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1. What does Coastally mean? In a coastal manner

2. Definition of Coastally in the dictionary

3. What does Coastally mean? Information and translations of Coastally in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

4. A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON Coastally TRAPPED DISTURBANCES USING DATA FROM THE SATELLITE ERA: Satellite observations reveal that large-scale changes in the Pacific high may yield polluted coastal marine clouds and fogs associated with Coastally trapped disturbances

5. Synonyms for Coastally include marginally, marshily, oceanically, maritimely, pelagically, aquatically, nautically, navally, abyssally and navigationally

6. Usage examples of "Coastally"

7. The weather patterns of Istra bestowed rain in a serpentine belt, low on one continent and Coastally on the other, storms breaking on an incredible mountain ridge which created wetlands coastward, and one of the most regrettable desolations of the Reach on the far side.

8. Coastally Coastally is lifestyle blog, created and run on both coasts of the US

9. Synonyms for Coastally in Free Thesaurus

10. How to say Coastally in Croatian

11. Easily find the right translation for Coastally from Malay to Croatian submitted and enhanced by our users.

12. Coastally (comparative more Coastally, superlative most Coastally) In a coastal manner

13. Coastally trapped waves were found to be a feature of both the background state and Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, a strong forcing event.

14. Pair your Coastally-inspired room with a grand view of the real thing

15. Strength of the Holloway Current highly influenced by the propagation of Coastally trapped waves

16. Freely propagatiug Coastally trapped waves (CTWs) dominated the large alongshore-scale low-frequency variability in the Australian Coastal Experiment (ACE)

17. These phenomena are considered Coastally trapped within O(100) km of the coastline as determined by the Rossby radius of deformation (e.g., Bond et al

18. With world-class beaches, impeccable service, and chic, Coastally inspired accommodations, your Pacific coast getaway awaits in Malibu

19. About Coastally Tumbled: Coastally Tumbled strives to give you sea glass treasures that each have been on their own unique journey- just like you

20. Coastally Restricted Forests (Biological Resource Management) 1st Edition by Aimlee D

21. The instruction concludes with a section on forecasting Coastally trapped wind reversals

22. (b) Conditions later when the low reaches the coast, favoring Coastally trapped low-level jets

23. This study utilizes aircraft and satellite measurements, in addition to numerical simulations using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model, to examine three well-observed Coastally trapped disturbance (CTD) events from June 2006, July 2011, and July 2015.

24. Cisco Brewers is Nantucket’s first and only craft brewery and prides itself on celebrating a deep-rooted New England-island heritage through its portfolio of approachable, sessionable, and Coastally-inspired beers.

25. The welcoming staff, the Coastally inspired décor, the airy atmosphere, and the amazing views make for a destination that you just want to return to year after year

26. The second Coastally trapped wave was generated by Juliette's poleward winds along the BCP West Coast, but was subsequently greatly weakened by Juliette's equatorward winds

27. Coastally trapped wind reversals along the U.S

28. Bi-Coastally based, his gifts continue to be in high demand with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life from coast to coast and around the globe

29. Range & Habitat: Tripletail is found Coastally in the Gulf of Mexico but occur in tropical and temperate waters throughout the globe

30. Thank you For Coastally Making me Smile SVG T-shirt Design for a Design for your POD Business you are in right place? FILES YOU WILL RECEIVE ONLY: – File Vector EPS – File JPEG * Don’t forget to follow my profile

31. By means of a regional circulation model based on MOM the propagation of Coastally trapped waves are investigated with high spatial and temporal resolution (about 8km along the Namibian coast, 2-hour averages).

32. 1] Coastally trapped waves (CTWs) are investigated around the Australian coast based on their signature in the sea surface height (SSH) field, using independent data from coastal tide gauge observations and the Bluelink ocean forecasting system from 2009.

33. Effective decision making to protect Coastally associated dolphins relies on monitoring the presence of animals in areas that are critical to their survival

34. Coastally Restricted Forests Edited by Aimlee D

35. From about June through September, however, these northerly winds may reverse and become southerly as part of a Coastally trapped disturbance (CTD)

36. The Flood Resiliency guideline was set up to help develop and renovate more Coastally resilient waterfront parks

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