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1. Shopping for Cinctures is no longer a hassle! Shop hand knotted rope Cinctures and tasseled rayon Cinctures in all liturgical colors and varieties from monks knot to Benedictine knot Cinctures

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2. There are 2 types of Cinctures that are commonly used, one is a similar to a rope while the other is similar to a scarf.

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3. Cinctures; Server Albs & Cassocks ; Surplice ; Women's Albs ; Price

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4. The Cinctures are a symbol of union and fidelity to God


5. Altar server Cinctures or alb cincture, as other clergy vestments, has a liturgical meaning

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6. All Cinctures are 4 meters long unless other wise noted #1


7. Complete catalogue over 80 Cinctures: catholic Cinctures for albs, clergy Cinctures, franciscan Cinctures and rope priest Cinctures made by the best Italian ecclesiastical tailors

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8. Our Cinctures are available in all liturgical colours

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9. Cinctures for Albs, Robes and Cassocks

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10. McKay Church Goods carries Cinctures

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11. We have priest and altar server Cinctures


12. Contact McKays for Abbey, Slabbinck, Beau Veste, and Toomey Cinctures.

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13. Based on this purchase I intend to buy the full spectrum of Cinctures in ecclesial colors

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14. R J Toomey Cinctures may take 3-4 weeks for delivery


15. Toomey Cinctures are made to drape beautifully, give you years of use, and are priced very affordably.


16. Cinctures are hand crocheted of the finest quality 8 ply 100% Cotton cord available today

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17. The cincture is a rope-like or ribbon-like article sometimes worn with certain Christian liturgical vestments, encircling the body around or above the waist.There are two types of Cinctures: one is a rope-like narrow girdle or rope-like belt around the waist

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18. Clergy Cinctures match our many Bishop Cassocks

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19. Buy Bishop Attire and Vestments for Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic Bishops online Beautiful clergy and Bishop Cinctures coordinate with …

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20. Toomey offers traditional cord & knot Cinctures to close albs & tunics

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21. Cinctures, Albs & Cinctures, Church Supplies, Cincture Adult Monks Knot Braided 100 Cotton, Cincture Adult Tassel Braided Rayon, Cincture Server Monks Knot B

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22. Cinctures synonyms, Cinctures pronunciation, Cinctures translation, English dictionary definition of Cinctures


23. In the Middle Ages, unlike today, priest Cinctures were similar to belts and used to be decorated by hand embroideries and stones.


24. Shop for Altar Server Cinctures

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25. Year-Rounder Band Cinctures Product No


26. Our grosgrain Cinctures are available from stock, with all others available as made to measure pieces


27. Our Cinctures with hand-knotted ends provide a traditional way to close albs and tunics Half-inch diameter Cinctures, available in a wide range of colors Stocked in 10', 12' and 14' lengths (and 8' in color white) - select Color, click Order, and see the size-fit guide link to see the best length for you

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28. Cassock Cinctures (fascia) Clergy Shirts; Collars & Collar Accessories; Deacon Chains; English Eucharistic Girdles; Gift Certificates; Men’s; Preaching Bands; Rope Cinctures

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29. Your choice of 2 different Cinctures: Rayon Cincture (thinner one) is 144" long

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30. Cinctures with Tassel - 147" Length - WN703-0


31. Cinctures (2) Our cincture bands are available in a variety of fabrics, including grosgrain, pure wool, and watered silk

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32. Our grosgrain Cinctures are available from stock, with all others available as made to …


33. 3 Vintage 1950s Silk Cinctures Purple Marian Blue Gold Fancy Tassels Very Fine


34. Go Back to the Homepage / Category: Acolyte Albs & Cinctures

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35. Home / Shop / Clothing / Clergy Apparel & Vestments / Acolyte Albs & Cinctures Acolyte Albs & Cinctures

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36. Showing all 10 results -Toomey Cinctures $ 61.00 – $ 86.95 Select options-Toomey Summertime Cincture $ 39

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37. Band Cinctures add a finishing touch to any cassock Robe

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38. Clerical Cinctures & Belts at Watra Church Goods

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39. ‘These tight-fitting Cinctures compress and support the abdominal and lower back region while you lift.’ ‘I thought of our pilgrimages out of the city, the slow tide of traffic to the shore or family visits, a cincture of security and welcome girding the suburbs and beyond.’

Cinctures, Compress, City, Cincture

40. Synonyms for Cinctures in Free Thesaurus


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cinctures mean?

(plural cinctures) An enclosure, or the act of enclosing, encircling or encompassing A girdle or belt, especially as part of a vestment (architecture) The fillet, listel, or band next to the apophyge at the extremity of the shaft of a column.

What is the meaning of cincture?

Definition of cincture 1 : the act of encircling 2 a : an encircling area b : girdle, belt especially : a cord or sash of cloth worn around an ecclesiastical vestment or the habit of a member of a religious order under monastic vows

What does cinctura mean?

Origin: [L. cinctura, fr. cingere, cinctum, to gird.] The cincture is a liturgical vestment, worn encircling the body around or above the waist. The term has two distinct meanings, the usage generally dividing along denominational lines.

What does the name cinciture mean?

Cincture(noun) a belt, a girdle, or something worn round the body, -- as by an ecclesiastic for confining the alb. Cincture(noun) that which encompasses or incloses; an inclosure.

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