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COLLABORATION [kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n]

collaboration (noun) · collaborations (plural noun)

  • the action of working with someone to produce or create something.
  • something produced or created by collaboration.
Synonyms: cooperation . alliance . partnership . participation . combination . association . concert . teamwork . joint effort . coopetition .
  • traitorous cooperation with an enemy.
Synonyms: fraternizing . fraternization . colluding . collusion . cooperating . cooperation . consorting . sympathizing . sympathy . conspiring . resistance .

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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Collaboration 1 the state of having shared interests or efforts (as in social or business matters) a documentary film on the battle that was produced in Collaboration with a society of historical reenactors

2. Collaboration is the act of working together, especially on a goal or shared project

3. It can also be used to refer to a product of Collaboration, as in The new single is a Collaboration from the two pop stars. Collaboration

4. Collaboration skills are what enable you to work well with others

5. Most work environments require Collaboration, so these skills are essential

6. Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve business benefit. Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose

7. Collaboration Magazine Article Bold, self-confident, and demanding, alpha males get things done

8. Collaboration is a key factor in building a small business because it works

9. Of course, cooperation is an integral element of teamwork, Collaboration, and coordination

10. Collaborate from anywhere Stay organized and improve Collaboration with all your conversations, files, meetings, and apps in a shared workspace—wherever you work.

11. Find 15 ways to say Collaboration, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

12. Collaboration apps are changing the way people work—and it's about time

13. A Collaboration app is any piece of software that helps people …

14. Video playlists about Collaboration

15. Collaboration is a joint effort of multiple individuals or work groups to accomplish a task or project

16. Within an organization, Collaboration typically involves the ability of two or more people to view and contribute to documents or other content over a network.

17. Collaboration, just like any other skill, can be honed and improved upon with practice

18. Here are a few strategies to set the stage for successful, high-quality teacher Collaboration: Develop and Agree Upon a Shared Vision and Mutual Goals —The level of ownership teachers feel about the process determines how much time and energy they really

19. Collaboration software enables employees to remain fluid and connected, so they can share information with those who matter via voice, video and instant messaging

20. Collaboration noun (WORKING WITH) C1 [ C or U ] the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing: The two playwrights worked in close Collaboration (with each …

21. What is Collaboration? Collaboration Meaning – The best way to define Collaboration would be to outline it as the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal

22. Microsoft 365 inter-tenant Collaboration options include using a central location for files and conversations, sharing calendars, using IM, audio/video calls for communication, and securing access to resources and applications

23. Exchange Online Collaboration options

24. Collaboration, therefore, is not just the action of working with someone – a team in our case

25. Collaboration also involves using modern technologies to unite teams from different locations and time zones

26. Collaboration is meant to give multiple users the power to edit and distribute a survey, edit the survey’s data and export it as needed, and create reports

27. With Collaboration permissions, you can even pick and choose which of these functions you want the user to have access to.

28. Synonyms for Collaboration in Free Thesaurus

29. 17 synonyms for Collaboration: teamwork, partnership, cooperation, association, alliance

30. Collaboration Collaboration between researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical labs, and regulators ill-fitted Collaboration in close Collaboration Members of the EU have been actively seeking the Collaboration of Libya power of Collaboration request for Collaboration a Collaboration is active? - English Only forum a first time Collaboration

31. Collaboration (n.) 1830, "act of working together, united labor" (especially in literature or scientific study), from French Collaboration, noun of action from past-participle stem of Latin collaborare "work with," from assimilated form of com "with" (see com-) + laborare "to work" (see labor (v.)).

32. Collaboration is a process that continues and betters over time

33. What is Collaboration? Here I present both a definition of Collaboration and a model for how to think about Collaboration

34.Collaboration” might simply mean handing the patient chart to the next provider

35. Collaboration refers to joint efforts between various independent teams or groups

36. 1 ways to abbreviate Collaboration

37. How to abbreviate Collaboration? Get the most popular abbreviation for Collaboration updated in 2021

38. He talks with NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about the importance of musical Collaboration, despite the pandemic.

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