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1. The Chromat x Reebok 10 Year Hoodie features a Navy Chromat Hoodie + White Reebok Crop Hoodie cut in half and sewn together

Chromat, Crop, Cut

2. Special limited edition designed exclusively for The Chromat Tidal Suit: Midnight blue lycra sleeved mock-neck one-piece with black …


3. The Chromat Mikito Mesh Suit: White perforated lycra high-cut one-piece with mesh contrast panels at hip + arm and adjustable black shoulder straps

Chromat, Cut, Contrast

4. Definition of Chromat- 1 : color Chromato logy : colored Chromat opsia

Chromat, Color, Chromato, Colored

5. 166.3k Followers, 944 Following, 3,804 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chromat (@Chromat)


6. Inspired by deep sea and space, Chromat combines function, style and unexpected energy from the great beyond

Chromat, Combines

7. Designer label Chromat welcomes and empowers women, non-binary and femmes of all shapes and sizes.


8. Chromat Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews.

Chromat, Collection

9. Chromat Casting Director Gilleon Smith on Chance Meetings, Hard Work, and Diversity By Laird Borrelli-Persson The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates

Chromat, Casting, Chance, Coverage, Celebrity

10. Chromat UK Ltd is Europe's first and largest independent manufacturer of decorative fillers


11. Shop authentic Chromat at up to 90% off


12. Chromat-: , Chromat-Chromato-chromo- ( krōm, krō-mat', krō-mat'ō, krō'mō ), Color

Chromat, Chromato, Chromo, Color

13. Chromat- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “color.”

Chromat, Combining, Color

14. In cell biology, Chromat- specifically refers to Chromatin, “the readily stainable …

Cell, Chromat, Chromatin

15. Chromat(o)- word element [Gr.], color; Chromatin

Chromat, Color, Chromatin

16. The founder and creative director of futuristic bodywear label Chromat came onto the scene more than a decade ago, and she's been pushing the fashion industry forward ever since.

Creative, Chromat, Came

17. Chromat Debuts Film by Tourmaline During New York Fashion Week "Joy Run" is a continuation of the brand's Fall 2020 presentation, which explored athletics free of …

Chromat, Continuation

18. The looks are a direct extension of what McCharen-Tran created Chromat to represent

Created, Chromat

19. Becca McCharen of Chromat designs for today’s urban visionary, proudly expressing an inclusive stance on gender, tech and athleticism


20. In association with the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, M·A·C chose Chromat to present its first makeup collection

Cfda, Chose, Chromat, Collection

21. Complete with Chromat’s architecturally inspired bionic 3D-print packaging, this is the future

Complete, Chromat

22. Last September, Chromat's Becca McCharen-Tran blew her competition at New York Fashion Week out of the water with a runway show unlike …

Chromat, Competition

23. Designed for working out, Chromat Face Masks are breathable, reusable, adjustable and sustainably made in deadstock fabric from the Chromat AW20 Collection

Chromat, Collection

24. A jersey for the gender-inclusive Chromat


25. Chromat was celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a brand with the new collection, and it decided the best way to represent the new line was through diversity.

Chromat, Celebrating, Collection

26. Chromat, founded in 2010, embraces women of all different sizes and physical abilities


27. Courtesy of Chromat In the Chromat universe, all bodies of all sizes and presentations are welcomed

Courtesy, Chromat

28. For Chromat's virtual Spring 2021 fashion show, the brand featured a colorful eye makeup look that will work with a face mask

Chromat, Colorful

29. The Chromat designer has built her brand on challenging fashion standards with …

Chromat, Challenging

30. Bond is sort of like the younger sister of Chromat


31. Chromat has become one of the most highly anticipated shows of Fashion Week.Season after season, the brand has worked to change the face of the runway and bring nuance to an industrywide

Chromat, Change

32. Chromat - 2.19k Followers, 74 Following, 3491 pins Future forward bodywear.


33. Chromat customer service was quick to reply and send me a return label

Chromat, Customer

34. Founded by designer Becca McCharen-Tran, Chromat is designed in both New York City and Miami by a diverse team of creators who build with materials that are also more sustainable and health for the environment

Chromat, City, Creators

35. Uncover a new way to feel empowered during any activity when you shop with our top Chromat coupons to save on swim tops and bottoms

Chromat, Coupons

36. A model on the runway at Chromat's fall 2018 show


37. The online reaction to Chromat's mannequins highlighted another aspect of the …


38. Chromat's creations are radical in their refusal to hide (or hide from) the bodies we've been told don't fit the status quo

Chromat, Creations

39. Before Chromat, there were no labels creating form-fitting bodywear

Chromat, Creating

40. “The collection was inspired by wet T-shirts.” Becca McCharen-Tran, the creator and lead designer behind New York swimwear label Chromat, tells me this backstage after Friday’s runway presentation for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.But McCharen-Tran isn’t talking about your typical wet T-shirt contest

Collection, Creator, Chromat, Contest

41. Chromat Spring 2020, photo from Vogue Runway Reimagining Diversity in Every Way Possible


42. Now, you know we love Chromat for their fashions, but we cannot talk about the show without highlighting the diversity the brand is known for.

Chromat, Cannot

43. Chromat- definition: indicating colour or coloured Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Chromat, Colour, Coloured

44. Chromat, the Beyoncé-approved swimwear line, celebrated the individual bodies of its diverse cast

Chromat, Celebrated, Cast

45. This morning, Reebok announced its latest footwear launch with Chromat, which made its runway debut during the swim brand’s Spring 2020 …


46. Chromat Teams With Reebok for Colorful Instapump Fury Collection: Vivid hues, ombre-style fades and topographical detailing across 3 colorways.

Chromat, Colorful, Collection, Colorways

47. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Chromat on your desktop or mobile device.


48. Chromat_party 16 March RT @chasestrangio: One of the things that struck me in the article about @TheElliotPage today was how life-affirming and saving access to h… View tweet

Chromat, Chasestrangio

49. Model: Chromat 2366 - Stern-Radio Staßfurt, VEB, RFT: Material: Various materials : Shape: Tablemodel, low profile (big size)


50. Dimensions (WHD) 750 x 520 x 540 mm / 29.5 x 20.5 x 21.3 inch : Notes: Der Empfänger Chromat 2366 ist eine Weiterentwicklung des Chromat 2060.


51. Chromat is future-forward bodywear.


52. Chromat has lived through a lot of snowball moments like this


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CHROMAT [ˈkrōmāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does chromates mean?

The definition of chromatic is having colors, or a musical scale that includes half tones and full tones.

What does chromated mean?

Chromated means treated with a solution of chromate, usually hexavalent (valence +6), as a corrosion-fighting passivation layer--usually applied to zinc and cadmium plated parts, or to aluminum. Chromium plating is usually bright and metallic, hard, low friction. Chromate coatings are a very thin gel.

What does lead(II) chromate mean?

Lead (II) chromate is the inorganic compound with the formula (Pb Cr O 4). It has a vivid yellow color and is insoluble in all solvents. Two polymorphs of lead chromate are known, orthorhombic and the more stable monoclinic form. Monoclinic lead chromate is used in paints under the name chrome yellow.

What is the charge of dichromate?

Its overall charge is -2. Dichromate is similar, but it contains two chromium atoms and seven oxide atoms (therefore, Cr 2O 7). Chromate and dichromate are strongly oxidizing in acidic conditions, but weakly oxidizing in basic conditions.

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