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1. Cohere Health is changing the way patients, physicians and health plans work together

Cohere, Changing

2. Cohere definition is - to hold together firmly as parts of the same mass; broadly : stick, adhere


3. How to use Cohere in a sentence


4. Cohere vs Adhere Synonym Discussion of Cohere.


5. Cohere definition, to stick together; be united; hold fast, as parts of the same mass: The particles of wet flour Cohered to form a paste

Cohere, Cohered

6. Welcome to pre-authorization made easy Find out more about how Cohere Health is simplying the pre-auth process for Humana members who need musculoskeletal services


7. Cohere has been game-changing for us

Cohere, Changing

8. Cohere is a creative agency committed to uniting stakeholders around shared goals in food, hospitality and real estate

Cohere, Creative, Committed

9. Essentially, Cohere is designed to make it easier for teams, whether small founders or large enterprises, to help solve their customers’ issues

Cohere, Customers

10. Cohere’s software-based solution significantly improves spectrum and capacity for 4G and 5G Spectrum Multiplier software for any Waveform, RAN, Cloud & Silicon helps Mobile Operators take full advantage of Massive MIMO and Cloud economics Cohere in 7 Minutes Winner of …

Cohere, Capacity, Cloud

11. Cohere provides software and systems design and engineering, concept development, and technical staffing solutions to the U.S

Cohere, Concept

12. To have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results: "The movie as a whole failed to Cohere

Connected, Consistency, Cohere

13. Cohere’s Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) surveillance system is the ultimate audit tool, as it provides for the real-time surveillance of all IT assets, intrusion detection, compliance reporting and if needed, incident investigation through historical analysis

Cohere, Compliance

14. Cohere’s SIEM offering has been constructed by the same engineers, who support the US Army Cyber Command

Cohere, Constructed, Cyber, Command

15. CohereOne is a data-driven direct marketing agency, unrivaled among its competitors, inventive and ingenious in its service delivery, and trusted by hundreds of brands just like you

Cohereone, Competitors

16. You can use Cohere’s software to check the status of your authorization on the dashboard or on the patient summary

Can, Cohere, Check

17. Visit this webpage where you can search by Cohere Tracking # or Member ID and DOB

Can, Cohere

18. The two packets of eggs sometimes Cohere together at their lower ends


19. A MONOGRAPH ON THE SUB-CLASS CIRRIPEDIA (VOLUME 2 OF 2) CHARLES DARWIN If the residual gold is broken up, move the crucible so as to bring the particles together, so that they may Cohere

Class, Cirripedia, Charles, Crucible, Cohere

20. Cohere Capital is a Growth Oriented Middle Market Private Equity Firm

Cohere, Capital

21. / koʊˈhɪr / If an argument or theory Coheres, all the different stages fit together to form a reasonable whole


22. To unite or to hold together as a unit: His vision is of a world that Coheres through human …


23. Cohere Health, a patient journey optimization company, has been designated the exclusive preauthorization utilization management vendor for Humana’s musculoskeletal (MSK) services starting January 1, 2021

Cohere, Company

24. To have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results: "The movie as a whole failed to Cohere" (Robert Brustein)

Connected, Consistency, Cohere

25. NEWS: Cohere is now officially a part of the Initialized family


26. Founded less than one year ago, Cohere was built to help front-line teams like Customer Support and Customer Success see customer interactions in real-time and intervene quickly in a variety of ways

Cohere, Customer

27. Cohere is a creative agency specializing in projects at the intersection of food, real estate, place, hospitality, and impact

Cohere, Creative

28. Cohere™ Metallocene Polyolefin Plastomer (POP) 8170D is an ethylene-octene copolymer produced via solution polymerization using metallocene catalyst

Cohere, Copolymer, Catalyst

29. Cohere Capital is a Boston-based private equity firm focused exclusively on middle market growth companies. Cohere Capital has a flexible …

Cohere, Capital, Companies

30. What does Cohere mean? To stick or hold together in a mass that resists separation


31. Cohere’s technology and thought leader is an accomplished and award-winning researcher and technologist, with more than 25 years of experience developing software solutions for DARPA, INSCOM, and other customers.

Cohere, Customers

32.Cohere (verb) The verb Cohere has 3 senses: 1


33. Have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results Familiarity information: Cohere used as a verb is

Connected, Consistency, Cohere

34. Cohere means “to be united, to form a whole.” This is an intuitive platform for your coaching business that lets you work from anywhere, on any device

Cohere, Coaching

35. Cohere Health is a software company on a mission to significantly improve the experience of patients, providers and health plans; increase the quality of care delivered; lower total cost of care

Cohere, Company, Care, Cost

36. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Cohere co‧here / kəʊˈhɪə $ koʊˈhɪr / verb [intransitive] 1 CONNECTED WITH if ideas, arguments, beliefs, statements etc Cohere, they are connected in a clear and reasonable way → Coherent All the details are there and are correct but they don’t Cohere

Contemporary, Cohere, Co, Connected, Clear, Coherent, Correct

37. Cohere definition: If the different elements of a piece of writing , a piece of music , or a set of ideas Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


38. Synonyms for Cohere in Free Thesaurus


39. 20 synonyms for Cohere: be consistent, be logical, hang together, hold good, hold water, agree, square

Cohere, Consistent

40. Cohere Health is on a mission to significantly improve the experience of patients, providers and health plans, increase the quality of care delivered, lower cost and increase transparency across

Cohere, Care, Cost

41. 30 synonyms of Cohere from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 27 related words, definitions, and antonyms


42. Cohere: to be in agreement on every point.


43. Cohere, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


44. Cohere is a creative studio committed to building conscious brands.

Cohere, Creative, Committed, Conscious

45. Established in 2004, Cohere was founded on the belief that secure, managed IT services and information technology solutions could be delivered to a higher standard of integrity

Cohere, Could

46. Cohere (third-person singular simple present Coheres, present participle cohering, simple past and past participle Cohered) (intransitive) To stick together physically, by adhesion

Cohere, Coheres, Cohering, Cohered

47. Separate molecules will Cohere because of electromagnetic force.


48. Cohere Marketing and Advertising Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1,648 followers Cohere is a creative agency focused on uniting stakeholders around shared goals in food, hospitality and real estate.

Cohere, Creative

49. Cohere is playground of technology


50. If you're tired of being pigeonholed into a particular role and technology, Cohere will allow you the opportunity to learn and apply that knowledge


51. Cohere was founded in January 2006 with the aim of providing reliable, highly functional products and services to the business community

Cohere, Community

52. The function expands the vector and returns a matrix of column-by-column magnitude-squared Coherence estimates.

Column, Coherence

53. [intransitive] Cohere (with something) (of different ideas, arguments, sentences, etc.) to have a clear logical connection so that together they make a whole This view does not Cohere with their other beliefs

Cohere, Clear, Connection

54. The various sections of the report fail to Cohere into a satisfactory whole.


55. Spanish Translation of “Cohere” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online

Cohere, Collins

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COHERE [kōˈhir]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cohere mean?

Definition of cohere. intransitive verb. 1a : to hold together firmly as parts of the same mass broadly : stick, adhere. b : to display cohesion of plant parts. 2 : to hold together as a mass of parts that cohere.

What is another word for cohere with?

Synonyms for cohere with include answer, match, fit, accord with, agree with, check with, chord with, coincide with, comport with and conform with. Find more similar words at!

What is the past tense of cohere?

Third-person singular coheres. Past tense cohered. Past participle cohered. Present participle cohering

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