Use Cleaner in a sentence


CLEANER [ˈklēnər]

cleaner (noun) · cleaners (plural noun) · the cleaners (plural noun)

  • a person employed to clean the interior of a building.
  • a place of business where clothes and fabrics are dry-cleaned.
Synonyms: attendant . retainer . domestic help . domestic worker . domestic . help . helper . lackey . flunkey . minion . maid . housemaid . maidservant . lady's maid . handmaid . scullery maid . girl . footman . page . page boy . valet . butler . man . gentleman's gentleman . batman . manservant . houseman . houseboy . boy . housekeeper . steward . major domo . coachman . postilion . equerry . menial . drudge . hireling . slave . galley slave . mozo . bearer . amah . charwoman . charlady . char . boots . daily . skivvy . scout . bedder . gyp . seneschal . servitor . scullion . tweeny . serving man . serving woman . turnspit . varlet . vassal . serf . famulus . master . mistress .


  • free from dirt, marks, or stains.
  • having been washed since last worn or used.
Synonyms: washed . scrubbed . cleansed . cleaned . polished . spotless . unsoiled . unstained . unspotted . unsullied . unblemished . immaculate . pristine . speckless . dirt-free . hygienic . sanitary . disinfected . sterilized . sterile . aseptic . decontaminated . healthy . pure . white . laundered . squeaky clean . dirty .
  • morally uncontaminated; pure; innocent.
  • not sexually offensive or obscene.
Synonyms: virtuous . good . upright . upstanding . honorable . respectable . reputable . decent . righteous . moral . ethical . exemplary . honest . just . innocent . pure . chaste . undefiled . guiltless . blameless . irreproachable . unimpeachable . immaculate . impeccable . squeaky clean . clear . guilt-free . crime-free . above suspicion . immoral . guilty .

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What does a cleaner do exactly?

What does a cleaner do? Generally, cleaners will all undertake the following cleaning tasks and duties during a domestic clean: High and low-level dusting; Cleaning of bathrooms; Cleaning of kitchen; Vacuuming; Mopping; Dusting and polishing of shelves, picture frames, units etc. Some cleaners will also offer the following: Change bedding

Is there a difference between cleaner and janitor?

As nouns the difference between cleaner and janitor is that cleaner is a person whose occupation is to clean floors, windows and other things while janitor is (chiefly

What to be a cleaner?

Cleaner definition, a person who cleans, especially one whose regular occupation is cleaning offices, buildings, equipment, etc. See more.

How to find a good cleaner?

6 Tips for Hiring a House Cleaner

  • Plan Ahead. When you are considering hiring someone to help clean your home, it's important to think ahead. ...
  • Get Recommendations. Once you've decided what type of cleaner you want to hire, it's time to get some recommendations. ...
  • Search Online Sources. If you aren't able to get a good referral from people you know, it's time to hop online. ...
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