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1. Civility definition is - civilized conduct; especially : courtesy, politeness

Civility, Civilized, Conduct, Courtesy

2. How to use Civility in a sentence.


3. Civility is the hard work of staying present even with those with whom we have deep-rooted and fierce disagreements


4. Civility definition, courtesy; politeness

Civility, Courtesy

5. While this may seem like a reasonable statement for the sake of digital Civility, it raised the eyebrows of many women, especially women of color, who have consistently been on the receiving end of Twitter death threats and worse for years.

Civility, Color, Consistently

6. Civility is a foundational type of social capital that is a basis for the economic performance and quality of life of a nation, region or city.

Civility, Capital, City

7. Watson, PhD Webster’s Dictionary defines Civility as “polite, reasonable and respectful behavior.” However, growing consideration has produced a more nuanced, sophisticated and helpful definition.

Civility, Consideration

8. The Civility Center envisions a civil world, where individuals, organizations, and communities exist cohesively and thrive while operating in mutually beneficial relationships that are in service of each other and their relevant societies

Civility, Center, Civil, Communities, Cohesively

9. Our Vision We believe that Civility makes the world better, and the Civility


10. "Civility is a transparent mask, reusable, comfortable, economical and made in France

Civility, Comfortable

11. Civility is here ! Our campaign reached +270,246€ by crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO in more than 70 countries.

Civility, Campaign, Crowdfunding, Countries

12. "Civility is the baseline of respect that we owe one another in public life," says Keith Bybee, the author of How Civility Works


13. "And when people talk about a crisis in Civility

Crisis, Civility

14. Civility is Overrated People are taught to be civil, but that may be producing harm in discourse

Civility, Civil

15. For many people of color in the United States, Civility isn't so much social lubricant as it is a vehicle for containing them, preventing social mobility and preserving the status quo.

Color, Civility, Containing

16. The Institute for Civility in Government defines Civility as “more than just politeness, although politeness is a necessary first step


17. A courteous manner, and graceful offer of service are valued highly when offered, and the giver loses nothing by her Civility

Courteous, Civility

18. THE LADIES' BOOK OF ETIQUETTE, AND MANUAL OF POLITENESS FLORENCE HARTLEY Nothing could rouse him out of his tame Civility, which had been taken more than once for obsequiousness.

Could, Civility

19. In a country that encourages thick skins and speaking one's mind, is Civility even possible, let alone desirable? In How Civility Works, Keith J

Country, Civility

20. Bybee elegantly explores the "crisis" in Civility, looking closely at how Civility intertwines with our long history of boorish behavior and the ongoing quest for pleasant company

Crisis, Civility, Closely, Company

21. Bybee argues that the very features that make Civility ineffective and undesirable also point …


22. Save Word Synonyms & Antonyms of Civility 1 an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners after the usual civilities, the parents and the principal had a serious talk about the boy

Civility, Customary, Civilities

23. The quality of being polite: I learned how much smoother the day goes when people act with Civility (= behave in a polite way)


24. (Definition of Civility from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © …

Civility, Cambridge, Content

25. The Civility Series was created to and empower each member of the ETSU community and foster an inclusive environment that honors the diversity in our institution and our surroundings through differences in race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, perspectives, abilities/disabilities, and more.

Civility, Created, Community

26. Civility is the act of showing regard for others by being polite, like the Civility you showed in speaking kindly to someone who has hurt your feelings


27. Civility comes from the Latin word civilis, meaning "relating to public life, befitting a citizen," in other words, being friendly and nice to everyone.

Civility, Comes, Civilis, Citizen

28. Civility in America 2019: Solutions for Tomorrow 4 In our ninth installment of Civility in America, conducted in February 2019 among 1,230 U.S

Civility, Conducted

29. Adults 18 years of age and older and 100 teens ages 16–17, we continue to explore Americans’ perceptions of and experiences with inCivility in their


30. Civility is much more than politeness, it is the ability to live into the tension of dialogue and thought with the other, to welcome the other, and be hospitable to the other while engaging in the


31. Civility Meaning: "status of a citizen," from Old French civilite (14c.), from Latin civilis "relating to a citizen,… See definitions of Civility.

