Use Clearly in a sentence


CLEARLY [ˈklirlē]

clearly (adverb)

  • in such a way as to allow easy and accurate perception or interpretation.
  • without doubt; obviously.
Synonyms: intelligibly . plainly . distinctly . comprehensibly . understandably . perspicuously . legibly . readably . audibly . obviously . evidently . patently . unquestionably . undoubtedly . without doubt . indubitably . plainly . decidedly . surely . assuredly . certainly . definitely . undeniably . incontrovertibly . irrefutably . incontestably . unmistakably . doubtless . visibly . demonstrably . noticeably . manifestly . markedly . transparently . palpably . of course .

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1. Clearly definition is - in a clear manner

2. How to use Clearly in a sentence.

3. 24 synonyms of Clearly from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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10. Clearly definition, in a clear manner: It is difficult to explain complex matters Clearly

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14. Clearly - without doubt or question; "they were Clearly lost"; "history has Clearly shown the folly of that policy" 2

15. Clearly - in an intelligible manner; "the foreigner spoke to us quite intelligibly"

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23. Synonyms for Clearly in Free Thesaurus

24. 21 synonyms for Clearly: obviously, undoubtedly, evidently, distinctly, markedly, overtly, undeniably

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46. 3 SENSIBLE in a way that is sensible I wasn’t thinking Clearly

47. Examples from the Corpus Clearly • Slow down and speak more Clearly

48. • It was Clearly a case of workers trying to use union muscle to hold off reality

49. • It is for this reason that technical terms be Clearly defined in this section of the

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What is the definition of clearly?

Definition of clearly. 1 : in a clear manner speaking clearly. 2 : it is clear clearly, a new approach is needed.

What is another word for "clearly defined"?

Synonyms for clearly defined include specific, exact, precise, unambiguous, unequivocal, well defined, pinpoint, detailed, explicit and clear. Find more similar words ...

What is the antonym of clearly?

Antonyms for clearly. without any doubt: equivocally, indefinitely, indistinctly, mysteriously, doubtfully, vaguely, uncertain, dubiously, questionably.

What is another word for "make clear"?

Synonyms for Make clear: v. •decipher (verb) construe, analyze, cipher, interpret, explain, bring out, solve, break, deduce, render, unfold, read, unravel, elucidate, disentangle, make out, crack, reveal, spell. •decode (verb) work out, clear up, decrypt.

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