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1. 30 synonyms of Coheres from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 27 related words, definitions, and antonyms


2. Coheres: to be in agreement on every point.


3. Synonyms for Coheres include coalesces, amalgamates, unites, combines, integrates, melds, consolidates, converges, merges and blends

Coheres, Coalesces, Combines, Consolidates, Converges

4. Coheres 'Coheres' is a 7 letter word starting with C and ending with S Crossword clues for 'Coheres' Clue Answer; Holds together (7) Coheres: Sticks together (7) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Coheres

Coheres, Crossword, Clues, Clue

5. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Coheres will help you to finish your crossword today

Coheres, Crossword

6. Coheres meaning Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cohere.

Coheres, Cohere

7. Synonyms for Coheres in Free Thesaurus


8. Definition of Coheres in the dictionary


9. What does Coheres mean? Information and translations of Coheres in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Coheres, Comprehensive

10. / koʊˈhɪr / If an argument or theory Coheres, all the different stages fit together to form a reasonable whole. to unite or to hold together as a unit: His vision is of a world that Coheres through human …


11. 2018 July 19, Zoe Williams, “Can ditching meat and dairy open up new taste sensations? My week as a foodie vegan”, in The Guardian‎[1]: Nothing Coheres the way you expect

Can, Coheres

12. The surface detailing Coheres around the fuselage in a single, seemingly uncompromised gesture


13. I do agree about the technical standards of a poem: that it be a self-consistent world that Coheres to its own inner logic, that it live on its own fire

Consistent, Coheres

14. It can help ensure that your writing Coheres or 'sticks together', which will make it easier for the reader to follow the main ideas in your essay or report

Can, Coheres

15. Antonyms for Coheres include disbands, breaks up, disagrees, disconnects, disjoins, disperses, disputes, divides, looses and loosens


16. Coheres As A Carefully Conceived Lark Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks have teamed up on a shrewd, witty album that's a throwback to the earliest era of rock n' roll — but it's not pickled in

Coheres, Carefully, Conceived

17. Coherentism, Theory of truth according to which a belief is true just in case, or to the extent that, it Coheres with a system of other beliefs

Coherentism, Case, Coheres

18. See 3 authoritative translations of Coheres in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Coheres, Conjugations

19. Yet the overall arc of this “Justice League” Coheres throughout, providing occasional dashes of intrigue and inspired visual conceits, and sometimes it’s even fun.

Coheres, Conceits

20. Coheres in Gaffiot, Félix (1934) Dictionnaire illustré Latin-Français, Hachette; Coheres in Harry Thurston Peck, editor (1898) Harper's Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, New York: Harper & Brothers; Coheres in William Smith et al., editor (1890) A Dictionary of Greek and …

Coheres, Classical

21. Italy Coheres as America breaks apart


22. Question: Question 8 (Mandatory) (10 Points) Providers And Staff Members May Coheres And Retaliate Against Patients For The Purpose Of Treatment Compliance? True G False Question 9 (Mandatory) (10 Points) No State Law May Either Authorize Or Compel Any Disclosure Prohibited By These Regulations 42 CFR, Meaning That 42CFR Trumps Any State Regulation Of Disclosure

Coheres, Compliance, Compel, Cfr

23. Between thumb and forefinger, and Coheres when pressed together


24. The narrative never Coheres because it’s not really supposed to


25. New fraudulent scam - attempting to Coheres money from General Contractors and Construction / Trade company owners

Coheres, Contractors, Construction, Company

26. Mucosa-attached bacterial community in Crohn's disease Coheres with the clinical disease activity index Environ Microbiol Rep

Community, Crohn, Coheres, Clinical

27. Holy Motors Audaciously giving itself license to do whatever it wants, Leos Carax's narratively unhinged, beautifully shot and frequently hilarious "Holy Motors" Coheres -- arguably, anyway

Carax, Coheres

28. To say that not everything Coheres in this swift, propulsive 93-minute film is to suggest that the filmmaker has done justice to the unruliness of his subject: In capturing and preserving a long

Coheres, Capturing

29. As a result, their chemistry never Coheres, and the movie flounders under the weight of lifeless sincerity

Chemistry, Coheres

30. Truth will match reality, whether or not it Coheres with a person’s framework of belief.


31. I believe that the world was created and approved by love, that it subsists, Coheres, and endures by love, and that, insofar as it is redeemable, it can be redeemed only by love

Created, Coheres, Can

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COHERES [kōˈhir]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cohere mean?

Definition of cohere. intransitive verb. 1a : to hold together firmly as parts of the same mass broadly : stick, adhere. b : to display cohesion of plant parts. 2 : to hold together as a mass of parts that cohere.

What is another word for cohere with?

Synonyms for cohere with include answer, match, fit, accord with, agree with, check with, chord with, coincide with, comport with and conform with. Find more similar words at!

What is the past tense of cohere?

Third-person singular coheres. Past tense cohered. Past participle cohered. Present participle cohering

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