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COLLATERAL [kəˈladərəl, kəˈlatrəl]

collateral (noun) · collaterals (plural noun)

  • something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default.
Synonyms: security . surety . guarantee . guaranty . pledge . bond . assurance . insurance . indemnity . indemnification . pawn . backing . bail . hostage . gage . earnest .
  • a person having the same descent in a family as another but by a different line.

collateral (adjective)

  • additional but subordinate; secondary.
  • used euphemistically to refer to inadvertent casualties among civilians and destruction in civilian areas in the course of military operations.
Synonyms: incidental . accidental . unintended . secondary . subordinate . ancillary . concomitant . accompanying . contingent . resulting . resultant . consequential . derived . derivative . direct .

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1. As a noun, Collateral means something provided to a lender as a guarantee of repayment. So if you take out a loan or mortgage to buy a car or house, the loan agreement usually states that the car or …

2. Driven by director Michael Mann's trademark visuals and a lean, villainous performance from Tom Cruise, Collateral is a stylish and compelling noir thriller.

3. Collateral Underwriter® (CU®) is a web-based application provided at no charge to help lenders manage Collateral risk as part of their underwriting and quality control processes

4. Is a nationwide leader in inspection services with over 20 years experience providing banks, financial companies, manufacturers and other captive groups the inspection and reporting expertise required to verify their Collateral.

5. A definition of Collateral Collateral is something some sort of property or asset — that you may need to provide to a lender to get a loan

6. In many cases, Collateral is required for certain types of loans, like mortgages and auto loans

7. Essentially, the Collateral serves as a …

8. Collateral - definition of Collateral by The Free Dictionary Define Collateral

9. Collateral synonyms, Collateral pronunciation, Collateral translation, English dictionary definition of Collateral

10. Collateral has something for everybody:It's a murder mystery, It's a political drama, It's a spy thriller

11. Collateral is an item of value used to secure a loan. Collateral minimizes the risk for lenders

12. If a borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize the Collateral and sell it to recoup its

13. Collateral ensures that the borrower will repay a loan as agreed or, if the borrower defaults, provides the lender with a way to recoup its losses

14. On a mortgage, for instance, the Collateral is the home the mortgage was used to buy; on an auto loan, the Collateral is the car the buyer drives home from the dealership.

15. Collateral is an asset, such as a home or a car, pledged by a borrower that a lender accepts as security against a loan in case the borrower for any reason cannot pay back the loan. If a borrower fails to pay back a loan, the lender can seize the Collateral and sell it in order to recover the loan amount

16. Examples of Collateral in a sentence

17. Serving to support or corroborate: Collateral evidence

18. Of a secondary nature; subordinate: Collateral target damage from a bombing run

19. The simple definition of Collateral is that it’s a tangible or intangible asset that a borrower pledges to a lender to secure a loan

20. If a borrower defaults in their obligations to the secured lender under the loan documents, the secured lender can exercise remedies to foreclose on the Collateral and try to sell it to recover the loan amount.

21. Collateral: [ kŏ-lat´er-al ] 1

22. Collateral serves as insurance for the lender if the borrower fails to pay

23. Collateral is also an incentive for the borrower to meet their payment obligations

24. While Collateral helps you get your application approved, it is not enough to secure a loan

25. That is because Collateral is the secondary source of payment for Collateral loans.

26. For more than 3,000 years, humans have been using goods — and, sometimes, labor — as Collateral for a financial loan.In fact, the word pawn reportedly stems from the Latin pannum, or clothing, which was the most common form of Collateral used in 15th-century Europe.

27. Today, most lenders won’t accept your best outfit as Collateral on a loan, but other valuable assets can often be …

28. "Collateral" opens with Tom Cruise exchanging briefcases with a stranger in an airport

29. Collateral acts as security for lenders, so this type of loan often has better interest rates than unsecured loans as there's less risk involved

30. If you borrow money with a credit card, there isn't any Collateral, so the interest rate is likely to be significantly higher than with a mortgage or personal loan.

31. Collateral value refers to the amount of assets that have been put up to secure a loan

32. What is a Collateral loan? A Collateral loan is often called a secured loan.This means the loan is guaranteed by something you own, and if you can’t pay your loan back, the lender has the right to claim the Collateral, whether it’s a car, savings account, piece of jewelry, investment portfolio or a home.

33. Collateral is when an asset is pledged to secure repayment

34. The five main types of Collateral are consumer goods, equipment, farm products, inventory, and …

35. Collateral is a thing of value that a borrower can pledge to a lender to get a loan or line of credit; common examples of Collateral include real estate, vehicles, cash and investments.

36. Collateral Management is committed to serving Lending Institutions that include Banks, Mortgage Companies, Correspondent Lenders as well as Commercial and Hard money institutions across the …

37. What does Collateral mean? Collateral is defined as something side by side, or something pledged to guarantee that a loan will be repaid

38. Collateral management can become a seemingly complex process with interrelated functions involving multiple parties

39. The multitude of functions include repos, tri-party, Collateral outsourcing, Collateral arbitrage, Collateral tax treatment, cross-border Collateralization, credit risk, counterparty

40. Collateral is such a fantastic film

41. ‘The second feature is that this Collateral challenge was made in the course of a prosecution.’ ‘Additionally, there is a Collateral benefit to listing your site in a directory.’ ‘Mrs Foden has opened a further line of Collateral attack by bringing two sets of proceedings against …

42. Collateral Account means a segregated account so denominated which is specifically allocated to a Series and pledged to the Custodian as security for, and in consideration of, the Custodian's issuance of (a) any Put Option guarantee letter or similar document described in paragraph 8 of Article V herein, or (b) any receipt described in Article V or VIII herein.

43. Collateral: Situated or running side by side; parallel

44. Schmidt, on the other hand, never used the term Collateral damage -- or any similar term, because that would have completely undermined her fairy tale of righteous indignation.

45. Collateral definition: Collateral is money or property which is used as a guarantee that someone will repay a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

46. Collateral is a valuable item that’s put up against a loan

47. You’re essentially promising the lender that they get to take that Collateral if you stop making payments, and if that happens, the lender will then sell the Collateral to recoup their losses

48. Collateral can be anything that has a value attached to it.

49. Collateral (not comparable) Parallel, along the same vein, side by side

50. 1814, William Wordsworth, The Excursion Yet the attempt may give / Collateral interest to this homely tale

51. Collateral: The Tier One Thrillers, Book 6

52. Original theatrical trailer for the 2004 film "Collateral." Starring Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, Bruce McGill, Bar

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