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"Cidery" in Example Sentences

1. 1. 1. Review your sanitation procedures - e.g. use StarSan rather than iodine. 8. Join us at Indian Ladder Farms cidery and Brewery July 16 · Turnkey (adjective): built, supplied, or installed complete and ready to operate. // Example in a sentence: As always, Fronhofer Design’s equipment arrived at the brewery in pristine, turnkey condition.
2. cidery definition: Adjective (comparative more cidery, superlative most cidery) 1. Resembling cider.Noun (plural cideries) 2. A brewery where cider is produced. Origin cider +‎ -y
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4. People Eve’s is an orchard-based cidery producing Traditional Method ciders at the intersection of the Southern Finger Lakes and the Northern Appalachian Plateau. Our best days are spent outside in the sun and rain growing apples on steep hillsides and rolling them down to the cidery. James and Autumn started Eve’s cidery in 2001, using…
5. Get FREE shipping now from Eve’s cidery. Enter code CIDERTIME on their web store checkout screen. You can use the coupon as many times as you like until midnight December 31, 2019. They sell out every year and Farmketeers always order a bunch of cases.
6. Issaquah Highlands - Issaquah Highlands is a planned community and mixed-use neighborhood in Issaquah, a suburb of Seattle, Washington, United Examples of in a sentence. becomes Rogue’s cidery 0 rating
7. cidery Our cidery is the first of its kind in London, allowing us to truly explore and push the boundaries of modern cider making in a unique and challenging environment. With a newly installed barrel aging facility and the ability to bottle and bag our ciders on site, we are able to push new and exciting styles year round.

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