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Synonyms: 1. Wikipedia
1. The use of gamma ray radiation as a mutagen for inducing variation in the existing varieties of various crops is well established. A further wave of adaptive radiation occurred after one or more colonizations of Australia some 2 to 3 million years later. Clouds also affect the radiation balance through cloud forcings similar to greenhouse gases.
2. colonizations I-II-III. This sequence meets the general education requirement in civilization studies. This three-quarter sequence approaches the concept of civilization from an emphasis on cross-cultural/societal connection and exchange.
3. To address the question of whether the endemic dolichopodid fauna, including the three major radiations (Campsicnemus, the Eurynogaster complex and Conchopus) is the result of a single or multiple colonizations, new sequences were generated for the samples described above (and in Table S1A in Appendix S1) and were combined with the entire data
4. Purpose: The use of the dipstick urinalysis has been validated for the diagnosis of symptomatic urinary infections, cystitis and pyelonephritis thanks to an excellent negative predictive value. For prostatitis, it is rather its positive predictive value that is interesting. The aim of this study is to validate its use in the screening of urinary colonizations in the preoperative assessment in
5. What does colonizations mean? Plural form of colonization. (noun)
6. ‘Many critics delineate how a heritage of dual colonizations has left an indelible mark on the Filipino-American psyche.’ 1.1 The action of appropriating a place or domain for one's own use. ‘the complete colonization of television entertainment by reality shows’
7. The colonizations sequence meets the College’s general education civilization requirement. If a student has already met this requirement, he or she may use these courses as electives. Their use, partial or total, in a program of study (major) must be approved by the undergraduate chair of the respective department.
8. Antonyms for colonizations include decolonizations, liberations, self-determination, decampments, egresses, egressions, evacuations, withdrawals, migrations and
9. Clusion of a further six separate colonizations for each island, and no intra-island speciation. Jordal and Hewitt (2004) an-alyzed six of the eight La Palma species, and two of the eight El Hierro species for the flight capable genus Aphanarthrum (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) revealing they are quite clearly the result of seven colonization events, and a single intra-island speciation event on

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