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COLLECTOR [kəˈlektər]

collector (noun) · collectors (plural noun)

  • a person who collects things of a specified type, professionally or as a hobby.
Synonyms: penny-pincher . pinchpenny . niggard . scrooge . hoarder . saver . gatherer . accumulator . magpie . squirrel . ascetic . puritan . skinflint . meanie . money-grubber . cheapskate . tightwad . spendthrift . philanthropist .
  • an official who is responsible for collecting money.
  • an official who collects tickets from bus or train passengers.
Synonyms: messenger . courier . errand boy . scout . agent . gofer .
  • (in some South Asian countries) the chief administrative official of a district.
  • the region in a bipolar transistor that absorbs charge carriers.
Synonyms: scavenger . scrounger . forager . gatherer . accumulator . tramp . vagrant . wanderer . itinerant . nomad . drifter . transient . hobo . bum .

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16. Collector (Taneleer Tivan) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.Debuting in the Silver Age of Comic Books, the character has been featured in over five decades of Marvel continuity.

17. Effective March 30, 2015, Class E Driving Skills Test offered at the Main Office of the Osceola County Tax Collector by appointment only

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26. The County Collector prepares bills for the purpose of tax collection of real estate, drainage and mobile home taxes within Whiteside County

27. Upon receipt of tax monies the County Collector proceeds to disburse these funds to more than 140 taxing districts

28. Collector is a small village on the Federal Highway in New South Wales, Australia halfway between Goulburn and the Australian Capital Territory

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32. A Collector is specified by four functions that work together to accumulate entries into a mutable result container, and optionally perform a final transform on the result

33. This note is a schedule with a list of days and times when a person -- described only as "The Collector" -- will receive a shipment of gold from the mines in Elwynn Forest

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35. The OpenTelemetry Collector offers a vendor-agnostic implementation on how to receive, process and export telemetry data

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37. The release of Collector 20.2.4 on iPad and iPhone includes various bug fixes and improvements, including the following: BUG-000133993; Differences between platforms

38. Collector is available on both Android and iOS

39. Collector's item An item that is especially noteworthy for its value, rarity, and/or history and would thus be prized by someone who collects such things

40. We went through my grandfather's attic and came upon a number of different Collector's items, from rare toys to vintage rifles

41. See also: item Collector's piece An item that is especially noteworthy

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45. Large amounts of Exploiters are currently botting Collector, making legitimate hopping very difficult

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47. The national average salary for a Collector is $31,591 in United States

48. Filter by location to see Collector salaries in your area

49. Salary estimates are based on 10,114 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Collector employees.

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What does it mean to be a collector?

collector(Noun) A person or thing which collects, or which creates or manages a collection. collector(Noun) A person who is employed to collect payments. She works for the government as a tax collector.

What does a collector do?

A collector is a person who collects things of a particular type as a hobby. His work is much sought after by collectors. You can use collector to refer to someone whose job is to take something such as money, tickets, or rubbish from people. For example, a rent collector collects rent from people. He earned his living as a tax collector.

What is the definition of collectors?

Definition of collector : one that collects: such as : a person who collects certain things as a hobby : a person whose job is to collect something (such as trash or money)

What is the definition of collector?

Definition of collector. : one that collects: such as. a : an official who collects funds or moneys. b : a person who makes a collection stamp collector. c : an object or device that collects the statuette was a dust collector.

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