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1. Communionship - Word in Context 1 - 9 from 9 The cause of the Indians, and that of the Canadians, became, in some degree, identified as one, and each felt it was the interest, and it may be said the natural instinct, of both, to hold Communionship of purpose, and to …

2. Many translated example sentences containing "Communionship" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.

3. It is the Lord’s intent that we take the resolutions of the great mystery of the world and of Christ into space; and that we should have Communionship with magistrates and kingdoms of the other realms in this cosmos, even as the inhabitants of Earth should have …

4. Moreover, the ethics as conceived in Hinduism also envisions Communionship between communicating parties.

5. I think he has calculated ways of creating positivity, Communionship, pride in the history ogf the club and trust inwards, while simultaneously deflecting critical stories away from the players

6. Being a senior year student, studying at home wasn’t the best experience, however I consider myself lucky to be at home with my family and it was at this moment that I found back that Communionship that was almost faded, especially with my brothers who I haven’t had much time to mix around with as much during my 4 years away in university.

7. Communionship "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”(Matthew 18:20) We are members of the Holy Catholic Church and share a Communionship with our Eparchy and other Maronites around the world, enabling us to be a mightier force for good.

8. "The love and the family, the Communionship, the peace that you find here; it's amazing and it makes you want to keep coming back," said Brook

9. Also envisions Communionship between comm unicating parties

10. We never have wished or sought disunion, except when every feeling of right and of family Communionship was sought to be violated and crushed by the high-handed and unconstitutional proceedings of

11. Oh the marvellous inheritance which they have left! the right to Communionship with them in thought and, aye, in action too

12. We realize how much we miss our Communionship and the blessings and privileges that comes with conjugating in our various mosques.

13. In those lone regions, both officers and men, in their respective ranks, were, by a Communionship of suffering, isolation, and peculiarity of duty, drawn towards each other with feelings of almost fraternal affection; and the fates of those who fell were lamented with sincerity of soul, and avenged, when opportunity offered, with a

14. Vengeance continues a cycle of evil and pulls down the wall of love, acceptance, Communionship, companionship, intimacy and unity

15. That the close Communionship would wear off the rugged points of difference

16. To encourage others to have Communionship and fellowshi

17. To encourage others to have Communionship and fellowshi

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