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Synonyms: 1. Collective 2. Common 3. Shared 4. Joint 5. Combined 6. Mutual 7. Communal 8. United 9. Allied 10. Cooperative 11. Collaborative 12. Aggregate 13. Cumulative 14. Undivided 15. Pooled 16. Individual 17. Sectional 18. Cooperative 19. Community 20. Kibbutz ...21. Fellowship See more »
1. Three orientations by size of the collectivity may be sufficient to overcome this limitation
2. We have also seen that these collectivities have a considerable pertinence within popular ideology
3. None the less certain collectivities acquire a certain salience or pertinence in relation to the dominant political issues of a given period
4. I now turn to the question of social collectivities and political forces
5. This is followed by discussion of the political system a third major concept used to analyze these collectivities
6. Statistical information have two important characteristics: quantity and collectivity
7. CIST's collectivity design is isolated from the external codes Compared with other security toolkits CIST has some advantages such as high security and powerful expansibility
8. For the aim of rescuing we need the collectivity escaping chamber to meet a certain pose to float up so as to not to issue forth when arrived at the water surface or keel over on the surface
9. Budgets are not merely a collectivity of target numbers for future period
10. We only adopt collectivity remit so we have no receipt or invoice for individual remit
11. collectivity and originality are the essential characteristics of composite works
12. A kind of collectivity package which is realized automatically in high efficiency
13. The paper described the collectivity function characteristic and several important components of movement controller for example main control program[http://sentencedictcom] interpolation module and velocity control
14. Abstract : collectivity cooperation innovation capability is the uppermost one of modern enterprise
15. The relation among the nation the collectivity rural collectivity and the fanner draws more attention of social scientists in recent years
16. These reagents have good selective collectivity for copper sulfide minerals and strong collectivity capacity for the associated gold and silver
17. Abstract: The collectivity cooperation innovation capability is th e uppermost on e of modern enterprise
18. Through trying area collectivity the staff member works fruitfully a few years[sentencedictcom] the achievement that help deficient up got the affirmation of various organization and reputably
19. The doctor collectivity that attends colloquium stands up applause ardently
20. Individuals should enjoy themselves but also keep a feeling for the collectivity
21. We must also examine critically the notion that individual practitioners enjoy an autonomy which is somehow derived from that of the collectivity
22. After analysing the information interaction requirement it designs the system's collectivity functions and structure composed of Remote Transmission subsystem and Email Management subsystem
23. In saloon a new culture formed among workers which emphasized collectivity idea and mutual help
24. The main work of this paper includes: Have designed a collectivity project for portable self-reading system of UTM
25. By applying the theory of probability to the collective inspection of mature egg pebrine we have reported the relationship between the number of pebrine eggs and that of pebrine collectivity
26. Firstly this paper studied thoroughly design theory and application of the electromagnetism induction calefaction Secondly based on the above theory put forward the collectivity scheme
27. Secondly we should grasp rhythm correctly with the sense of collectivity
28. Third the optimization through the increase of no-stateownship and collectivity investment or renovation investment can help to the more rapid growth of the gross investment
29. This paper has higher reference value for solving the collectivity of tank's infrared characteristic signal control and
30. Examples of collectivity in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Lost in the collectivity of the numbers is the individuality of the victims and families.
31. The relation among the nation the collectivity rural collectivity and the fanner draws more attention of social scientists in recent years: 16. These reagents have good selective collectivity for copper sulfide minerals and strong collectivity capacity for the associated gold and silver: 17.
32. Sentences for "collectivity " The confusion which reigns in collectivity is generally manifested in the phenomena, which, in their turn, become vague and confused. But collectivity can be a problematic concept since it does not cover all in society as far as fixing the linguistic standard is concerned. >>>>>>> GO TO ADVANCED VOCABULARY TESTS
33. Women's collectivity can be used as a basis of cooperation, for sharing tasks, or giving mutual support. He made music that reflected alienation in a time of enforced collectivity. New forms of collectivity are now emerging outside of the classical union framework. My sort of feminism is about collectivity.
34. The definition of collectivity means individuals who are considered as a whole group. An example of collectivity is a gathering of all the people in a town.
35. A collection of individuals is not always, and by the mere fact of its collectivity, a society. INTRODUCTION TO THE SCIENCE OF SOCIOLOGY ROBERT E. PARK In the same way these particles of the rose-seed, each acting of itself, in their collectivity formed the rose-spirit. THE HEART OF NATURE FRANCIS YOUNGHUSBAND
36. Definition of collectivity in the D dictionary. Meaning of collectivity. What does collectivity mean? Information and translations of collectivity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
37. Broad perspective on collectivity in the life sciences, from microorganisms to human consensus, and the theoretical and empirical opportunities and challenges. Many researchers and scholars in the life sciences have become increasingly critical of the traditional methodological focus on the individual. This volume counters such methodological individualism by exploring recent and influential
38. Each overseas collectivity has its own statutory laws. French Polynesia (1946–2003: overseas territory, since 2003: overseas collectivity) In 2004 it was given the designation of " overseas country " ( French : pays d'outre-mer ), but the Constitutional Council of France has clarified that this designation did not create a new political category.
39. collectivity definition, collective character. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd
40. The concept of rural collectivity originates form philosophical anthropology. Early Marxist Hungarian philosopher Mészáros first introduced the concept of human communities and human collectivities as having a'natural propensity'for collective activity in the 1970s (Griffiths and Imre, 2013).
41. Collectivism, any of several types of social organization in which the individual is seen as being subordinate to a social collectivity such as a state, a nation, a race, or a social class. Collectivism may be contrasted with individualism (q.v.), in which the rights and interests of the individual are emphasized.
42. To articulate such an idea, in terms of the various interventions, begins by first rejecting or challenging conceptions of community that reproduce a collectivity that is built upon, engenders and fosters a sense of closure, continuity, unity and universalism.
43. collectivity any grouping of individuals that ‘cuts across the actor (see SOCIAL ACTOR) as a composite unit’ (PARSONS, 1951). Collins Dictionary of Sociology, 3rd ed. © HarperCollins Publishers 2000 Want to thank TFD for its existence?
44. Synonyms for collectivity in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for collectivity. 14 synonyms for collective: joint, united, shared, common, combined, corporate, concerted
45. The collectivity of Drinking Cultures: A Theory of the Distribution of Alcohol Consumption. * Ole‐Jørgen Skog dr. philos. Nationale Institute for Alcohol Research, Dannevigsveien 10, Oslo 4, Norway. Search for more papers by this author. Ole‐Jørgen Skog dr. philos.
46. collectivity stage: In this stage, the leadership crisis has been addressed. The organization is now developing clear goals and establishing its direction. Functional areas, departments, and a hierarchy of authority are created to help divide and assign the work to newly hired employees.

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