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1. Cochleas synonyms, Cochleas pronunciation, Cochleas translation, English dictionary definition of Cochleas


2. Cochleas were immunostained to allow accurate quantification of surviving hair cells in the organ Corti and peripheral axons of auditory-nerve fibers

Cochleas, Cells, Corti

3. Most abnormal Cochleas featured a combination of modiolar deficiency, dysmorphism, and scalar asymmetry

Cochleas, Combination

4. Of these findings, deficiency or absence of the modiolus was the most common, present in 45 cases (71% of all cases, 94% of abnormal Cochleas)

Common, Cases, Cochleas

5. Cochleas from persons suffering from presbycusis display pathologies of the stria vascularis as well as anomalies in cochlear microcirculation that parallel the age-related pathologies investigated in gerbils and other mammals

Cochleas, Cochlear

6. What does Cochleas mean? Plural form of cochlea

Cochleas, Cochlea

7. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 17 patients with ossified Cochleas who received CI were enrolled

Cochleas, Ci

8. Cochleas from persons suffering from presbycusis display pathologies of the stria vascularis as well as anomalies in cochlear microcirculation that parallel the age-related pathologies investigated in …

Cochleas, Cochlear

9. Formed on Cochleas from two birds from each post-gentamicin treatment group (1, 3, 5, and 20 d) and from each of the age-matched control groups

Cochleas, Control

10. Speech recognition results of patients with ossified Cochleas are essentially equal to those of patients with open Cochleas


11. Here, we characterize the complex transimpedances of human cadaveric Cochleas to investigate how electrical stimulus spread is distributed from 10 Hz to 100 kHz

Characterize, Complex, Cadaveric, Cochleas

12. By using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), both the resistive and capacitive elements of human Cochleas are measured and modeled with an electrical circuit model

Capacitive, Cochleas, Circuit

13. Development of speech-like vocalizations in a child with congenital absence of Cochleas: The case of total deafness - Volume 10 Issue 3 - Michael P

Child, Congenital, Cochleas, Case

14. In collaboration with a larger study investigating the effects of a high anti‐oxidant diet on the central nervous system of beagle dogs (Fahnestock et al., 2012), Le and Keithley examined the Cochleas from the same dogs reporting that there was a small decrease in the magnitude of auditory neuron degeneration and strial atrophy in the dogs

Collaboration, Central, Cochleas

15. Three of six right Cochleas (terminal-fixed 4-13 days post-exposure) from the 0/n-day animals developed a PTS and two of these Cochleas had focal losses of inner and outer hair cells and afferent nerve fibers at the corresponding frequency location

Cochleas, Cells, Corresponding

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18. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Human cochlea coch‧le‧a / ˈkɒkliə $ ˈkɑː-/ noun (plural Cochleas or cochleae /-li-aɪ /) [countable] technical HBH a part of the inner ear Examples from the Corpus cochlea • The word cochlea reflects their resemblance to snail shells.

Contemporary, Cochlea, Coch, Cochleas, Cochleae, Countable, Corpus

19. Cochlear implantation in obstructed Cochleas: the effect of the degree of obstruction on the number of activated electrodes and the amount of postoperative speech perception

Cochlear, Cochleas

20. This article is the first in a series called “Changing Cochleas

Called, Changing, Cochleas

21. Cochlea (plural cochleae or Cochleas) The complex, spirally coiled, tapered cavity of the inner ear of higher vertebrates, which contains the organ of Corti and in which sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses

Cochlea, Cochleae, Cochleas, Complex, Coiled, Cavity, Contains, Corti, Converted

22. These "mini Cochleas" recapitulate much of the developmental processes involved in this stem cell to hair cell fate decision

Cochleas, Cell

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COCHLEAS [ˈkōklēə, ˈkäklēə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cochlea mean?

Definition of cochlea. : a hollow tube in the inner ear of higher vertebrates that is usually coiled like a snail shell and contains the sensory organ of hearing — see ear illustration.

What does the cochlea sense?

The cochlea is the sense organ that translates sound into nerve impulses to be sent to the brain. Each person has two cochlea, one for each ear.

What is the function of cochlea in the body?

Cochlea • The main functions of the cochlea are to analyse and convert the vibrations caused by sound into a pattern of electrical signals that can be conveyed along the auditory nerve fibres to the brain • This process involves three main steps: -sensory transduction -processing of the signal -neurotransmission

Is the cochlea found in the inner ear?

The cochlea is one of two main structures that make up the inner ear. The inner ear is located behind the eardrum and next to the middle ear. The other structures are called the semicircular canals which are responsible for balance while the cochlea is involved in hearing.

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