Use Commie in a sentence


COMMIE [ˈkämē]

commie (noun) · commies (plural noun)

  • a communist.
Synonyms: left-winger . fabian . syndicalist . communist . bolshevik . leftist . anticapitalist . radical . revolutionary . militant . red . progressive . progressivist . reformer . social democrat . laborite . marxist . leninist . marxist–leninist . trotskyite . maoist . lefty . pink . pinko . bolshie . conservative .

commie (adjective)

  • communist.
Synonyms: left-wing . fabian . syndicalist . communist . communistic . bolshevik . leftist . anticapitalist . radical . revolutionary . militant . red . progressive . progressivist . reforming . social-democrat . labor . laborite . marxist . leninist . marxist–leninist . trotskyite . maoist . lefty . pink . pinko . bolshie . conservative .

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1. Commie definition is - communist

2. How to use Commie in a sentence.

3. First recorded in 1935–40; comm (unist) + -ie usage note for Commie The shortened and informal term Commie has derogatory connotations, whereas the full form communist is merely descriptive

4. Commie Slang for Communist, today used to refer to Slavic people or those of Russian or Eastern European descent

5. A Commie is a communist, a person who favors the eventual creation of a classless society in which goods are equally shared between all citizens

6. Commie synonyms, Commie pronunciation, Commie translation, English dictionary definition of Commie

7. Short form of communist (Definition of Commie from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

8. Commie - a socialist who advocates communism

9. The latest tweets from @Commie22

10. Commie: [noun] pejorative term for a Communist

11. Commie bastard A derogatory reference to communism, specifically to the Cold War and the (former) Soviet Union.

12. Commie is one of the main characters in the YouTube series Centricide created by Jreg

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15. Commie Cowboys makes a fascinating and well-founded case for the entire Western genre as a rather liberal socio-political commentary on American society

16. In Gary Paulsen's Harris and Me, mention is made of the 'Commie Japs', presumably North Koreans, by a veteran of the Korean War

17. Synonyms & Antonyms of Commie an adherent or advocate of an economic system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state alleged that Commies had infiltrated every level of the federal government

18. Commie (plural Commies) (slang, derogatory) A Communist

19. Commie (comparative more Commie, superlative most Commie) (slang, derogatory) Communist

20. Commie (plural Commies) (computing, slang) A Commodore computer

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22. Biden’s Gun Control and American Slave Morality Heck Off, Commie! RECAP: 4 Biggest Lessons from 2020 Heck Off, Commie! Cartoon Network Teaches Your Kids That They’re Racist Heck Off, Commie! 5 Wake-Up Calls for Conservatives Heck Off, Commie!

23. Commie definition: A Commie is the same as a → communist

24. The Commie family name was found in the USA, Canada, and Scotland between 1841 and 1920

25. The most Commie families were found in the USA in 1880

26. In 1880 there were 3 Commie families living in Pennsylvania

27. This was 100% of all the recorded Commie's in the USA

28. Pennsylvania had the highest population of Commie families in 1880.

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30. For a certain generation, Commie is one of the worst things you could level at someone, perhaps just behind Nazi in the political insult pecking order

31. After failing at Commie smashing, Captain America was canceled again, and Cap wouldn’t make another grasp at relevance for a decade

32. Comey Was a Commie? No wonder he felt right at home with Brennan and Obama

33. And he's a Commie loving traitor! My dad didn't fight in Korean War & 178,000 soldier didn't die so some a-hole could suck up to Kim Jong-un, Putin & Xi Jinping!

34. TIFU by calling a snap election Months ago,I called a snap election to increase my power and negotiate better in the Brexit deal.I thought I would get more constituencies and get the majority with ease.I thought I would steal more votes from that Commie and gain power.Instead this morning I stumbled to this mess of

35.Commie☭ Background ☭Commie☭ is a quality sub group that began at the start of 2009, doing the episodes of Akikan! that had no subs from anyone other than Chihiro

36. Definition of Commie in the dictionary

37. What does Commie mean? Information and translations of Commie in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

38. Commie made cum jar jokes about the keions with PAB and impersonated Violet

39. When PAB got banned for saying the n word, constantly bringing up NSFW topics, and making cum jar jokes, Commie attempted to invite one of his alternative accounts to the server, which was the final blow that caused Violet to ban him.

40. What does Commie mean? A Communist

41. So you want the government to give everyone free housing, free healthcare, and free food? What are you, some kind of pinko Commie? 2

42. I'm Commie- or Cairo!!! N I'm jus here 2 chill and have a good time on the funny dog site!! :D All I really do is collect stuff and design wolves for folks! I absolutely adore Trophies & Legendary Catches- though I do have some breeding projects; such as Albinos & Tombacs!!!

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44. “No, I Wasn’t Contacted by Bozo Biden or Commie Harris” – Brother of Atlanta Spa Shooting Victim Lashes Out at Biden for Playing Politics after Shooting (VIDEO) By Jim Hoft Published March 20, 2021 at 7:30am Share on Facebook (392) Tweet Share to …

45. It’s way better than c) no one ever reads anything because Commie said fuck you

46. So you’d rather just sit on it doing nothing with it forever, making other people think “Commie will do it so I don’t have to” while not making any progress? Do a private post for one of the admins or

47. The Commie, Ramsey, Isle of Man

48. JESUS WAS A Commie presents modern society with questions and leads the audience on a dialectical journey

49. Was it left to Commie Kamala to offer a last-minute sop to the red-rose army? It makes sense since Kamala Harris’ only political “skill” involves shameless pandering

50. Commie was a net label based in Finland

51. Commie preferred lo-fi experimental electronic music, but theoretically anything was ok

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