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CIRCUMSTANTIAL [ˌsərkəmˈstan(t)SH(ə)l]

circumstantial (adjective)

  • pointing indirectly toward someone's guilt but not conclusively proving it.
Synonyms: indirect . inferred . inferential . deduced . presumed . conjectural . contingent . inconclusive . unprovable . presumptive . implicative . provable .
  • (of a description) containing full details.
Synonyms: detailed . particularized . particular . precise . minute . full . comprehensive . thorough . exhaustive . explicit . specific . vague .

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1. Circumstantial definition is - belonging to, consisting in, or dependent on circumstances

2. How to use Circumstantial in a sentence

3. Synonym Discussion of Circumstantial.

4. Circumstantial definition, of pertaining to, or derived from circumstances: a Circumstantial result

5. Circumstantial meaning: 1. containing information, especially about a crime, that makes you think something is true but….

6. Circumstantial evidence might implicate someone's guilt, but it certainly doesn't prove them guilty

7. So the word Circumstantial refers to the specific details of some situation.

8. The definition of Circumstantial is something that is less important, or something with a full account of details. An example of something Circumstantial is evidence that was found at a crime scene; but, it doesn’t prove a person is guilty

9. An example of something Circumstantial is a detailed hourly report of a day kept in a journal.

10. Circumstantial evidence is proof of a fact or set of facts from which one could infer the fact in question

11. For example, that a suspect is seen running away from a murder scene with a weapon in hand is Circumstantial evidence he committed the murder

12. Describe Tangential, Circumstantial and incoherent thought processes with an example to demonstrate your understanding of their distinctions

13. Relating to the circumstances in which something happened, but not to the thing itself: The report said most of the data was Circumstantial, so no conclusions could be drawn from it

14. The judge reminded the jury that Circumstantial

15. There are several pieces of Circumstantial evidence leading scientists to suspect that our solar system suffered a dynamical instability, an event during which the giant planets’ orbits changed in sudden, dramatic fashion.

16. Circumstantial evidence is evidence that relies on an inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact—such as a fingerprint at the scene of a crime

17. Circumstantial Evidence is also known as indirect evidence

18. Circumstantial evidence relates to a series of facts other than the particular fact sought to be proved.

19. Definition of Circumstantial something that seems to be true but is not proven Examples of Circumstantial in a sentence Circumstantial evidence made me believe the dog ate the food on the counter

20. Adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] Circumstantial evidence is evidence that makes it seem likely that something happened, but does not prove it.

21. Synonyms for Circumstantial in Free Thesaurus

22. 16 synonyms for Circumstantial: indirect, contingent, incidental, inferential, presumptive, conjectural, founded on circumstances, detailed, particular

23. What are synonyms for Circumstantial?

24. Circumstantial ad hominem, also known as “appeal to motive” and “appeal to personal interest”, is a logical fallacy and one of the different types of ad hominem arguments.

25. Circumstantial evidence is of two kinds, namely, certain and uncertain

26. Circumstantial Ad Hominem occurs when someone attacks a claim by saying that the person making the claim is only making it because it's in his/her interest or because of his/her circumstances

27. Circumstantial <And this is a fairly wild guess> may refer to the way a thing is refered to based on language used to ask a question or describe an event

28. Circumstantial evidence, in law, evidence not drawn from direct observation of a fact in issue

29. Definition of Circumstantial in the dictionary

30. What does Circumstantial mean? Information and translations of Circumstantial in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

31. Circumstantial evidence may be collected at a crime scene

32. A classic example of Circumstantial evidence would be testimony from a witness who arrived at a crime scene to find someone holding a smoking gun.The person holding the gun could have committed the crime in question, but he or she could also be an innocent bystander.

