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1. Voluntary benefits from Colonial Life We provide critical support to employees when the unexpected happens – whether it’s an accident, illness or injury

Colonial, Critical

2. Adjective of, concerning, or pertaining to a colony or colonies: the Colonial policies of France

Concerning, Colony, Colonies, Colonial

3. Of, concerning, or pertaining to Colonialism; Colonialistic

Concerning, Colonialism, Colonialistic

4. Colonial definition is - of, relating to, or characteristic of a colony

Colonial, Characteristic, Colony

5. How to use Colonial in a sentence.


6. About Colonial We've been a part of your community since 1952

Colonial, Community

7. Home Equity Line of Credit Colonial's Home Equity Line of Credit is now offered everywhere in Texas.

Credit, Colonial

8. Relating to a colony or Colonialism: Turkey was once an important Colonial power

Colony, Colonialism, Colonial

9. Various parts of Africa have suffered under Colonial rule.


10. Colonial Square has been carefully designed with your comfort and style in mind

Colonial, Carefully, Comfort

11. The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America promotes appreciation for the people, places and events that led to the formation and development of our country

Colonial, Country

12. The 10-Year mortgage from Colonial Federal is perfect for homeowners who want to borrow against their equity with a fixed rate mortgage


13. Colonial is celebrating March's Youth Art Month by highlighting student artwork

Colonial, Celebrating

14. Colonial Funeral Home & Chapel, Inc

Colonial, Chapel

15. The Colonial: Binghamton, NY Many have claimed it to be the greatest bar in New York State

Colonial, Claimed

16. When customers look at our trendy and modern restaurants, they have no idea that Colonial Café has been around since 1901! Through the years our style and menu listings have changed considerably, but Colonial has never stopped loving the communities

Customers, Colonial, Caf, Changed, Considerably, Communities

17. The Colonial map was redrawn following the defeat of the German Empire and the Ottoman Empire after the World War I (1914–18)


18. Colonial Funeral Home & Crematory

Colonial, Crematory

19. Colonial Electric Supply and it's divisions is a product supplier only


20. Since 1952, Colonial has been assisting home owners through every step of the home-buying process. Colonial is here for you – for the long haul


21. (al Portal Hipotecario de Colonial en Español)


22. Your admission ticket is your key to interpreter-guided historic sites, trades, gardens, staged performances, as well as access to the newly expanded and updated Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg


23. Colonial Classics Landscape & Nursery Evansville and Newburgh, IN We Can Help You Plan Your 2021 Pool As we have all spent more time together at home this past year, you might be looking for new ways for your family to have fun

Colonial, Classics, Can

24. Email: [email protected] Tel: 607-238-7741


25. Colonial Funeral Home has built in a short time a reputation of commitment to each and every family we serve

Colonial, Commitment

26. Welcome to THE Colonial Auto Group


27. Welcome to the Colonial Auto Group, New England’s fastest growing dealership group since 1992! With multiple dealership locations across the Boston, MA, area, we make it easy to shop for, service and finance your dream car.

Colonial, Car

28. Colonial Wine & Spirits - Wine Store in at 3211 Southwestern Blvd


29. Colonial Buick GMC in Loganville is located near Lawrenceville and Monroe


30. Colonial Mortuary Funeral & Cremation Services for Lufkin, TX - Residents

Colonial, Cremation

31. Our Menus Colonial Farms meets all your catering needs, from the informal luncheon to the formal reception

Colonial, Catering

32. Colonial Funeral Home is a 3rd generation family funeral home serving Staten Island


33. Colonial Period Religious beliefs played heavily in legal thinking of the early Colonial period, a period dating from 1607 to the end of the American Revolution (1775–83; a war fought between Great Britain and the American colonies in which the colonies won their independence).

Colonial, Colonies

34. Colonial Williamsburg is a bit like a theme park (without the rides) dedicated to Williamsburg's time as the capital of Virginia

Colonial, Capital

35. Colonial Country Club 9181 Independence Way, Ft

Colonial, Country, Club

36. Myers, FL 33913 Phone: (239) 768-9421 Email: [email protected]

Colonialgolfclub, Com

37. Colonial Candle Classic Cylinder Scented Jar Candle, Cherry Blossom, 18 oz, Single

Colonial, Candle, Classic, Cylinder, Cherry

38. Colonial Scented candle, floating waters

Colonial, Candle

39. Colonial Zen Scented Jar Candle, Flowing Waters, 12 oz, Single .

Colonial, Candle

40. Colonial Presbyterian Church is a place to Encounter God, Grow with Others, and Impact People in Kansas City and Overland Park.

Colonial, Church, City

41. New to Airstream – Colonial was AMAZING!” This was our first purchase of an Airstream and dealing with Colonial was a pleasure


42. Worked out a deal and made the move up with the Colonial team.


43. Colonial America was a vast land settled by Spanish, Dutch, French and English immigrants who established colonies such as St

Colonial, Colonies

44. Colonial Group International is now CG

Colonial, Cg

45. What does Colonial mean? A Colonial is defined as a person who lives or lived in a colony

Colonial, Colony

46. (noun) An example of a Colonial is a man who lived in


47. Colonial definition: Colonial means relating to countries that are colonies, or to Colonialism

Colonial, Countries, Colonies, Colonialism

48. The health and safety of our patrons, guests, athletes and employees is a top priority at Colonial Life Arena


49. Colonial Wines & Spirits is renowned as a celebration store throughout Little Rock and Central Arkansas with a warehouse packed with the most complete selection of …

Colonial, Celebration, Central, Complete

50. Colonial COVID-19 Update: _____ Here at Colonial RV, we want to take a moment to inform you of what we are doing here internally to ensure the safety of our customers and employees

Colonial, Covid, Customers

51. Visit Colonial Hyundai in Downingtown, PA for your new Hyundai model or used car

Colonial, Car

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COLONIAL [kəˈlōnyəl]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Colonial mean?

colonial (Noun) A person from a country that is or was controlled by another.

What is meant by colonial?

colonial - a resident of a colony. colony, settlement - a body of people who settle far from home but maintain ties with their homeland; inhabitants remain nationals of their home state but are not literally under the home state's system of government; "the American colony in Paris".

What does colony mean?

Use colony in a sentence. noun. The definition of a colony is a group of people who create a settlement in a distant land but remain under the governmental control of their native country or a group of similar animals that live together.

What is the definition of colonial system?

The colonial system of political government or extension of territory, by which one nation exerts political control over another nation, territory, or people, maintaining the colony in a state of dependence, its inhabitants not having the same full rights as those of the colonial power.

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