Civility, Citizen, Civilite, Civilis

32. Definition of Civility in the dictionary


33. What does Civility mean? Information and translations of Civility in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

Civility, Comprehensive

34. Civility is not not saying negative or harsh things


35. Civility" will raise hackles, but always with Civility


36. The idea and practice of Civility has always been wielded to silence dissent, repress political participation, and justify violence upon people of color.

Civility, Color

37. ‘So tolerance, Civility and open discussion are useful places to start.’ ‘He calls for these students to exercise the kind of Civility he recalls on campus in 1968.’ ‘Their sense of fairness, justice and Civility have been deeply injured.’ ‘Her talk before the Pennsylvania delegation was, in part, a plea for a return to Civility.’

Civility, Calls, Campus

38. The Community Association Civility Pledge provides a framework for effective community conversations

Community, Civility, Conversations

39. But Civility is a powerful weapon for reactionary politics


40. Ben Tillman, who himself participated in the 1876 murder of six Black men, justified lynching on the Senate floor in 1907, he did so in the name of Civility.


41. Civility is part of Wikipedia's code of conduct and one of its five pillars.The Civility policy describes the standards expected of users and provides appropriate ways of dealing with problems when they arise

Civility, Code, Conduct

42. Civility requires that contending parties make an honest and continuing effort to understand and respond to the views and reasoning of their opponents

Civility, Contending, Continuing

43. A ‘Civility in America’ survey conducted in 2016 found 75% of Americans thought inCivility had reached crisis levels, and 56% expected it to increase

Civility, Conducted, Crisis

44. But our differences only become virtuous when we discuss them with Civility and statesmanship


45. You can keep up with my weekly Civility messages below, or by clicking Civility

Can, Civility, Clicking

46. According to the Digital Civility Index’s year-over-year trend by age group, teens were responsible for the noticeable improvement in online Civility overall


47. Civility affects the quality and quantity of our hard work


48. InCivility, in contrast, is a short step away from aggressive behavior, which can lead to lateral or horizontal violence

Contrast, Can

49. Civility definition: politeness or courtesy , esp when formal Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Civility, Courtesy

50. Ten Tips for Creating Respect and Civility in Your Workplace Recent studies and polls indicate that Americans view inCivility as a serious problem that is getting worse

Creating, Civility

51. Civility is a good example of the difference between ethics and law


52. While acting civilly is the right thing to do, and government bodies should encourage it, Civility cannot be legislated

Civilly, Civility, Cannot

53. Civility in the workplace is no less important to manage than harassment


54. I commit to do my part every day by living up to the four Digital Civility Challenge ideals:

Commit, Civility, Challenge

55. Advanced tech Secure & Transparent Trendy French Design Sustai Check out 'Civility - Next Gen Transparent Mask' on Indiegogo.

Check, Civility

56. One aspect of French Civility is a measured approach to all transactions, whether with a waiter, a taxi driver, or a shop clerk

Civility, Clerk

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CIVILITY [səˈvilədē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by 'civility'?

Civility: an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners. Synonyms: amenity, attention, courtesy... Antonyms: discourteousness, discourtesy, impoliteness...

What does the name civility mean?

Definition of civility. 1a : civilized conduct especially : courtesy, politeness bemoaned the decline of civility in our politics.

What does civility costs nothing mean?

Civility Costs Nothing Meaning Definition: Being courteous or kind to someone never hurt anyone. The proverb civility costs nothing means that being polite or kind does not cost a thing. The word cost does not typically refer to a monetary value.

Is civility really good?

To act with civility is to civilize, courageously and consistently. Because only when we civilize do we protect, nurture, and shield the the common good. Especially when we reject and deny those who wish to harm it access to it.

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