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  • agitate or turn (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter.
  • produce (butter) by churning.
Synonyms: stir . agitate . beat . whip . whisk .
  • (with reference to liquid) move or cause to move about vigorously.
  • break up the surface of (an area of ground).
Synonyms: heave . boil . swirl . toss . seethe . foam . froth . roil . disturb . stir up . agitate . ruffle .

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1. Churning is the practice of a broker overtrading in a client's account for the purpose of generating commissions. Churning is illegal and unethical and …

2. 9 synonyms of Churning from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 13 related words, definitions, and antonyms

3. Churning: to be in a state of violent rolling motion.

4. STOCK MARKET (also churn) the illegal practice by stockbrokers of buying and selling a client's investments more often than necessary, in order to make more money in commissions: Our attorneys specialize in representing victims of stockbroker fraud, securities Churning,

5. r/Churning: A place to discuss credit cards to profit from sign-up offers

6. Stomach Churning is an uncomfortable, agitated sensation caused by a variety of stomach and intestinal issues

7. If you often experience stomach Churning

8. Credit card Churning is the practice of repeatedly opening new credit cards to earn sign-up bonuses and then typically stopping use of them

9. Learn about what credit card Churning involves and how it can reward you and when it can hurt your finances

10. The Churning also keeps oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients cycling through the atmosphere, oceans and rocks — and chemically transforms them into forms that living organisms can use

11. Churning is the practice of executing trades for an investment account by a salesman or broker in order to generate commission from the account.

12. Churning is the process of shaking up cream or whole milk to make butter, usually using a butter churn.In Europe from the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, a churn was usually as simple as a barrel with a plunger in it, moved by hand.These have mostly been replaced by mechanical churns

13. Definition - What does Churning mean? Churning in the insurance industry is used in a variety of contexts

14. Churning can be defined as the practice of executing trades for a customer’s investment account by a broker or brokerage firm for the sole purpose of generating commissions from the account

15. Churning: 1 adj (of a liquid) agitated vigorously; in a state of turbulence Synonyms: roiled , roiling , roily , turbulent agitated physically disturbed or set in motion adj moving with or producing or produced by vigorous agitation “winds whipped the piled leaves into Churning masses” Synonyms: churned-up agitated physically disturbed or set

16. Churning of the ocean of milk, in Hinduism, one of the central events in the ever-continuing struggle between the devas (gods) and the asuras (demons, or titans)

17. Churning is an illegal and unethical practice that violates SEC rules and securities laws

18. While there is no quantitative measure for Churning, frequent buying and selling of securities that does little to meet the client’s investment objectives may be construed as evidence of Churning

19. If a broker intentionally mishandles buying and selling securities in your investment account, it's known as Churning

20. The Churning will just take a few more minutes, and then the butter will be ready

21. Another way Churning could hurt your credit is if you forget to make a payment because you’re juggling so many credit cards

22. Churning n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

23. (finance: excessive trading) (finanza) Churning nm sostantivo maschile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere maschile: medico, gatto, strumento, assegno, dolore : Churning is frowned upon at this firm.

24. Mill Churning Pose - Chakki Chalanasana: Mill Churning yoga pose steps benefits in reducing post delivery fat

25. A NY Fraud Lawyer Explains Insurance Churning

26. Insurance Churning is a scam designed to defraud people who try to purchase insurance

27. Churning occurs when agents sell policies not for the purpose of benefiting or protecting clients, but instead for the purpose of ear ning a commission

28. Life insurance Churning is especially common as a result of the high commissions paid for whole or universal

29. Credit card Churning is still possible today, but applicants have to be much more strategic about the cards they apply for and when they do those applications if they want to keep Churning in the

30. Churning definition: Churning water is moving about violently

31. Churning can violate an investment advisor’s general fiduciary duty to always act in the client’s best interests, and may constitute securities fraud

32. Detecting illegal Churning can be difficult, because brokers are in the business of …

33. Her emotions were Churning inside her

34. Synonyms for Churning in Free Thesaurus

35. 5 synonyms for Churning: churned-up, roiling, roily, turbulent, roiled

36. What are synonyms for Churning?

37. The Churning of butter was an endless farm chore back then

38. Churning n noun : Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

39. Credit card Churning is the practice of repeatedly opening and closing credit cards to earn cash, rewards points or miles

40. The quantity of butter prepared (by Churning) at one time.

41. Churning girls tend to be found in nightclubs and high-society parties

42. Churning is the practice of signing up for new credit cards repeatedly just to earn the cards' sign-up bonuses

43. ‘The sea was Churning - almost as much as her stomach was, in nervousness.’ ‘Through the window we watched the brown sea Churning beneath the pier.’ ‘I nodded slowly, feeling liquids inside my head churn roughly.’ ‘Hopefully, if my views help make your mind churn, that adds spice to your life as well.’

44. Churning is most typically found when a broker makes excessive trades in stocks or bonds

45. While most people think of Churning in the context of over-trading stocks, it isn’t limited to those types of securities alone

46. Gut-Churning definition: nerve-wracking Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

47. Merrill to pay $26 million to New Hampshire, former NH Governor to settle Churning allegations

48. One of my weaknesses is not Churning my roster

49. The Churning is a.Erik Ryan Richards and Rupert Greenall musical collaboration

50. What the Stomach-Churning GameStop Ride Means for Advisors and Their Clients

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What is the meaning of churning out?

churn out. To produce something in large quantities, often quickly and/or carelessly. A noun or pronoun can be used between "churn" and "out.". That novelist seems to churn out a new bestseller every few months.

What does 'churning' mean in the context of investment fraud?

Essentially, churning fraud is when a financial advisor chooses to maximize commissions at the expense of the client and the client's investment objectives. It is a common practice in the industry and one of the top fifteen actions that result in fines and/or restitution.

What is churning in banking?

Churning is the practice of a broker overtrading in a client's account for the purpose of generating commissions. Churning is illegal and unethical and carries severe fines and sanction by the SEC and other regulatory bodies.

What does churning stocks mean?

Churning is most typically found when a broker makes excessive trades in stocks or bonds. The excessive trading generates commissions for the broker but provides very little, if any, benefit to the investor. While most people think of churning in the context of over-trading stocks, it isn't limited to those types of securities alone.

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