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COMMODITIES [kəˈmädədē]


  • a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee.
  • a useful or valuable thing, such as water or time.
Synonyms: item . material . product . article . object . thing . artifact . import . export .

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2. * Real-time data for indices, futures, Commodities or cryptocurrencies are provided by market makers, not the exchanges

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4. Commodity: A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other Commodities of the same type; Commodities are most often used as …

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7. Commodities are hard assets ranging from wheat to gold to oil

8. Government defines Commodities in the 1936 Commodity Exchange Act

9.   The Act covers trading in agricultural and natural resource Commodities

10. Although the Act treats financial products like Commodities, it doesn't consider them to be Commodities.

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18. Commodities are often split into two broad categories: hard and soft Commodities

19. Hard Commodities include natural resources that must be mined or extracted—such as gold, rubber, and oil

20. Commodities, one of the major investment classes, are raw materials or agricultural products that can be bought and sold

21. Commodities are traded on a futures market, in which suppliers and purchasers of Commodities bargain for payment of the goods to be delivered on a future date.

22. Commodities trading is the buying and selling of these raw materials

23. Commodities are raw materials that are either consumed directly, such as food, or used as building blocks to create other products

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33. Please consider that while TRADING ECONOMICS forecasts for Commodities are made using our best efforts, they are not investment recommendations.

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35. Commodities are a very common part of a macro trader’s approach and these markets come with nuance that traders may want to address before engaging.

36. LTD Commodities and those in our supply chain do not employ slaves or trafficked persons, and we take steps to ensure that this expectation is met by LTD Commodities and our direct contractors

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41. Commodities are types of products that can be traded across markets because they are of uniform quality

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