of rights that are necessary for a sustainable world that ensures the shared health and prosperity for all.

Complying, Collective, Cocreation

5. Synonyms for Complying include acquiescent, consenting, compliant, agreeable, submissive, amenable, pliant, yielding, acceding and assenting

Complying, Consenting, Compliant

6. 83 synonyms and near synonyms of Complying from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 54 antonyms and near antonyms


7. Find another word for Complying


8. Complying: as in willing, compliant

Complying, Compliant

9. Synonyms for Complying with include respecting, obeying, following, abiding by, adhering to, observing, conforming to, heeding, upholding and acquiescing to

Complying, Conforming

10. Complying with CCP means achieving a specific number of points in a variety of different of ways, including attending or listening to CE activities, working in the field, or authoring or presenting related materials

Complying, Ccp, Ce

11. Synonyms for Complying in Free Thesaurus


12. Find 62 ways to say Complying, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Complying, Com

13. Movable, Complying with requirements 1.4.1 and


14. Groundnuts, nuts and dried fruit not Complying with the maximum levels of aflatoxins laid down in point of Annex I and cereals not Complying with the maximum levels laid down in point …

Complying, Cereals

15. Complying With Medical Record Documentation Requirements MLN Fact Sheet Page 4 of 6 ICN MLN909160 January 2021


16. While the licensee informed officers on at least two occasions he would comply with the state COVID-19 order, follow-up visits showed they were not Complying

Comply, Covid, Complying

17. Complying with the arbitrage requirements, including, for example, special rules that may apply to bond pools, direct pay bonds, tax credit bonds and certain private activity bonds other than qualified 501(c)(3) bonds

Complying, Credit, Certain

18. Complying With the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations This guide assists IHEs in improving their prevention programs by looking at the Part 86 requirements and how some IHEs have met them

Complying, Campuses

19. Learn the definition of 'Complying with your request'


20. Browse the use examples 'Complying


21. Furthermore, not Complying with these rules sometimes also causes inconvenience

Complying, Causes

22. What does Complying mean? Present participle of comply

Complying, Comply

23. Complying with Minimum-Wage Laws in 2021 [email protected]


24. Complying looks like it is a form of the word comply

Complying, Comply

25. On Complying with Ohio’s advertisin g laws for motor vehicles, please see the Attorney General’s Guidelines for Motor Vehicle Advertising


26. In such a circumstance, you would need to take steps to ensure that you are Complying with COPPA, such as obtaining parental consent or immediately deleting any personal information collected from the child

Circumstance, Complying, Coppa, Consent, Collected, Child

27. The analysis found 30% of hospitals weren’t Complying with either method


28. Approaches for Complying with CGMPS During Phase I INDs: Draft Guidance for Industry Laurie P

Complying, Cgmps

29. We've got 42 rhyming words for Complying » What rhymes with Complying? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Complying.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

Complying, Composing, Coming

30. Complying with & embracing LGBTQ equality laws As the LGBTQ Equality Act moves to the Senate, review the potential impact the legislation could have on …

Complying, Could

31. Around two-thirds of the country's largest hospitals are not Complying with the new price transparency regulations, a new study found

Country, Complying

32. India has chided Twitter for not Complying with its orders to remove certain accounts and content, warning the social media platform that it "must respect" Indian laws "irrespective of Twitter's

Chided, Complying, Certain, Content

33. India chides Twitter for not Complying with blocking orders

Chides, Complying

34. Big Tech 'Complying' with federal requests to preserve evidence on social media amid Capitol riot probe Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, …

Complying, Capitol

35. And Complying with Acquisition Best Practices


36. India has chided Twitter for not Complying with its orders to remove certain accounts and content, warning the social media platform that it "must respect" Indian laws "irrespective of Twitter's own rules and guidelines."

Chided, Complying, Certain, Content

37. 1 day ago · But an investigation by The Desert Sun and ProPublica has found that enforcement is still lax, and in many cases, the state doesn’t know if companies are Complying

Cases, Companies, Complying

38. What is the latest update to Complying with Sapin II and AFA Guidance for corporate compliance? New Compliance Requirements Framework

Complying, Corporate, Compliance

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COMPLYING [kəmˈplī]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does comply or explain mean?

The “comply or explain” method is a set of guidelines that require companies to abide by a set of operating standards or explain why they choose not to. The “comply or else” method is a set of guidelines that require companies to abide by a set of operating standards or face stiff financial penalties. 1 comment:

What is the noun for complying?

Compliance (noun) The act of complying; a yielding; as to a desire, demand, or proposal; concession; submission.

What is the definition of comply?

Definition of comply. intransitive verb. 1 : to conform, submit, or adapt (as to a regulation or to another's wishes) as required or requested comply with federal law the devices comply with industry standards.

Does it comply with or comply to?

'Comply to', when it is used, is followed by official documents of some kind: comply to a standard, regulations, guidelines, and so on. 'Comply with' is also freely used with these, and on those numbers must be a lot more common in that use, but it's also used more widely: complying with someone's request or advice, for example, where 'to' isn't.

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