33. Definition of Circumstantial adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

34. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Crime & law Circumstantial cir‧cum‧stan‧tial / ˌsɜːkəmˈstænʃ ə l $ ˌsɜːr-/ adjective 1 SC law based on something that appears to be true but is not proven Circumstantial evidence/case The case against McCarthy is based largely on Circumstantial evidence

35. The concept of Circumstantial evidence has evolved through the interplay between statutes and judicial interpretation

36. Circumstantial evidence, also known as indirect evidence, is an unrelated chain of events which when put together formulates circumstances leading to the commission of the crime and can be used to derive a conclusion.

37. Circumstantial evidence requires multiple support to prove a point

38. Different pieces of Circumstantial evidence are required

39. There is always an element of doubt in Circumstantial evidence.

40. He says Circumstantial evidence indicates the launch involves a long-range missile rather than a satellite.

41. VOA: standard.2009.03.12 Still, there's some very interesting Circumstantial evidence for Semites engaged in building projects in the thirteenth century, however and whenever they might have gotten to Egypt.

42. The Circumstantial evidence all attests to these being excellent translations

43. We've had a great deal of Circumstantial evidence suggesting that indirect transmission occurs

44. Still, the Circumstantial case against Lieberman involved much more money and was much more transparent

45. The prosecution case was left to the jury as a Circumstantial case.

46. In “Circumstantial Pleasures” — which opens with a quote from the fourth-century Chinese poet T’ao Ch’ien — Klahr shifts focus to the present and its ills without leaving the past behind.

47. The law is clear in California and in every other jurisdiction: “Both direct evidence and Circumstantial evidence are acceptable as a means of proof,” according to the standards California

48. Circumstantial evidence, often referred to as indirect evidence, allows an inference to be made between the evidence and the result to be drawn from it

49. The value of Direct Evidence is more than Circumstantial Evidence is more than Circumstantial Evidence

50. Here is an illustration to explain the distinction between direct and Circumstantial

51. Evidence can be either direct or Circumstantial

52. Circumstantial evidence, on the other hand, requires that a judge and/or jury make an indirect judgment, or inference, about what happened

53. Circumstantial Evidence Primary tabs

54. There must be a lot of Circumstantial evidence accumulated to have real weight

55. Meaning of Circumstantial Evidence

56. Circumstantial evidences are also called ‘Indirect evidences’

57. Definition and synonyms of Circumstantial from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

58. This is the British English definition of Circumstantial.View American English definition of Circumstantial.

59. Circumstantial - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

60. See authoritative translations of Circumstantial in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

61. Circumstantial evidence is anything that suggests what happened, without directly showing it

62. Circumstantial evidence is allowed in court and is often extremely useful

63. Circumstantial depression or Situational Depression, as it is sometimes known, is the sort of depression that is caused by a particular event, or loss, or bereavement, or a life altering change in one’s life.

64. It could be the death of a dear one, a retrenchment or job loss, a major or incapacitating accident that could be the cause of Circumstantial depression.

65. Circumstantial evidence is a fact that can be used to infer another fact

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What does circumstantial mean?

Definition of circumstantial. 1 : belonging to, consisting in, or dependent on circumstances a circumstantial case circumstantial factors circumstantial evidence. 2 : pertinent but not essential : incidental Revolutions usually happen for both structural and circumstantial reasons.— A. M. S. Aly.

What does circumstantial evidence mean?

Circumstantial Evidence. Information and testimony presented by a party in a civil or criminal action that permit conclusions that indirectly establish the existence or nonexistence of a fact or event that the party seeks to prove. Circumstantial Evidence is also known as indirect evidence.

Is circumstantial evidence enough for conviction?

Circumstantial evidence enough for conviction: SC. A person can be convicted on circumstantial evidence even if there is no direct evidence or eye witness to the crime, provided the same is established "beyond doubt", the Supreme Court has held.

What are the different types of circumstantial evidence?

Below are the major types of judicial evidence:

  • Direct evidence
  • Circumstantial evidence
  • Hearsay Evidence
  • Primary and secondary evidence
  • Real evidence
  • Best Evidence
  • Documentary Evidence
  • Opinion evidence
  • More ...

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