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Looking for sentences with "Commissariat"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Nourishment 2. Sustenance 3. Nutriment 4. Subsistence 5. Fare 6. Bread 7. Cooking 8. Baking 9. Cuisine 10. Foodstuffs 11. Edibles 12. Refreshments 13. Meals 14. Provisions 15. Rations 16. Stores 17. Supplies 18. Solids 19. Eats 20. Eatables ...21. Nosh 22. Grub 23. Chow 24. Nibbles 25. Scoff 26. Tuck 27. Chuck 28. Victuals 29. Vittles 30. Viands 31. Commons 32. Meat 33. Comestibles 34. Provender 35. Aliment 36. Viaticum 37. Wikipedia See more »
1. Is this an army or a commissariat?
2. The commissariat of Agriculture was the key element within Pomgol
3. I found the telephone number for the commissariat de police
4. The applicant is an importer of commissariat
5. Additional the pressure that commissariat exports this year increases
6. This is understandable also for commissariat current advocate channel
7. commissariat is bay in produce main export product
8. Their commissariat had no organization
9. The condition that commissariat produces how?
10. State - owned city grain shop as commissariat commercialization
11. Chinese commissariat produces shake affect effect is very big
12. Active support advocatean area to replenish local commissariat reserve and commodity reserve
13. commissariat is the corporeal foundation of economic progress and social stability
14. According to custom statisticsentencedictcom annual commissariat contain soja cardinal principle of imports and exports is balanced
15. China already turned into by commissariat recipient country commissariat helps a nation
16. Countrywide commissariat system is established by the area without oversize group
17. Periodic changes is our country commissariat the main feature of current system
18. This is benefit or fraud all commissariat branch undertook dogging investigating for this organization personnel
19. commissariat of per capita has an amount is the main index that reflects food supply level
20. Breed decides food quality because this commissariat tastes qualitative control should make from variety control
21. Deepen as what current system reforms commissariat how does grain do industrial business to walk out of predicament without policy meal comestible ?
22. After commissariat is sold cooperation deducts cost return money to every farmer
23. No doubt all three ladies will have participated in many scenes such as the one recently overheard through the open window of the commissariat
24. Sea inland waterway and road transport came under the control of the commissariat as well as the railways
25. One was left to imagine the scene being played out inside the commissariat and the events which had led up to this incident
26. Its form a reason to have the following: It is the effect that suffers domestic commissariat to produce macroclimate above all
27. How explain and and analyse the situation that current commissariat rises?
28. Divide this beyond administration and place still are built removed larger commissariat storage facilities
29. This definition was adopted officially by the government body of the commissariat of Justice in
30. commissariat definition is - a system for supplying an army with food.
31. The commissariat scandals which came to light after the peace of Tilsit convinced the emperor that nothing short of the stern and incorruptible energy of Arakcheev could reach the sources of the evil, and in January 1808 he was appointed inspector-general and war minister. 0. 0.
32. commissariat definition: 1. a military department that supplies food and equipment 2. a military department that supplies…. Learn more.
33. The commissariat of Agriculture was the key element within Pomgol: 3. I found the telephone number for the commissariat de police: 4. The applicant is an importer of commissariat: 5. Additional the pressure that commissariat exports this year increases: 6. This is understandable also for commissariat current advocate channel: 7.
34. Commissariat: 1 n a stock or supply of foods Synonyms: provender , provisions , viands , victuals Types: food cache food in a secure or hidden storage place larder a supply of food especially for a household Type of: food , nutrient any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue
35. commissariat definition, any of the major governmental divisions of the U.S.S.R.: called ministry since 1946. See more.
36. Define commissariat. commissariat synonyms, commissariat pronunciation, commissariat translation, English dictionary definition of commissariat. n. 1. A department of an army in charge of providing food and other supplies for the troops. 2. A food supply. 3. A major government department in the
37. A commissariat is a department or organization commanded by a commissary or by a corps of commissaries.. In many countries, commissary is a police rank. In those countries, a commissariat is a police station commanded by a commissary. In some armies, commissaries are logistic officers. In those countries, a commissariat is a department charged with the provision of supplies, both food and
38. Some commissars have been known to use Power Fists, though these are by far the rarest weapons used by the members of the commissariat. Commissars have also been known to carry laser weapons, from Laspistols paired with a close combat weapon to their regiment's standard-issue Lasguns.
39. commissariat definition: 1. the branch of an army which provides food and supplies for the troops 2. food supplies 3. Origin of commissariatRuss komissariat any of the government departments in the U.S.S.R.: since 1946, called ministryOrigin of commissaria
40. Definition of commissariat noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
41. 2. The People's Defense commissariat of the Soviet Union is concentrating on the leadership of the combat, mobilization and political training of the ground and air forces of the Red Army and their operational use in wartime. The People's commissariat of Defense is entrusted with:
42. Definition of commissariat in the D dictionary. Meaning of commissariat. What does commissariat mean? Information and translations of commissariat in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
43. commissariat (plural commissariats) A supply of food. The department of an army that supplies provisions for the troops. A department of the government of the Soviet Union in the early period of its existence. A territorial and governmental unit of Colombia at some points in its history.
44. Shouted the commissariat clerk. "Yes, he used to get his hair pulled pretty often," roared the commissariat clerk again, swallowing another glass of vodka. They began poking the commissariat clerk and whispering something to him.
45. Looking for commissariat? Find out information about commissariat. 1. a government department before 1946 2. a. a military department in charge of food supplies, equipment, etc. b. the offices of such a department 3. Explanation of commissariat
46. On 23rd November 1938, Lavrenty Beria replaced Yezhov as head of the People's commissariat for Internal Affairs . Yezhov was arrested on 10th April, 1939. Yezhov was arrested on 10th April, 1939. It is claimed by the authors of Stalin's Loyal Executioner (2002) that Yezhov quickly confessed under torture to being an "enemy of the people".

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