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Looking for sentences with "Circumpolar"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Cold 2. Chill 3. Chilling 4. Frosty 5. Frozen 6. Glacial 7. Wintry 8. Subzero 9. Raw 10. Biting 11. Piercing 12. Penetrating 13. Cutting 14. Stinging 15. Numbing 16. Arctic 17. Polar 18. Siberian 19. Baltic 20. Gelid ...21. Brumal 22. Rimy 23. Balmy 24. Legal See more »
1. The Plough is circumpolar from Britain
2. Traditional circumpolar cultures live on little except animal fare whilst some of the planet's largest populations are vegetarian
3. Gazetteer circumpolar in fresh water
4. The Antarctic circumpolar Wave: A Combination of Two Signals?
5. Simulations of magnetic fields generated by the Antarctic circumpolar Current at satellite altitude: Can geomagnetic measurements be used to monitor the flow?
6. The variation and distribution of polynya and circumpolar Flaw Lead might effect the beginning time of sea ice melting of the whole passage in great extent
7. The Antarctic circumpolar Current in this area is wind - induced and is also forced by density field
8. Both Perseus and Cassiopeia are considered circumpolar from northerly latitudes
9. The water transportation by the circumpolar current at the Passage reflects the exchange volume between the Pacific and Atlantic
10. The Inuit circumpolar Council is a non-governmental organization that represents about sentencedictcom Inuit
11. Arctic circumpolar Boundary Current ACBC is a newly revealed ocean phenomenon which explains the flow route of Atlantic water in the Arctic Ocean and is a circulation around earth rotation axis
12. It lives in all the lands of the circumpolar Arctic In Canada this small mammal is found from the northern tip of Ellesmere Island to the southern tip of James Bay
13. Both Perseus and Cassiopeia are considered to be circumpolar from northerly latitudes
14. An analysis of the simulated results shows significant banded structure and non zonal characteristics of the Antarctic circumpolar CurrentACC in this region
15. As the spin stopped the oceans would all fall back toward the poles drowning everything north of Chicago and south of Buenos Aires and creating two massive circumpolar oceans
16. To be sure the ice-sheathed continent is bathed in cold by fierce circumpolar winds and other climate factors and the lands east of the Transantarctic Mountains are getting even colder
17. First the chilly Malvinas Current a north-flowing branch of the Antarctic circumpolar Current flows north along the edge of the South American continental shelf
18. Polar bears are a potentially endangered species living in the circumpolar north
19. For past dozens of years the researches on the circumpolar current at the Drake Passage which links the Pacific and Atlantic off the Antarctic are reviewed
20. That's because of a clockwise current of water called the Antarctic circumpolar current
21. It is high in the northern sky in the circumpolar constellation Ursa Major the Great Bear
22. In the stratosphere of Northern Hemisphere there is a circumpolar cold low in winter and for a circumpolar warm high in summer
23. You sail into a bay in bright sunshine and air scrubbed clean by the ceaseless circumpolar wind
24. Examples of how to use “circumpolar” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
25. circumpolar definition is - continually visible above the horizon. How to use circumpolar in a sentence.
26. circumpolar definition, around or near a pole, as of the earth. See more.
27. In the circumpolar Evotomys (represented in England by the red-backed field-mouse) and the nearly allied North American Phenacomys, the molars develop roots in old age; but in Microtus (which includes the water-rat, and is circumpolar) they are rootless throughout life, the genus being' one of the largest in the mammalian class (see Vole).
28. Define circumpolar. circumpolar synonyms, circumpolar pronunciation, circumpolar translation, English dictionary definition of circumpolar. adj. 1. Located or found in one of the Polar Regions. 2.
29. circumpolar Calculations 6.15 - Be able to use a star’s declination to determine whether the star will be circumpolar from an observer’s latitude. In the exam you may be asked to determine: Which stars are circumpolar and which are not. What latitude you would have to be at in order to see a certain star
30. circumpolar constellations are constellations that never set below the horizon when seen from a particular location on Earth. They can be seen in the night sky throughout the year, while other constellations are seasonal, visible only at certain times of year.
31. The circumpolar Race Around the World (CRAW), is a relay race for teams of ten members. Teams can be designated as runners or cyclists/multisport. Teams will race 48,550 kilometres (30,167 miles) through 12 regions of the world.
32. A circumpolar star is a star, as viewed from a given latitude on Earth, that never sets below the horizon due to its apparent proximity to one of the celestial poles.circumpolar stars are therefore visible from said location toward the nearest pole for the entire night on every night of the year (and would be continuously visible throughout the day too, were they not overwhelmed by the Sun's
33. The circumpolar Race Around the World (CRAW) is on Tuesday September 1, 2020 to Friday December 31, 2021. It includes the following events: Region 1 - Running, Region 1 - Cycling/Multisport, Region 1 - I Don't Have a Team, Region 2 - Running, Region 2 - Cycling/Multisport, Region 2 - I Don't Have a Team, Region 3 - Running, Region 3 - Cycling/Multisport, Region 4 - Running, and Region 4
34. Lately I've been figuring out how to use the northern circumpolar stars and the Sun's approximate right ascension to tell time at night. Here are the bright circumpolar stars that happen to lie close to an exact hour of right ascension: Beta Cassiopeiae 0 h Gamma Cas 1 h Epsilon Cas 2 h
35. Arctic circumpolar Boundary Current ACBC is a newly revealed ocean phenomenon which explains the flow route of Atlantic water in the Arctic Ocean and is a circulation around earth rotation axis 12. It lives in all the lands of the circumpolar Arctic In Canada this small mammal is found from the northern tip of Ellesmere Island to the southern
36. Definition of circumpolar in the D dictionary. Meaning of circumpolar. What does circumpolar mean? Information and translations of circumpolar in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
37. Located or found throughout a polar region.· (astronomy) Of a celestial body, continually visible above the horizon during the entire 360 degrees of daily travel. a circumpolar star··circumpolar (located throughout a polar region) (astronomy) circumpolar
38. The Institute for circumpolar Health Studies. The Institute for circumpolar Health Studies was formed by the Alaska Legislature in 1988 and charged with encouraging international cooperation amongst circumpolar nations, Identifying, addressing and finding solutions to health problems of Alaskans.
39. B. the south circumpolar zone c. the north celestial pole d. the Big Dipper e. the north circumpolar zone. B. the south circumpolar zone. Which bright star (lowercase letters) in question 71 is Algol, the "demon star"? a. b d. a b. e e. c c. d. E. C. You note that a particular star is directly overhead. It will be directly overhead again in
40. Which of the following statements about circumpolar stars is true at all latitudes? It appears very near the north celestial pole. What makes the North Star, Polaris, special? latitude and longitude. We describe a position on Earth's surface by stating its.
41. The Inuit circumpolar Council (ICC) (Greenlandic: Inuit Issittormiut Siunnersuisooqatigiiffiat), formerly Inuit circumpolar Conference, is a multinational non-governmental organization (NGO) and Indigenous Peoples' Organization (IPO) representing the 180,000 Inuit, Yupik, and Chukchi peoples (often referred to as Eskimo) living in Alaska (United States), Canada, Greenland (Kingdom of Denmark
42. Group identified a circumpolar Flyway that covers focal species (mainly seabirds and seaducks) that spend most or all of their life cycle in Arctic regions, and migrate east-west rather than north-south. At a meeting of experts in Montreal in February 2014, bycatch, overharvest, and habitat degradation were identified as the priority

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