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1. contemporary, contemporaneous, coeval, synchronous, simultaneous, Coincident mean existing or occurring at the same time. contemporary is likely to apply to people and what relates to them.

Contemporary, Contemporaneous, Coeval, Coincident

2. Coincident synonyms, Coincident pronunciation, Coincident translation, English dictionary definition of Coincident. adj


3. Occupying the same area in space or happening at the same time: a series of Coincident events


4. Coincident That cavity is Coincident with a large concentration of (mostly iron) debris, suggesting it might have been formed by a massive plume.

Coincident, Cavity, Concentration

5. Some common synonyms of Coincident are coeval, contemporaneous, contemporary, simultaneous, and synchronous

Common, Coincident, Coeval, Contemporaneous, Contemporary

6. While all these words mean "existing or occurring at the same time," Coincident is applied to events and may be used in order to avoid implication of causal relationship

Coincident, Causal

7. The end of World War II was Coincident with a great vintage year


8. Coincident with the nationalized market for goods, production began to change from a handicraft to a machine basis

Coincident, Change

9. A HISTORY OF TRADE UNIONISM IN THE UNITED STATES SELIG PERLMAN Coincident with it, there is an important change with respect to the character of the totem animal

Coincident, Change, Character

10. The bouquet forms at late leptotene and early zygotene and is Coincident with chromosome pairing

Coincident, Chromosome

11. In northern Utah, Osmia lignaria propinqua emerge beginning in late April, Coincident with the flowering of spring ephemeral herbs and shrubs


12. Thomas, Coincident with Navy maneuvers.


13. Coincident Dynamo MKIII Amplifier; Best of 2020 Award

Coincident, Com

14. 2020 the absolute sound Editors' Choice Awards Coincident Speakers Technology; Dynamo 34SE MKIII- Frankenstein M300B MKIII ; 2019 the absolute sound Editors' Choice Awards

Choice, Coincident

15. Coincident describes any group of people, moments, or ideas that seem to work together so perfectly that it’s spooky or beautiful, like it’s part of a big logical plan. Coincident is a mix of the prefix co - (meaning “together” and “similar”) and an incident, which means "a noteworthy event."

Coincident, Co

16. Coincident indicator refers to metrics that reflect the present condition of the economy for a given state or nation

Coincident, Condition

17. Coincident indicators are often used in conjunction with leading and lagging

Coincident, Conjunction

18. Coincident (comparative more Coincident, superlative most Coincident) (Can we add an example for this sense?) (of two events) Occurring at the same time

Coincident, Comparative, Can

19. Coincident indicators are analyzed and used as they occur


20. Adjective Coincident events happen at the same time.


21. Examples of Coincident in a sentence


22. It was Coincident when Harmony and Hazel broke their violin string at the exact same time


23. 🔊 Before theorists determined the phases of the moon, they believed the sun, moon, and earth alignment of an eclipse was Coincident


24. Coincident indicators are beneficial to investors as it provides real-time information on how the economy is performing


25. What does Coincident mean? The definition of Coincident is something that happens at the same time, exists in the same place or is the same as some


26. Coincident opinions, ideas, or policies are the same or are very similar to each other.


27. Synonyms for Coincident in Free Thesaurus


28. 25 synonyms for Coincident: coinciding, correspondent, coordinate, concomitant, contemporaneous

Coincident, Coinciding, Correspondent, Coordinate, Concomitant, Contemporaneous

29. A Coincident relationship, which tells SolidWorks that two points should always be touching, is a common and useful relationship in design

Coincident, Common

30. Coincident relationships can be used in both 2D sketch mode and 3D assembly mode to define your model.

Coincident, Can

31. • Diarrhoea occurs Coincident with emergence about a week after primary infection and up to one year after reinfection


32. • This results in short positive pulses Coincident with the core switching transitions to select the desired pickup of coil signals

Coincident, Core, Coil

33. • What is Coincident with the modal's event is the infinitive event's potentiality, not


34. Definition of Coincident in the dictionary


35. What does Coincident mean? Information and translations of Coincident in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Coincident, Comprehensive

36. The index of Coincident economic indicators, which consists of a range of data including factory output, employment and retail sales, gained a preliminary 3.5 …

Coincident, Consists

37. A line defined by a detector and its collimator in SPECT or by 2 Coincident detectors in PET

Collimator, Coincident

38. (Line of Response, NCI Thesaurus) You will observe, said Holmes, laying down the volume, that the sudden breaking up of the society was Coincident with the disappearance of Openshaw from America with their papers


39. Retail Spending Jumps, Coincident With Federal Relief Payments Retail spending rebounded strongly last month after three months of decline


