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1. With Chrono24's Watch Scanner, you can identify watches and learn their model information and current market value – all with a single picture

Can, Current

2. Chrono- a combining form meaning “time,” used in the formation of compound words: Chronometer

Chrono, Combining, Compound, Chronometer

3. Chrono- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “time.” It is used in some scientific and medical terms. Chrono- comes from the Greek chrónos, meaning “time.” The adjective chronic, meaning “constant” or “habitual,” also derives from this root.

Chrono, Combining, Comes, Chr, Chronic, Constant

4. Chronostore is not an authorized dealer for or affiliated with BAUME & MERCIER, CARTIER, IWC, JAEGER-LECOULTRE, LANGE & SÖHNE, MONTBLANC, OFFICINE PANERAI, PIAGET, ROGER DUBUIS, VACHERON CONSTANTIN and VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, and the watches it sells are not new watches purchased directly from these manufacturers.

Chronostore, Cartier, Constantin, Cleef

5. DrChrono’s cloud based EHR, medical billing software and RCM services fully equip your practice and let you provide optimal patient care.

Cloud, Care

6. As of October 30th, 2020 has ceased operation so that our team can focus 100% on our new platform, Nexus

Chrono, Ceased, Can

7. Chrono is a physics-based modelling and simulation infrastructure based on a platform-independent open-source design implemented in C++.


8. As the gatekeeper of all things Race Day, ChronoTrack is the only Timing Company in the world that can deliver a non-replicable, flourishing event and membership experience for Athletes, Timers, Race Directors and Spectators.

Chronotrack, Company, Can

9. Online Chronometer - Online Stopwatch - Keep track of your time - Use the online stopwatch to generate a daily activity report and download it directly to your computer

Chronometer, Computer

10. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watch on


11. Chrono tracks which websites you visit and displays the top visited websites of the day as well as a chart showing the percentage of time you spent in …

Chrono, Chart

12. Chrono Trigger is a role-playing video game which was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on March 11, 1995 in Japan and on August 22, 1995 in North America.


13. The Chronograph runs on one 9-volt battery and the battery compartment has room for a spare (if you don't turn off the Chrono before storage the battery will run down)

Chronograph, Compartment, Chrono

14. Chrono Download Manager is the first and only full-featured download manager for Google Chrome

Chrono, Chrome

15. Chrono is tightly integrated with Chrome™ by …

Chrono, Chrome

16. Chrono-Art specializes in Aurora & Prisma clock repairs, manufacturing new Auroras and Prismas, and digital are clocks.

Chrono, Clock, Clocks

17. Chrono Odyssey is an upcoming Next-Gen Fantasy MMORPG planned for PC, Consoles, and Mobile by South Korean studio NPIXEL

Chrono, Consoles

18. Chrono Odyssey is slated to go into testing in 2021, with a release


19. In late 1972, we conceptualized an automatic Chronograph with a “bullhead” construction, with the crown and Chronograph pushers located at the top of the case.

Conceptualized, Chronograph, Construction, Crown, Case

20. Chrono strictly adheres to ISO 8601


21. Chrono is timezone-aware by default, with separate timezone-naive types


22. Chrono is space-optimal and (while not being the primary goal) reasonably efficient


23. There were several previous attempts to bring a good date and time library to Rust, which Chrono builds upon and should acknowledge:


24. The Chrono is the best place to buy weed online in Canada

Chrono, Canada

25. Fast shipping, accurate user reviews and great prices make The Chrono your one-stop-shop for great product


26. The Chrono library defines three main types as well as utility functions and common typedefs.

Chrono, Common

27. Chrono Therapeutics (Chrono) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2004 with a vision of transforming disease and addiction management to become the market leader in programmable passive transdermal drug delivery (TDD) that offers real-time behavioral support.

Chrono, Company

28. Chrono Sword is a souls-like action adventure game with time travel


29. Warranty Non-warranty repair guarantee:Competition Electronics will not charge more than ½ the current retail price to repair any current model Chronograph we manufacture regardless of its condition.Shooting product warranty: 2 year warranty against defects in material or …

Competition, Charge, Current, Chronograph, Condition

30. Chrono Trigger / EPOCH / Wings of Time / Hat Pin / Lapel Pin / Hard Enamel / Time Travel / Video Game Pin / Lapel Geek Pin TomRyansStudio


31. Add to Favorites Chrono Trigger Super Nintendo SNES Video Game


32. Chrono Cross - PlayStation Chrono Cross, the sequel to the Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger, turns out to be well worth the wait

Chrono, Cross, Classic

33. While it's officially a sequel to the immensely popular Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is completely its own role-playing game with over 40 characters, a branching story line, and multiple endings.

Chrono, Cross, Completely, Characters

34. Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス, Kurono Kurosu) is a 1999 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the PlayStation video game console.It is set in the same world as Chrono Trigger, which was released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Chrono, Cross, Console

35. Chrono Cross was designed primarily by scenarist and director Masato Kato, who had help from other designers who also

Chrono, Cross

36. Buy Timex Unisex TW2P71400 Weekender Chrono Green Double-Layered Nylon Slip-Thru Strap Watch and other Wrist Watches at

Chrono, Com

37. After 13 years, the role playing game of the ages returns with Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS Crono, meets an adventurous girl named Marle, and accidentally travels back in time 400 years Past, present, and future worlds collide as Crono tries to save the planet

Chrono, Crono, Collide

38. #include <compare> namespace std {namespace Chrono {// class template duration template < class Rep, class Period = ratio < 1 >> class duration; // class template time_point template < class Clock, class Duration = typename Clock:: duration > class time_point;} // common_type specializations template < class Rep1, class Period1, class Rep2

Compare, Chrono, Class, Clock

39. Include the standard header <Chrono> to define classes and functions that represent and manipulate time durations and time instants

Chrono, Classes

40. Chrono in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire) According to his description in Free Fire, Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe and has …


41. The promo codes currently available end when set the coupon expiration date

Chrono, Codes, Currently, Coupon

42. However, some deals don't have a definite end date, so it's possible the promo code will be active until runs out of inventory for the promotional item.

Chrono, Code

43. Chrono Crystals can also be placed beside enemy-generating tiles, doubling the number of enemies they will generate each day

Chrono, Crystals, Can

44. Chrono is a multiplier on temporal effects


45. Chrono overwrites other sources of itself, and doesn't stack.


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CHRONO [ˈkränō]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Chrono stand for?

CHRONO stands for Chronological. Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What is the example of Chrono?

The definition of crono means time. An example of chrono- used as a prefix is the word chronological, meaning put in order by date. Time. Chronograph.

What is the difference between Chronos and Kronos?

Kronos is the Titan of Time and Agriculture while Chronos is the Primordial of Time. This means that Chronos is literally Time itself, while Kronos is a deity. Another difference, in terms of PJO and HOO is that Kronos can be destroyed (and he was in The Last Olympian) while Chronos cannot be destroyed.

What is the Greek root word Chrono?

Greek Root Words Root Meaning Examples anti against antibacterial, antidote, antithesis ast (er) star asteroid, astronomy, astronaut aqu water aquarium, aquatic, aqualung auto self automatic, automate, autobiograph 21 more rows ... Jan 17 2021

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