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CHOREOGRAPHY [ˌkôrēˈäɡrəfē]

choreography (noun) · choreographies (plural noun)

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1. Choreography definition is - the art of symbolically representing dancing

2. How to use Choreography in a sentence

3. Choreography definition, the art of composing ballets and other dances and planning and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of dancers

4. Choreography, the art of creating and arranging dances

5. Once the Choreography is finished, make sure everything flows well by practicing your routine as frequently as possible

6. Dance - Dance - Choreography: Choreography is the art of making dances, the gathering and organization of movement into order and pattern

7. Choreograph definition is - to compose the Choreography of

8. Choreography Meaning: "dance" (see chorus) + graphein "to write" (see -graphy)

9. See definitions of Choreography.

10. Choreography synonyms, Choreography pronunciation, Choreography translation, English dictionary definition of Choreography

11. Choreography seems the logical choice for a microservices infrastructure but there are some limitations including the fact that processes are spread out making it more difficult to manage the entire process

12. Definition of Choreography in the dictionary

13. What does Choreography mean? Information and translations of Choreography in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

14. ‘The Choreography, music, lighting and most of all the dancing all combined to convey this pain.’ ‘Rather than learning set choreographies, students are encouraged to develop an understanding of the music and traditional movements, and to use this as a foundation for their own personal expression and creativity.’

15. "MI GENTE" - J Balvin Dance Matt Steffanina Choreography "Mi Gente" TUTORIAL: INSTAGRAM:

16. Kyle was shocked to just be nominated, but to win the 2020 iHeart Music Award for ‘Favorite Music Video Choreography’ (BlackPink - Kill This Love) was a complete honor.

17. Think of your piece as a puzzle Gabrielle Lamb, founder and choreographer of New York City's Pigeonwing Dance, says, "I think of Choreography like building, like if you build a stone wall.You have a pile of rocks, and you have to pick out the ones that fit well together and put together a puzzle."

18. Choreography must be created by female choreographer

19. Career Choreography gives you the accomplishable step-by step game plan to enable you to identify, find, and secure the very right job, position, or profession that’s uniquely suited for you!And once you’re in that job, position, or profession, “Career Choreography” equips you with the strategies, insights, and wisdom to empower you to achieve huge and sustained career successes, as

20. Find 2 ways to say Choreography, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

21. In dance, Choreography is the act of designing dance

22. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation.A choreographer is one who creates dances

23. Dance Choreography is sometimes called dance composition.

24. Aspects of dance Choreography include the compositional use of organic unity, rhythmic or non-rhythmic articulation, theme and

25. A new model type in BPMN 2.0 is the Choreography Diagram

26. Learn this choreo! Get the TUTORIAL: http://senorita.tmilly.tvShawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita - Choreography by Jake KodishDancers: Jake Kodish, Tess

27. The Intimate Act of Choreography presents the what and how of Choreography in a workable format that begins with basics- - time, space, force -- and moves on to the more complex issues faced by the intermediate and advanced choreographer -- form, style, abstraction, compositional structures, and choreographic devices.

28. Professionally produced gymnastics floor music and Choreography for your next routine

29. When Choreography is created, is it protected by copyright? Yes and no.JaQuel Knight is facing this question today in his journey to copyright his iconic choreographic work with artists like Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion

30. • The Choreography remains a moment by moment response to the poems and, awkwardly, these themselves are not especially good

31. • Observation is the key to their Choreography

32. Origin Choreography (1700-1800) French choréographie, from Greek choreia

33. Fight Choreography has far more in common with dance Choreography than it does with actual martial arts

34. You learn martial arts techniques, but those are just the movements for the Choreography

35. You're working with a partner in Choreography

36. We offer professional dance Choreography without the professional price! With over 15 years in the dance industry, we have created a brand that allows us to share our passion for teaching and dancing at an affordable rate

37. We teach many styles of dance, and offer Choreography dance services for events such as Weddings, Quinceañeras, Sweet 16's

38. Choreography, in a Web services context, refers to specifications for how messages should flow among diverse, interconnected components and applications to ensure optimum interoperability

39. The term is borrowed from the dance world, in which Choreography directs the …

40. How many syllables in Choreography? 1 8 6 2 3 7 5 4 9 syllables

41. Divide Choreography into syllables: cho-re-og-ra-phy How to say Choreography: How to pronounce Choreography

42. Wondering why Choreography is 1 8 6 2 3 7 5 4 9 syllables? Contact Us! We'll explain.

43. Choosing between microservices Choreography vs orchestration will make a difference in how seamlessly the services function behind the scenes and whether you succeeded in building a microservices architecture or distributed monolith

44. The Choreography is open-ended and primal, and important for how the piece is conceived, designed, implemented and experienced

45. The Department of Dance + Choreography maintains a production calendar full of opportunities for students to perform and choreograph

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48. Houston Dance Stars is a New Concept of Choreography and Chambelanes for your Quinceañera or Sweet 16

49. Choreography: Choreography is the composition and arrangement of dance movements and patterns usually intended to be accompanied by music…To be protected by copyright…Choreography need not tell a story or be presented before an audience…Choreography may also represent a series of dance movements and patterns organized into a coherent whole.28

50. Los Angeles, CA About Youtuber Tim Milgram is a director and cinematographer with a Choreography and dance background based out of Los Angeles, CA

51. Choreography; Choreography flashcards, diagrams and study guides

52. Study Choreography sets on Quizlet for free

53. Memorize important Choreography terms, definitions and concepts

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56. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography is a pre-professional program that fully prepares you for a career in the field of dance

57. You can work toward your degree with equal focus on performance and Choreography.

58. Chaos Choreography was probably my favourite book in the series so far, I enjoyed spending time with Verity and Dominic, the crazy dance show setting made a nice change, the Aeslin mice were on hand to add humour in the darker moments, we get to meet a few interesting new cryptids but most of all I absolutely loved getting to know grandma Alice.

59. Choreography is driven by events from the various services within a system

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What are facts about choreography?

Choreography is the art of arranging dance performances. Choreography is also used to arrange ice skating , cheerleading , synchronized swimming , and a variety of other performance arts. Someone who composes choreographed pieces is known as a choreographer ; typically, a choreographer works as a performer before becoming a composer, so that he or she will have a deeper understanding of the art.

What makes good choreography?

Great choreography must:

  • Reflect the style/period of the musical. If the show is LES MIS (set in 1832) you really cannot have tap dancing. ...
  • Reflect the characters. Dancing in "character" is so important. ...
  • Be unique. I want to see something that I have never seen before. ...
  • Have patterns. ...
  • Move the plot line forward. ...
  • What is another word for choreography?

    What is another word for choreography? arrange, blueprint, budget, calculate, chart, design, frame, lay out, map (out), organize, plan, prepare, project, scheme (out), shape, strategize (about) Words Related to choreograph. conspire, contrive, devise, intrigue, machinate, plot, put up.

    How does choreography work?

    Choreography is an artistic opportunity to express one's personality through the creation of dance. A choreographer designs and directs routines used in dances and performances. They love movement and the art of dance, but most of all love to inspire others by sharing their creative ideas.

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