40. Coincident [ kəu'insidənt ] adj


41. Occurring or operating at the same time "a series of Coincident events" 同义词: Coincidental coinciding concurrent co-occurrent cooccurring simultaneous

Coincident, Coincidental, Coinciding, Concurrent, Co, Cooccurring

42. Matching point for point "Coincident circles"

Coincident, Circles

43. Coincident - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


44. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Coincident adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (simultaneous) Coincidente adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular ("amable", "constante") pero que sí

Coincident, Coincidente, Constante

45. Coincident (adj.) 1560s, "exactly corresponding, having the same nature or character;" 1590s, "happening at the same time, concurrent," from French Coincident, from coincider, from Medieval Latin coincidere, literally "to fall upon together," from assimilated form of Latin com "with, together" (see com-) + incidere "to fall upon" (from in-"upon" + combining form of cadere "to fall," from PIE

Coincident, Corresponding, Character, Concurrent, Coincider, Coincidere, Com, Combining, Cadere

46. Find 15 ways to say Coincident, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Coincident, Com

47. See authoritative translations of Coincident in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.


48. Coincident (with something) happening in the same place or at the same time Word Origin mid 16th cent.: from medieval Latin Coincident- ‘coinciding’, from the verb coincidere ‘coincide, agree’, from co- ‘together with’ + incidere ‘fall upon or into’.

Coincident, Cent, Coinciding, Coincidere, Coincide, Co

49. Coincident Two lines or shapes that lie exactly on top of each other


50. Example: these two lines are Coincident, only you can't see them both, because they are on top of each other!

Coincident, Can

51. An economic indicator that provides information on the current state of the economy.That is, a Coincident indicator does not show which way the economy is heading, but where it is at present

Current, Coincident

52. For example, Coincident indicators move up when GDP is growing and down when GDP is shrinking


53. Coincident Index in Thailand increased to 126.50 points in January from 126.45 points in December of 2020


54. Coincident Index in Thailand averaged 112.61 points from 1993 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 129.45 points in June of 2018 and a record low of 92.66 points in September of 1998


55. This page provides - Thailand Coincident Index- actual values, historical data, forecast, chart

Coincident, Chart

56. ‘The announcement came Coincident with the deer hunting season and about 450,000 deer licenses have been issued in Ohio.’ ‘The series began in 2000, two years after the completion of John Miller's gallery refurbishment, and Coincident with the Serpentine's 30th anniversary.’

Came, Coincident, Completion

57. Coincident indicators are one example of an economic factor that can help an investor to understand the current status of a given economic climate

Coincident, Can, Current, Climate

58. What sets this type of economic indicator apart from other from other factors is that the Coincident indicator tends to vary directly with current trends in the economy.

Coincident, Current

59. A Note to Users of the Data for the State Coincident Indexes: Changes to Input Series Effective with the release of the January 2020 state Coincident indexes, the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia implemented changes to its methodology to more accurately measure overall economic activities.

Coincident, Changes

60. Antonyms for Coincident include asynchronous, noncontemporary, nonsimultaneous, nonsynchronous, metachronous, separate, diachronic, divided, following and preceding


61. Coincident is part of DECADE FIVE, a set of major new works Zeitgeist will commission and present throughout its fifth decade

Coincident, Commission

62. Other articles where Coincident indicator is discussed: economic indicator: …line with the overall economy (“Coincident indicator”) or change direction after the economy does (“lagging indicator”)

Coincident, Change

63. Many types of sales are examples of Coincident indicators because they peak or bottom out as the economy does


64. ‘The announcement came Coincident with the deer hunting season and about 450,000 deer licenses have been issued in Ohio.’ ‘The series began in 2000, two years after the completion of John Miller's gallery refurbishment, and Coincident with the Serpentine's 30th anniversary.’

Came, Coincident, Completion

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COINCIDENT [kōˈinsədənt, kōˈinsəˌdent]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does coincident mean?

Definition of coincident. 1 : of similar nature : harmonious a theory coincident with the facts. 2 : occupying the same space or time coincident events Animal hibernation is usually coincident with the approach of winter.

What does coincidently mean?

Definition of coincidentally. 1 : in a coincidental manner : by coincidence lonely singles who meet coincidentally and click — People. 2 : it is or seems coincidental that coincidentally, the dog died exactly one year after his owner did.

What does coincide mean in science?

Coincide definition, to occupy the same place in space, the same point or period in time, or the same relative position: The centers of concentric circles coincide. Our vacations coincided this year. See more.

What is the noun for coincident?

Nouns for coincidence include coincidences, coincidencies, coincidency, coincident, coincidentalism, coincidents, coincider, coinciders, coinciding, coincidings ...

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