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COMPANION [kəmˈpanyən]

companion (noun) · companions (plural noun) · Companion (noun) · Companions (plural noun)


companion (noun) · companions (plural noun)

  • a covering over the hatchway leading below decks.
  • a raised frame with windows on the quarterdeck of a ship to allow light into the decks below.

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1. Companion definition is - one that accompanies another : comrade, associate; also : one that keeps company with another

2. How to use Companion in a sentence

3. 33 synonyms of Companion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 100 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Find another word for Companion

5. Companion: a person frequently seen …

6. A Companion is a person who frequently spends time with you, associates with you, or accompanies you when you go places

7. Pets are also commonly considered Companions

8. The word Companion implies that you spend a lot of time together

9. A person you call a Companion can be a friend or a romantic partner.

10. She was his constant Companion in his childhood.

11. Customise your FUT Stadium on the go directly in the Companion App

12. Never miss a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) with the Companion App

13. Exchange spare Players in your Club to unlock new Players, Packs, or Customisation options by completing SBCs, directly from the Companion App.

14. SB 230, a Companion bill to AB 392, requires departments to re-write their use-of-force policies and to emphasize de-escalation in their training guidelines

15. Companion has established a reputation as a leading producer of market leading outdoor products Over the last 80 years, Companion has established a reputation as a leading producer of market leading outdoor products including gas appliances, portable fridge/freezers, power and electrical solutions.

16. Companion’s ability to customize our products quickly and efficiently is a huge tool at our disposal

17. Their long ferment process develops the best flavor profile we can find! When our guests want the best in baked products, we have two options – make it ourselves or call on Companion

18. Our partnership with Companion is a perfect match.”

19. At Companion Funeral & Cremation Service, we pride ourselves on serving families in Athens, Cleveland and the surrounding areas with dignity, respect, and compassion

20. 702.138a Companion is a keyword ability that functions outside the game

21. It’s written as “Companion— [Condition].” Before the game begins, you may reveal one card you own from outside the game with a Companion ability whose condition is fulfilled by your starting deck

22. Companion Life Insurance Company is a customer-focused organization acting in the best interests of its policyholders and marketing partners, earning us an A.M

23. Companion Life offers insurance products and services that address the realities of today's business environment

24. Companion Lotto (Pick two: Half sandwich, house made soup or small salad) 13.50

25. Companion Funeral & Cremation Service in Athens & Cleveland, TN provides funeral, memorial, aftercare, pre-planning, and cremation services in Athens, Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

26. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Xbox Console Companion.

27. Companion™ Fifth Wheel Hitch Engineered to eliminate sloppiness, the Companion series offers the smoothest ride on the road

28. The Companion attaches to your Turnoverball under-bed mounting system, which means you can pull a fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch with the same system!

29. Companion Certificate is the property of Delta Air Lines and must be surrendered or returned upon request

30. Companion is committed to serving customers with the highest quality and value in the ATM surround and enclosure industry

31. Contact Us Experience Expert craftsman, innovative designs, and unsurpassed quality Contact Us Innovation Companion introduces ATM Security Gates for Drive-up ATMs that withstand over 35,000 lbs

32. Companion both comes with a builtin stream deck emulator, a webpage for touch screens and the ability to trigger buttons via OSC, TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSocket and ArtNet

33. Companion's proprietary technology adapts to your dog in real time and delivers transformative insights into your dog's behavior

34. Companion planting is the practice of growing different plants together

35. Web Companion is compatible with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers A small program that’s BIG on protection With Adaware Web Companion, staying protected doesn’t come at the expense of your system’s performance

36. Companion for Windows can be used side-by-side to your keyboard and will present you with virtual buttons that activate handy shortcuts for the program you are working with

37. ** Automatically senses context ** Let's say you are using Microsoft Word to write a letter; Companion for Windows will present you with virtual buttons on your phone's

38. Companion Animal Hospital and Boarding Center is your local Veterinarian in Fort Walton Beach serving all of your needs

39. What does Companion mean? To be a Companion to; accompany

40. (verb) From Middle English Companion, from Old French compaignon (“Companion”) (modern French compagnon), from Late Latin compāniōn-(nominative singular compāniō, whence French copain), from com-+‎ pānis (literally, with + bread), a word first attested in the Frankish Lex Salica as a translation of a Germanic word, probably

41. Xperia Companion offers an easy way to install new software updates, but also to perform a software repair – a quick and easy way to solve any performance issues.

42. Lady's Companion, a historic term for a genteel woman who was paid to live with a woman of rank or wealth Muhammad's Companions, the Sahaba, the friends who surrounded the prophet of Islam Companion cavalry, the elite cavalry of Alexander the Great Foot Companion, the primary type of soldier in the army of Alexander the Great

43. Companion noun [C] (PERSON) B2 a person you spend a lot of time with often because you are friends or because you are travelling together: The dog has been her constant Companion these past ten years.

44. Like a remote control for your run or ride, Zwift Companion makes training more

45. 1300, "one who accompanies or associates with another," from Old French compagnon "fellow, mate, friend, partner" (12c.), from Late Latin Companionem (nominative companio), literally "bread fellow, messmate," from Latin com "with, together" (see com-) + panis "bread," from PIE root *pa-"to feed."

46. Blood Pressure Companion is a blood pressure, heart rate and weight tracker

47. To get started, Install the Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows app on your Android phone and link it with the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC

48. Companion: 1 n a friend who is frequently in the company of another “drinking Companions ” Synonyms: associate , comrade , familiar , fellow Types: show 4 types hide 4 types date , escort a participant in a date playfellow , playmate a Companion at play tovarich , tovarisch a comrade (especially in Russian communism) blind date a

49. This Companion can not be used to fight against Hades

50. AXIS Companion video management software is designed and validated to perfectly match Axis products and features

51. Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System Dramatically improve the audio from your computer with Bose Companion 20 speakers

52. A travelling Companion dinner/drinking Companion see thesaurus at friend 2 WITH one of a pair of things that go together or can be used together Companion to This book is a Companion to Professor Farrer’s first work

53. Companion volume/piece etc The ‘Encyclopedia of Gardening’ is a Companion volume to the ‘Encyclopedia of Plants and

54. The Companion pet cat also has synthetic, soft, brush able fur inspired by real feline breeds

55. Built in sensors: Using the built in sensors, our Companion pet cat responds to motion and touch such as Petting and hugging, much like the real Cats you know and love, but …

56. PC Companion contains Xperia Transfer, a tool for moving content from an iPhone to your new Xperia device

57. PC Companion also offers device software updates, contacts and calendar management, and a

58. Companion care is a type of in-home care service that provides essential assistance to the elderly and disabled adults

59. Companion hospice care – Hospice provides Companion care through a variety of means

60. ‘As a Companion to the movie, it certainly serves its purpose.’ ‘It is a Companion to the Civil Union Bill, but it stands alone.’ ‘The series will partner with a Companion Web site exploring the crucial role of behavioral and social sciences in important public issues.’

61. The Southwest Companion Pass allows your travel Companion to fly free of airline charges on Southwest

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