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COHERENCE [ˌkōˈhirəns]

coherence (noun) · coherences (plural noun)

  • the quality of being logical and consistent.
Synonyms: consistency . logicality . soundness . organization . orderliness . unity . clarity . articulacy . intelligibility . comprehensibility . incoherence .

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1. Coherence definition is - the quality or state of cohering: such as

2. How to use Coherence in a sentence.

3. The definition of Coherence is something logical or consistent and something that makes sense as a whole

4. An example of Coherence is an argument that has no inconsistencies.

5. Coherence always implies correlations, connectedness, consistency and efficient energy utilization

6. Thus, Coherence refers to wholeness and global order, where the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts

7. In physics, Coherence also is used to describe the coupling and degree of synchronization between different oscillating systems.

8. Khechari Mudra In The Time Of COVID-19 Coherence, Vol 1, Issue 1 February 14, 2021, by Stephen Elliott, Life Scientist, Coherence This …

9. Coherence (2,592) IMDb 7.2 1h 28min 2014 X-Ray R In this mind-bending sci-fi thriller, 8 friends at a dinner party start experiencing strange and mysterious events on the night a comet is passing close to Earth

10. "Coherence" is proof that inventive filmmakers can do a lot with a little

11. Coherence comes from a Latin word meaning “to stick together

12. Scientists are always looking for Coherence in data to support their hypotheses

13. And coaches are always looking for Coherence in their teams, so they don't fall apart.

14. Coherence is the property determined by the reader, which tells the understandability of the article and whether the idea is being conveyed to the reader appropriately

15. Cohesion is a subset of Coherence.

16. ə ns / C2 the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way: There was no Coherence between the first and the second half of the movie.

17. Coherence: Coherence is about connections at the idea level

18.Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation,” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr

19. CoherenceCoherence refers to the overall sense of unity in a passage, including both the main point of sentences and the main point of each paragraph

20.Coherence focuses the reader’s attention on the specific people, things, and events you are writing about To Improve Cohesion For Cohesion in Sentence Beginnings

21. ‘The Coherence of wit is an excellent measure of adequacy.’ ‘Also for Coherence, the cooking portion of the program concludes with still photographs of each chef's set of prepared dishes.’ ‘The accuracy of this model is in the Coherence of the data.’

22. It is important in composition to maintain the Coherence of a piece by leading the reader or listener through the narrative or process by providing cohesive elements to the form

23. In "Marking Discourse Coherence," Uta Lenk states that the reader or listener's understanding of Coherence "is influenced by the degree and kind of guidance given by the speaker: the more …

24. Coherence is a state or situation in which all the parts or ideas fit together well so that they form a united whole

25. The anthology has a surprising sense of Coherence

26. American English: Coherence / -ˈhɛrəns, koʊˈhɪərəns /

27. Coherence ensures for customers maximum scalability and performance in enterprise applications by providing clustered low-latency data storage, polyglot grid computing, and asynchronous event streaming.

28. His arguments lacked Coherence.· A logical arrangement of parts, as in writing

29. 2017, Di Zou; James Lambert, “Feedback methods for student voice in the digital age”, in British Journal of Educational Technology, volume 48, number 5, page 1088: In a lesson on Coherence in academic

30. Coherence, a fixed relationship between the phase of waves in a beam of radiation of a single frequency

31. 10 synonyms of Coherence from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms

32. Find another word for Coherence

33. Coherence: a balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts

34. 'Coherence' is slow burning psychological science-fiction for a thinking person, and it holds up much better than most big budgeted pretentious science-fiction extravaganzas

35. Oracle Coherence is an in-memory distributed data grid solution for clustered applications and application servers

36. Coherence makes sharing and managing data in a cluster as simple as on a single server

37. They have struggled to create Coherence within the group

38. Your essay lacks internal Coherence

39. A lack of Coherence between the policy and the speech; theories which lack ideological Coherence; She was a writer who tried to create order and Coherence

40. The party tried to find some kind of ideological Coherence.

41. ‘The Coherence of wit is an excellent measure of adequacy.’ ‘Also for Coherence, the cooking portion of the program concludes with still photographs of each chef's set of prepared dishes.’ ‘The accuracy of this model is in the Coherence of the data.’

42. Coherence is achieved when sentences and ideas are connected and flow together smoothly

43. An essay without Coherence can inhibit a reader’s ability to understand the ideas and main points of the essay

44. Coherence allows the reader to move easily throughout the essay from one idea to the

45. A common use for the Coherence function is in the validation of input/output data collected in an acoustics experiment for purposes of system identification

46. If the Coherence of the light source is too high, images develop fringes produced by interference of the coherent wavefronts reflected from internal optical surfaces, including the lenses, mirrors, dust windows and, in particular, the cover glass.

47. Coherence is defined as the quality of being logical, consistent and able to be understood

48. Imagine Coherence as a building (It’s an analogy, go with it)

49. It is effectively a subset of Coherence

50. Coherence (n.) 1580s, "suitable connection or dependence, consistency" (in narrative or argument), also more literally "act or state of sticking or cleaving of one thing to another," from French cohérence (16c.), from Latin cohaerentia, abstract noun from cohaerentem (nominative cohaerens), present participle of cohaerere "to stick together, be coherent," from assimilated form of com

51. Coherence can be improved by using an outline before writing (or a reverse outline, which is an outline written after the writing is finished), to check that the ideas are logical and well organised

52. Peer feedback, is another way to help improve Coherence in your writing.

53. The Importance of Coherence in Mathematics

54. Models.Coherencemodel – Topic Coherence pipeline¶

55. Calculate topic Coherence for topic models

56. This is the implementation of the four stage topic Coherence pipeline from the paper Michael Roeder, Andreas Both and Alexander Hinneburg: “Exploring the space of topic Coherence measures”.Typically, CoherenceModel used for evaluation of topic models

57. Cardiac Coherence training (CCT) involves the use of biofeedback to control heart rate variability (HRV) — the moment-to-moment change in heart rate

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