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CHOLERIC [ˈkälərik, kəˈlerik]

choleric (adjective)

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1. Watch out for the Choleric librarian at the reference desk I absolutely get Choleric when a telemarketer calls during the dinner hour

2. Recent Examples on the Web He is replaced by a Choleric, more professional West Indian, a lean black man

3. Choleric means easily angered or generally bad-tempered. People described as Choleric are grouchy all the time and prone to getting into arguments, often for very little reason.

4. Choleric (Extrovert) This temperament is identified as the most powerful (and destructive) of the temperaments. It is not unreasonable to state that the world’s greatest feared dictators and diabolical criminals were perhaps Choleric.

5. Choleric adjective bad-tempered, cross, angry, irritable, touchy, petulant, ill-tempered, irascible, tetchy, ratty (Brit

6. Informal), testy, chippy (informal), hot-tempered, quick-tempered He plays a Choleric old schoolmaster.

7. Choleric Personality – Testosterone Rules! The Choleric personality type is associated with testosterone, and although every temperamental makeup is represented by members of both genders, most Choleric people are men

8. Generally, Cholerics are money- and success-oriented people.

9. Choleric literally means “yellow bile”, so people with a Choleric temperament are quick to anger. They are described as yellow-faced, lean, hairy, proud, ambitious, revengeful, and shrewd

10. Choleric people are very savvy, analytical, and logical

11. The Choleric is the least occurring of the four temperaments, and a female Choleric is extremely rare. The traits of the primary temperament, Choleric, may be altered or modified in some significant way because of the influence of the secondary temperament.

12. Choleric people don't get tired of countless conversations, moreover, the people's emotions and mood charge them with energy

13. Well, the violent temper of a Choleric often leads to conflicts

14. But Choleric, who is keen on some business or idea, is always ready to neglect his or her interests for the common good.

15. The Choleric-Sanguine has a natural drive to quickly get results

16. As mentioned before, Choleric people are the leaders of the group

17. 61 synonyms of Choleric from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 117 related words, definitions, and antonyms

18. Choleric: easily irritated or annoyed.

19. Fire: summer-Choleric-yellow bile; Air: spring-sanguine-blood; Water: fall -phlegmatic-phlegm; Earth: winter-melancholic-black bile; The treatment of a person with a discernible temperament could now be made

20. The Choleric is [ a doer, have a lot of ambition, energy and passion and always try to instil it

21. If you had the Choleric personality type, then it wasn't because you were

22. Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (pleasure-seeking and sociable), Choleric (ambitious and leader-like), melancholic (analytical and thoughtful), and phlegmatic (relaxed and quiet)

23. Whilst the influence of this Choleric cleric and prodigious writer was enormous, scholarly interest has been slight

24. Choleric Temperament This temperament is identified as the most powerful (and destructive) of the temperaments

25. It is not unreasonable to state that the world’s greatest feared dictators and diabolical criminals were perhaps of the Choleric temperament.

26. The Choleric is commonly prideful, full of him/her, thinking highly of his/her great qualities and even considers his/her faults worthy of praise

27. The Choleric believes he/she is always right

28. The Choleric is confident, believes others are weak, ignorant, incompetent and slow.

29. The Choleric is your original “type A” personality

30. Reactions are sustained over time, so the Choleric temperament is not only decisive, but also tenacious and driven to follow-through.

31. The Choleric Engellau blew his top, felt he had been hoodwinked and promised that Pelle would never be acknowledged as the car's designer

32. Volvo P1800 turns 50 in 2011 Elizabeth Taylor in her radiant prime makes Angelina Jolie (the tabloid-appointed pretender to her throne) look like a Choleric

33. Definition of Choleric in the dictionary

34. What does Choleric mean? Information and translations of Choleric in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

35. The Choleric Valentina was the author of this attack, and in less than a minute she had overwhelmed them with blows

36. 2 ARMANDO PALACIO VALDS The seconds rushed to stop him, and the Choleric Golarza caught him a blow on the head, to which Gonzalo seemed quite oblivious

37. A person with a Choleric temperament.

38. 21, The Cholerics show ambition, stubbornness, love of work, courage […; 1984, Tim LaHaye, Your Temperament: Discover its Potential, republished as Why You Act the Way You Do, Carol Stream, Illinois: Tyndale House, 2012,

39. ‘While Ralph was the Choleric loser, Ed was the lucky buffoon.’ ‘The negative side came about largely through his personality which is described as ‘occasionally Choleric, quarrelsome, and given to invectives.’’ ‘Indeed, the political system accommodated the interests and Choleric attitudes of both men with little difficulty.’

40. Four personality types are linked with people's teeth: sanguine or dynamic (triangular-shaped), Choleric or strong (rectangular-shaped), melancholic or sensitive (oval-shaped) and phlegmatic or peaceful (square-shaped)

41. Choleric children can start a conflict, yell at the teacher, and be generally disruptive

42. The Choleric child is constantly in the spotlight

43. What does Choleric mean? Showing or expressing anger

44. Choleric (adj.) mid-14c., colrik, "bilious of temperament or complexion," from Old French colerique, from Late Latin Cholericus, from Greek kholerikos, from Greek kholera "a type of disease characterized by diarrhea, supposedly caused by bile," from khole "gall, bile," so called for its color, related to khloazein "to be green," khlōros "pale green, greenish-yellow," from PIE root *ghel-(2

45. Choleric (religion, spiritualism, and occult) Choleric is the traditional name for the personality temperament indicated by an excess of the element fire.

46. Choleric-Phlegmatic – moderate; Choleric-Melancholy – mild; These combinations can affect the Choleric temperament and increase or decrease the intensity of the above traits

47. For example, someone with a Choleric-sanguine temperament might be a bully in charge

48. He was a Choleric, self-important little man

49. Choleric definition: A Choleric person gets angry very easily

50. You can also use Choleric to describe a person Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

51. WASHINGTON — When he was the leader of Republicans in the California State Assembly — an ideologically diverse group of lawmakers often Choleric toward both Gov

52. Choleric; hot-tempered; hotheaded; irascible; quick-tempered; short-tempered

53. Choleric literally means “yellow bile”, so people with a Choleric temperament are quick to anger

54. Choleric means easily angered or generally bad

55. Choleric: 1 adj characterized by anger “a Choleric outburst” Synonyms: irascible angry feeling or showing anger adj quickly aroused to anger Synonyms: hot-tempered , hotheaded , irascible , quick-tempered , short-tempered ill-natured having an irritable and unpleasant disposition adj easily moved to anger “"men of the Choleric type take to

56. About the Temperaments Four Temperaments Test Melancholic Phlegmatic Choleric Sanguine Comparison Finding Your Temperaments My Other Personality Website

57. Venerate four characters: the sanguine who has checked volatility and the rage for pleasure; the Choleric who has subdued passion and pride; the phlegmatic emerged from indolence; and the melancholy who has dismissed avarice, suspicion and asperity.

58. The Choleric baby would not stop crying

59. 🔊 Because Frank knew his wife was in a Choleric mood, he tried to avoid doing anything that would upset her

60. 🔊 Even the slightest noise would disturb the Choleric man and send him into a rage

61. 🔊 Although Carol was having problems at home, she tried to not let those issues make her Choleric at

62. , the Choleric man was not only quick to anger but also yellow-faced, lean, hairy, proud, ambitious, revengeful, and shrewd

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