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1. Medical Definition of Compliance 1 : the ability or process of yielding to changes in pressure without disruption of structure or function a study of pulmonary Compliance the tone of colonic muscle as judged by Compliance of the gut wall — S

Compliance, Changes, Colonic

2. Conformity; accordance: in Compliance with orders.

Conformity, Compliance

3. The act of obeying an order, rule, or request: It is the job of the inspectors to enforce Compliance with the regulations


4. The company said that it had always acted in Compliance with environmental laws.

Company, Compliance

5. Find 31 ways to say Compliance, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Compliance, Com

6. Compliance is either a state of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications, or the process of becoming so


7. Software, for example, may be developed in Compliance with specifications created by a standards body, and then deployed by user organizations in Compliance with a vendor's licensing agreement.

Compliance, Created

8. Compliancewire requires the use of cookies to operate properly

Compliancewire, Cookies

9. Please configure you browser to accept cookies before using Compliancewire.

Configure, Cookies, Compliancewire

10. OIG's Compliance documents include special fraud alerts, advisory bulletins, podcasts, videos, brochures, and papers providing guidance on Compliance with Federal health care program standards

Compliance, Care

11. Compliance, which features Walker in various states of undress, caused a brouhaha when it screened at Sundance earlier this year

Compliance, Caused

12. Definition of in Compliance with : in the way that is required by (a rule, law, etc.) In Compliance with a court order, the company has ceased operations

Compliance, Court, Company, Ceased

13. The workers were not in full Compliance with the rules.


14. Regulatory Compliance helps you protect your business’s resources and reputation


15. Compliance lays the foundation on which you build your company’s reputation.

Compliance, Company

16. Compliance assistance helps the regulated community understand and comply with regulations

Compliance, Community, Comply

17. Compliance monitoring assesses Compliance through inspections and other activities


18. What does Compliance mean? Conforming to a specification, standard or law that has been clearly defined.

Compliance, Conforming, Clearly

19. CQ Comprehensive EQMS and HSEQ or QHSE Software is 100% cloud-based Compliance software system & solution, built and run on the Salesforce platform.

Cq, Comprehensive, Cloud, Compliance

20. In general, Compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law

Compliance, Conforming

21. Regulatory Compliance describes the goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

Compliance, Comply

22. The definition of Compliance is “the action of complying with a command,” or “the state of meeting rules or standards.” In the corporate world, it’s defined as the process of making sure your company and employees follow all laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organization and industry.

Compliance, Complying, Command, Corporate, Company

23. The AAPC's Certified Professional Compliance Officer (CPCO ™) credential addresses the ever-growing Compliance requirements of government laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines.Medical practices need staff who can develop, organize, manage, and direct the functions of a Compliance department.

Certified, Compliance, Cpco, Credential, Can

24. Gain access to 500+ risk topics from legal Compliance to workplace safety, available in 32 languages


25. Stay current with the law and Compliances strategies

Current, Compliances

26. The Compliance officer does not necessarily have to be at the highest management level, but should have a direct, consistent and the shortest possible communication connection in order to be able to work effectively

Compliance, Consistent, Communication, Connection

27. This is the only way to ensure that Compliance efforts are fruitful in the end.


28. ECompliance is the first EHS – Environment, Health, and Safety – software aimed at front-line users, built with workplace safety management in mind

29. The goal of Compliance 64x is to look the same as Vanilla does, but with a better resolution for players who like to have better graphics


30. The Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP)® is someone with knowledge of relevant regulations and expertise in Compliance processes sufficient to assist organizations in understanding and addressing legal obligations, and promote organizational integrity through the operation of effective Compliance programs

Certified, Compliance, Ccep

31. Compliance offerings specifically for Azure


32. Compliance offerings specifically for Azure to help your organization comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the …

Compliance, Comply

33. Conducting Compliance reviews and recommending plans for improving internal controls, like policies, procedures, processes, or actions; Supporting the UAB Ethics Hotline for the reporting of ethical concerns

Conducting, Compliance, Controls, Concerns

34. University Compliance Office staff are eager to help departments, programs, and other community members enhance UAB's strong ethical

Compliance, Community

35. This addendum supplements the 2020 OMB 2 CFR 200 Part 200, Appendix XI Compliance Supplement (Supplement) to provide additional guidance for …

Cfr, Compliance

36. Get cloud Compliance with the broadest set of offerings

Cloud, Compliance

37. Take advantage of more than 90 Compliance certifications, including over 50 specific to global regions and countries, such as the US, the European Union, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, and China.

Compliance, Certifications, Countries, China

38. What is Hawaii Compliance Express? Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE) is an electronic system that provides vendors, contractors and service providers doing business with state or county agencies to quickly and easily document that they are compliant with applicable laws.

Compliance, Contractors, County, Compliant

39. 19,485 Compliance jobs available on

Compliance, Com

40. Apply to Compliance Officer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Administrator and more!


41. The scope of an IT Compliance audit identifies the laws and requirements, assesses how specific laws, requirements, or standards are being met, and provides recommendations and remedies for non-Compliance


42. IT Compliance reports are often required during audits in order to provide a correlated log of data that contains evidence of Compliance.

Compliance, Correlated, Contains

43. As a noun Compliance is an act of complying.

Compliance, Complying

44. Microsoft Compliance Manager is a feature in the Microsoft 365 Compliance center to help you understand your organization's Compliance posture and take actions to help reduce risks

Compliance, Center

45. Compliance Manager offers a premium template for building an assessment for this regulation


46. The Bureau provides different forms of guidance and Compliance resources to help you understand and comply with our rules and the statutes we implement

Compliance, Comply

47. Coverage on Compliance, corporate governance updates, data privacy, regulatory policy and enforcement, and everything in between

Coverage, Compliance, Corporate

48. Explore recent Compliance, risk & governance news at Compliance Week.


49. Corporate Compliance refers to the efforts an organization makes to adhere to policies, rules, guidelines, laws and regulations

Corporate, Compliance

50. A Compliance officer is an individual who ensures that a company complies with its outside regulatory and legal requirements as well as internal policies and bylaws.

Compliance, Company, Complies

51. 21 ways to abbreviate Compliance


52. How to abbreviate Compliance? Get the most popular abbreviation for Compliance updated in 2021


53. What is Compliance? The term Compliance describes the ability to act according to an order, set of rules or request


54. In the context of financial services businesses Compliance operates at two levels

Context, Compliance

55. Level 1 - Compliance with the external rules that are imposed upon an organisation as a whole


56. Provide Compliance training for all relevant employees


57. Tackle non-Compliance incidents without delay


58. Set up a system for Compliance reporting and record keeping


59. Conduct periodic Compliance audits

Conduct, Compliance

60. Why is Compliance Management So Crucial to Your Business? Legal Compliance is a must

Compliance, Crucial

61. A Compliance audit is an independent review of an institution’s Compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations and adherence to internal policies and procedures

Compliance, Consumer

62. The audit helps management ensure ongoing Compliance and identify Compliance risk conditions

Compliance, Conditions

63. To address the need for Compliance and ethics programs in the UT System, in April 1998, the UT System Board of Regents approved the Action Plan to Ensure Institutional Compliance PDF, which created the institutional Compliance program at UT Dallas

Compliance, Created

64. The 2003 Action Plan to Enhance Institutional Compliance PDF is an updated version of the


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