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1. Circumferentially synonyms, Circumferentially pronunciation, Circumferentially translation, English dictionary definition of Circumferentially


2. Definition of Circumferentially in the dictionary


3. What does Circumferentially mean? Information and translations of Circumferentially in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Circumferentially, Comprehensive

4. Black esophagus is a rare disease characterized by Circumferentially appearing necrosis of the distal esophagus that extends proximally and may involve the entire length of the organ

Characterized, Circumferentially

5. The reinforcing rods are generally laid both longitudinally and Circumferentially


6. Synonyms for Circumferentially include peripherally, outerly, perimetrically, encirclingly, ambiently, adjacently, proximately, immediately, circumambiently and

Circumferentially, Circumambiently

7. Circumferentially (not comparable) In a way that encircles; around the circumference

Circumferentially, Comparable, Circumference

8. The pipes were cracked Circumferentially.

Cracked, Circumferentially

9. The medical stent is tubularly formed of metal thread netting, the latter consisting of a plurality of Circumferentially mutually connected star-shaped cells (11-14) which form axial net units, the units (15-21) being axially arranged, these axial net units being joined in that the star-shaped cells constituting adjoining axial net units are

Consisting, Circumferentially, Connected, Cells, Constituting

10. How to say Circumferentially in English? Pronunciation of Circumferentially with 1 audio pronunciation, 11 translations and more for Circumferentially.


11. The paper presents a method to calculate the rotordynamic coefficients of Circumferentially-grooved liquid seals operating in centered position and turbulent flow regimes

Calculate, Coefficients, Circumferentially, Centered

12. The normal squamocolumnar junction is Circumferentially even and minimal irregularities are manifestations of gastroesophageal acid reflux Scand J Gastroenterol


13. Nematodes are covered by a cuticle with a prominent pattern of Circumferentially oriented, parallel furrows

Covered, Cuticle, Circumferentially

14. The internal layer is composed of Circumferentially aligned microfiber prepared by wet-spinning, which could provide a topographic guidance for the regeneration of Circumferentially aligned VSMCs

Composed, Circumferentially, Could

15. 5% missing coating permitted Circumferentially on edges of coating

Coating, Circumferentially

16. Available with Standard Textile’s patented Circumferentially offset sleeve & meets AAMI PB70 Level 3 Barrier standards


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Circumferentially, Com

18. A Circumferentially light-emitting thermoplastic resin molded body which can be bent for use according to the type of optical ornaments or the shape of an object to be decorated and which allows the overall luminance of the emitted light to improve and restrains the luminescent color from being yellowed at the distal locations of such body with regard to the light source.

Circumferentially, Can, Color

19. Often used between independent shoulder tread blocks, tie bars connect tread elements Circumferentially to reduce tread squirm when rolling, as well as during acceleration and braking

Connect, Circumferentially

20. What is the definition of Circumferentially? What is the meaning of Circumferentially? How do you use Circumferentially in a sentence? What are synonyms for Circumferentially?


21. This Circumferentially driven winder is an energy-efficient, operator-friendly winding solution for spunlace lines with a reduced erection and start-up time


22. What does Circumferentially mean? In a way that encircles; around the circumference

Circumferentially, Circumference

23. (adverb) The pipes were cracked Circumferentially.

Cracked, Circumferentially

24. Synonyms for Circumferentially in Free Thesaurus


25. What are synonyms for Circumferentially?


26. What is the definition of Circumferentially? What is the meaning of Circumferentially? How do you use Circumferentially in a sentence? What are synonyms for Circumferentially?


27. A downhole tool includes Circumferentially spaced and/or angled transducer elements


28. @article{osti_6232977, title = {Circumferentially area ruled duct}, author = {Matthews, J A and Striebel, E E and Sepulveda, D and Pane, V and Pane, Jr, F C}, abstractNote = {In combination, a gas turbine engine is described having a burner for receiving a working medium, an annular diffuser with an inner conically shaped wall and an outer conically shaped wall diverging relative to each other

Circumferentially, Combination, Conically

29. To assess the hemodynamic alterations in the Circumferentially burned extremity, Doppler arterial examinations and Xenon-133 washout determinations of muscle blood flow (MBF) were obtained in 27 limbs


30. The Circumferentially average T w and the T w at the top generatrix in Case 2 are both far larger than that in Case 4, while the T w at the bottom generatrix has similar distribution

Circumferentially, Case

31. The idea behind the Circumferentially nonuniform designs was to take into account nonsymmetric flow features inside the plenum and a bias toward large preswirl angles rather than counter-swirl during practical operation

Circumferentially, Counter

32. Circumferentially compressible piston-ring 圆环压入活塞环

Circumferentially, Compressible

33. Circumferentially-finned element 周围加鳍元件 ; 带周向肋片元件


34. Circumferentially oriented flaw 周围取向裂缝


35. Circumferentially compressible 周向压缩的

Circumferentially, Compressible

36. Circumferentially notch 周边切口


37. Multi-cell Circumferentially corrugated tubes are proposed to enhance crashworthiness

Cell, Circumferentially, Corrugated, Crashworthiness

38. Circumferentially traveling type tire mounting device US2895519A (en) * 1956-07-25: 1959-07-21: Gilbert E Coats: Wheel supporting and clamping apparatus US2912047A (en) * 1956-04-09: 1959-11-10: Arthur W Douglas: Circumferentially traveling type tire mounting and demounting device US2923347A (en) *

Circumferentially, Coats, Clamping

39. The Circumferentially segmented liner: in which K~ is the complex axial wave number and P (r,8) is the acoustic pressure eigenfunction for the Circumferentially segmented liner

Circumferentially, Complex

40. Two independent raters, blinded to aneurysm vulnerability, evaluated each aneurysm for wall enhancement, extent of enhancement in terms of the numbers of quadrants enhancing Circumferentially, intensity of enhancement, and qualitative wall thinning


41. The program objective is to verify and improve fracture analyses for Circumferentially cracked large-diameter nuclear piping with crack sizes typically used in leak-before-break (LBB) analyses and in-service flaw evaluations

Circumferentially, Cracked, Crack

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44. Marge was a Circumferentially challenged New Age goof who lived by herself with her beloved cats and her crystals and her recordings of Nepalese goat chants in her one-bedroom ashram

Circumferentially, Challenged, Cats, Crystals, Chants

45. The shrinkage of wood is about twice as great Circumferentially as in the radial direction; lengthwise, it is very slight


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does circumferentially mean in Webster's Dictionary?

circumferentially (Adverb) In a way that encircles; around the circumference The pipes were cracked circumferentially. Webster Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition:

Which is the correct definition of the word circumference?

of, at, or near the circumference; surrounding; lying along the outskirts. lying within the circumference. circuitous; indirect: a circumferential manner of speech.

Which is an example of a circumferential form?

a person who dances professionally, as on the stage. an example of writing or speech consisting of or containing meaningless words. a petty gangster or ruffian. An aluminum diaphragm is employed, the circumferential edge of which is forwardly deflected to form a seat. The forms for this sub-base consist of vertical lagging and circumferential ribs.

What does circumferential mean in terms of degree of severity?

Initially the velocity distribution was very asymmetric with low velocity regions at four circumferential positions in the wake of the four upstream support wires. The extent and severity scores were calculated with the values of circumferential profiles.

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