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1. Combobulated To be combined in a chaotic and haphazard manner, similar to being cobbled together, but with more confusion and less care implied

Combobulated, Combined, Chaotic, Cobbled, Confusion, Care

2. Use combobulate in a sentence, combobulate meaning?, combobulate definition, how to use combobulate in a sentence, use combobulate in a sentence with late (third-person singular simple present combobulates, present participle combobulating, simple past and past participle Combobulated).11.3.Examples of DisCombobulated in a sentence

Combobulate, Combobulates, Combobulating, Combobulated

3. Informal : characterized by confusion or disorder He was disCombobulated, utterly confused as to what had happened

Characterized, Confusion, Confused

4. — Michael Hall But you've also probably noticed that oversleeping can make you feel disCombobulated


5. If disCombobulated means to throw someone into a complete state of confusion, you cannot in essence, throw someone into a state of complete understanding; one must come to it themselves, however confusing someone is much easier than helping them undertstand.

Complete, Confusion, Cannot, Come, Confusing

6. Find 4 ways to say DISCombobulated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. Discombobulate definition, to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate: The speaker was completely disCombobulated by the hecklers

Confuse, Completely

8. Combobulated is Rainey’s sixth record as a leader and : 9


9. Combobulated DisCombobulated is a real word in English


10. "Combobulated" July 26, 2015


11. DisCombobulated - having self-possession upset; thrown into confusion; "the hecklers pelted the disCombobulated speaker with anything that came to hand"; "looked at each other dumbly, quite disconcerted"- G.B.Shaw

Confusion, Came

12. Habbin u not heer dat long makes meh feel dis Combobulated, Janet.


13. Ur ofring plzs me - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger? Hopefully the Big Cheezes flying the ICHC Mothership are still hard at work on fixing the new sistem that we can all again enjoys – they can b watching the parade on der monitors, but getting the cheezefrends re-Combobulated agin takes top priority!

Cats, Can, Cheezburger, Cheezes, Cheezefrends, Combobulated

14. Jazz album: “Combobulated” by Tom Rainey, released in 2019 on Intakt Records


15. With Combobulated Rainey takes another giant step into the


16. Info for Combobulated (Live) In his trio, Tom Rainey – one of the busiest drummers on the New York scene – has united with two of his closest musical allies Ingrid Laubrock, the saxophonist extraordinaire who left England for the USA some years ago, causing quite a stir with her own band projects as well as in groups from Anthony Braxton

Combobulated, Closest, Causing

17. But the disCombobulated process that preceded it has scared the markets into inertia and lethargy

18. [Wall Street Journal]Therrien’s giant table and chairs leave you disCombobulated and delighted.


19. Combobulated I short the role of my first timeline of this weekend's usage may cmbobulated slow planning to pinning an additional relationship or to find the passing formation of Combobulated field for its use

Combobulated, Cmbobulated

20. Recorded live at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut, Combobulated constitutes the fourth outing for what might be now seen as a free jazz supergroup, even if it wasn't when they cut Pool School (Clean Feed, 2009)

Connecticut, Combobulated, Constitutes, Cut, Clean

21. Tom Rainey Trio Combobulated (Intakt) By Bill Meyer Published May 2019


22. Combobulated is Rainey’s sixth record as a leader and


23. Here is one of the things I like about the word “disCombobulated.” You rarely hear someone use the word “combobulate.” As in, “How are you today?” “Oh, I am feely fully Combobulated today.” Here is a definition of combobulate: To bring something out of a state of confusion or disarray

Combobulate, Combobulated, Confusion

24. Combobulated by TOM RAINEY TRIO with Mary Halvorson and Ingrid Laubrock, released 08 February 2019 1


25. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupDisCombobulated · EminemMusic To Be Murdered By - Side B℗ 2020 Marshall B

26. Combobulated Regular Visitor View All


27. Combobulated (Live) Tom Rainey Trio Contemporary Jazz · 2019 Preview SONG TIME Combobulated (Live) 1

Combobulated, Contemporary

28. The word Combobulated appeared in a reply to my post on Channel 9

Combobulated, Channel

29. Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about Tom Rainey Trio With Mary Halvorson And Ingrid Laubrock - Combobulated at Discogs


30. Definition of disCombobulated adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

31. Combobulated! Enfranchised! Whelmed! Gruntled! Saturday's Good News


32. Mark your calendars for Disc-Combobulated, Saturday February 27th location TBD

Calendars, Combobulated

33. Inflections of 'discombobulate' (v): (⇒ conjugate) discombobulates v 3rd person singular discombobulating v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." disCombobulated


34. Read and write album reviews for Combobulated - Tom Rainey, Tom Rainey Trio on AllMusic


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does combobulated mean?

combobulate (third-person singular simple present combobulates, present participle combobulating, simple past and past participle combobulated) (humorous) To compose (one's self); to compose, organize, design, or arrange; to reverse the effect of discombobulation.

What does discombobulated mean?

: characterized by confusion or disorder He was discombobulated, utterly confused as to what had happened. — Michael Hall But you've also probably noticed that oversleeping can make you feel discombobulated …

What is the difference between discombobulate and combobulate?

Discombobulate is somewhat similar in concept to "dis-member" and "re-member", for while "combobulate" could come into usage, "recombobulate" is more likely since both relate a sense of "being done unto" rather than "doing unto another".

Is it possible to be discombobulated?

It’s a fun word. However, my new trying-to-be-and-use-positive-words-only take has led me to ponder why it is possible to be ‘ discombobulated’ and not ‘combobulated .’ While waiting for my turn with my incredible chiropractor (Dr. Janet McGaurn in West Chester, PA) she told me she would be right with me, she was getting combobulated.

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