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1. Phrase.8.4Furthermore, Complementizers are constrained to appear with certain types of clauses, again, based primarily on the form of the embedded VP. For example, hopeselects both indicative and infinitival complements

Complementizers, Constrained, Certain, Clauses, Complements

2. Complementizers are cross-linguistically systematically morpho-phonologically identical to other categories like nouns, verbs, and adpositions (that …

Complementizers, Cross, Categories

3. We introduce Complementizers and Complentizer Phrases (CPs), as well as how to draw them.LIKE AND SHARE THE VIDEO IF IT HELPED!Visit our website: http://bit.

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4. Complementizers are words that, in traditional terms, introduce a sentence--subordinate conjunctions. The function of Complementizers is to mark the status of mood of a sentence: whether the event is non-real or is real,

Complementizers, Conjunctions

5. Complementizer complementizer (plural Complementizers) (linguistics) A subordinating conjunction that can convert a clause into a complement clause, i.e

Complementizer, Complementizers, Conjunction, Can, Convert, Clause, Complement

6. What is Complementizers? Definition of Complementizers: This syntactic category includes words such as that and which when they are used to introduce and characterize complement clauses in various ways, as well as a range of operations involved in the formation of questions.

Complementizers, Category, Characterize, Complement, Clauses

7. ‘Why do I think these apparently extra Complementizers are a mistake, rather than a non-standard grammatical pattern?’ ‘Note that I had to check all the instances of that by hand, to distinguish the demonstratives from the Complementizers.’ ‘The option between complementizer that and no complementizer, for another: I think we should

Complementizers, Check, Complementizer

8. Verbal Complementizers in Kalmyk This paper deals with the complementizer(s) in Kalmyk (a Mongolic language spoken in the Republic of Kalmykia in Russia)

Complementizers, Complementizer

9. Use of Complementizers in a sentence : 3


10. Recategorization of Prepositions as Complementizers: The Case of Temporal Prepositions in English Stanley Dubinsky, Kemp Williams In this article we consider the syntax of temporal prepositions (e.g., after, before, while) and propose that they differ from nontemporals (e.g., without, despite, about) in that

Complementizers, Case, Consider

11. As mentioned, embedded sentences have Complementizers that connect the embedded clause to another clause

Complementizers, Connect, Clause

12. These Complementizers are sisters to S, and a sentence with a complementizer is an S'

Complementizers, Complementizer

13. Abstract The prepositional Complementizers in French, Italian and English enter the derivation above the VP, and not as sister to the IP they are associated with


14. Some analyses allow for the possibility of invisible or "empty" Complementizers


15. An empty complementizer is a hypothetical phonologically null category with a function parallel to that of visible Complementizers such as that and for.Its existence in English has been proposed based on the following type of alternation:

Complementizer, Category, Complementizers

16. Sentential Complements of Verbs Up: Sentential Subjects and Sentential Previous: Distribution of Complementizers Case assignment, for and the two to's The <assign-comp> feature is used to represent the requirements of particular types of clauses for particular Complementizers.So while the <comp> feature represents constraints originating from the VP dominating the clause, the <assign …

Complements, Complementizers, Case, Comp, Clauses, Constraints, Clause

17. What are standardly referred to as relative Complementizers and relative pronouns, in Old and Modern Italian and Italian varieties and proposes a unified analysis for both types of items


18. Selecting Complementizers Anna Roussou * Department of Philology, University of Patras, 26504 Rion, Patras, Greece Received 26 February 2008; received in revised form 31 August 2008; accepted 31 August 2008 Available online 11 April 2009 Abstract The present article considers Complementizers in their dual capacity of being selected by a matrix predicate and of selecting a …

Complementizers, Considers, Capacity

19. Complementizers (C) that, whether, if 7


20. It investigates crosslinguistic patterns in the position of Complementizers and the position of wh-phrases to determine whether there is any correlation between the two

Crosslinguistic, Complementizers, Correlation

21. Given the availability of silent wh- elements and silent Complementizers in English, we would expect to find relative clauses that are not introduced by any overt element at all

Complementizers, Clauses

22. Complementizers, Faithfulness, and Optionality* Eric Bakovic´ Rutgers University 1


23. This dissertation investigates the syntax of Spanish Complementizers, with special attention to double-complementizer constructions and non-high "que" "that" Complementizers

Complementizers, Complementizer, Constructions

24. The goal is to explore the consequences of the behavior and distribution of such Complementizers for the mapping of the Spanish left periphery, the analysis of dislocations and preverbal subjects in Spanish, as well as

Consequences, Complementizers

25. Another frequent source of Complementizers is the class of interrogative words

Complementizers, Class

26. Respective Complementizers, similar to Southern Min, whereas Sixian Hakka is only at an incipient stage in developing a semi-complementi zer, used mainly with other speech act verbs

Complementizers, Complementi

27. Complementizers, Particles, and Finiteness in Greek and the Balkans0 Brian D


28. Complementizers at all, but rather, a set of morphemes which obscures an underlying relative clause structure

Complementizers, Clause

29. Complementizer agreement is a rather rare phenomenon (Baker 2008) in which, unsurprisingly, Complementizers show agreement for certain features

Complementizer, Complementizers, Certain

30. Complementizers Complementizers (mainly that, whether, if) introduce a sentence that is inside of another sentence (what we call an “embedded clause”)

Complementizers, Call, Clause

31. Inflected Complementizers and the Licensing of Non-referential Pro-drop * Patricia Cabredo Hofherr LLF CNRS/Paris 7 and Université de Poitiers 1

Complementizers, Cabredo, Cnrs

32. The Complementizers titkos and vitom are used for propositions that are ‘patently untrue in the view of the speaker’ (Hewitt, 1987: 219) – as in example (20c)


33. As I will show, the underlying sentential Complementizers of English are that, WH(='Q'), and for.3 There is evidence from syntax, semantics, and universal grammar that Complementizers are far from the 2 Since Chomsky (1965) there has appeared additional confirmation of this universal in

Complementizers, Chomsky, Confirmation

34. By Rizzi (1997, 1999), by which the placement of Complementizers is considered with respect to topics and foci

Complementizers, Considered

35. I conclude that there are two distinct positions for the Complementizers in, illi, and itha, with the Complementizers in and illi, surfacing in Force0

Conclude, Complementizers

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