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1. The following examples show how to use org.apache.spark.sql.Dataset #Collectaslist ()


2. Spark collect () and Collectaslist () are action operation that is used to retrieve all the elements of the RDD/DataFrame/Dataset (from all nodes) to the driver node

Collect, Collectaslist

3. In short, Collectaslist sends all data to the driver immediately, toLocalIterator sends partition-wise data to the driver


4. Collectaslist Returns a Java list that contains all rows in this Dataset

Collectaslist, Contains

5. Spark also provides Collectaslist () action to collect the DataFrame Columns as a java.util.List [Row], If you are using Java this is the way to go

Collectaslist, Collect, Columns

6. GetString (0)). Collectaslist println (ex2) Example 5 – Other Alternatives that are not Effective


7. 163 rows · Collectaslist() Returns a Java list that contains all of Rows in this Dataset

Class, Collectaslist, Contains

8. However calling collect or Collectaslist and JVM allocates the full 6Gb assigned to it and them OOMs "Java Heap Space" To me it feels as if something is VERY wrong if Spark can't collect 210,000 rows of data which (as a CVS file would amount to around 210Mb) when given 6Gb of RAM.

Calling, Collect, Collectaslist, Can, Cvs

9. Collect () and Collectaslist () operators return all the rows of the dataframe as an Array or List respectively

Collect, Collectaslist

10. Dataset<Row> sampled = df.stat().sampleBy("key", ImmutableMap.of(0, 0.1, 1, 0.2), 0L); List<Row> actual = sampled.groupBy("key").count().orderBy("key").Collectaslist();

Count, Collectaslist

11. Encoder<MyClass> myClassEncoder = Encoders.bean(MyClass.class); Dataset<MyClass> results =; List<MyClass> lst = results.Collectaslist(); I do several calculations to get the result I want and the result is correct all through the way before I collect it.

Class, Collectaslist, Calculations, Correct, Collect

12. SPARK-25772 Java encoders - switch fields on Collectaslist


13. SPARK-21747 Java encoders - switch fields on Collectaslist


14. List<T> Collectaslist() { return new ArrayList<>(data); } * This class defines the basic stream that operates on streams with keys and values static class BKeyedStream<K,V> {

Collectaslist, Class, Com

15. List<Row>nameRDD = [nameDataFrame ].Collectaslist(); for I have problem with the convert ,already that I want convert for before I insert in pogres.I am only java.

Collectaslist, Convert

16. Def collect(): Array[Row] def Collectaslist(): java.util.List[Row] But the problem here is, a ‘collect’ method collects all the data under a DF (in RDD jargon, it is an action op)

Collect, Collectaslist, Collects

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