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1. Chins is an abbreviation for "Child In Need of Services"

Chins, Child

2. Acts that qualify as "delinquent" are excluded from the Chins definition


3. In NH a Chins is a child who is: Subject to compulsory school attendance …

Chins, Child, Compulsory

4. Child in Need of Services (Chins) A child in need of services is defined by statute as a child under the age of 18 who meets at least one of the following three requirements: Is beyond parental control such that the child's behavior endangers the health, safety, or …

Child, Chins, Control

5. The purpose of a Chins petition is to temporarily place a child outside of the home in an attempt to repair family relationships and ensure child safety

Chins, Child

6. Chins petitions can be filed by a parent, youth, or DSHS.

Chins, Can

7. Chins stands for "child in need of services". The four types of Chins petitions are "Runaway", "Stubborn Child", "Habitual School Offender" and "Truancy".

Chins, Child

8. Chins Chop Suey opened in 1960's

Chins, Chop

9. Chins 3.5: The child is a victim of a human or sexual trafficking offense as in

Chins, Child

10. Chins 4: The child's parent, guardian, or custodian allows the child to participate in an obscene performance.

Chins, Child, Custodian

11. A Chins petition is then filed and a court date is scheduled for the child and a parent/legal guardian to appear before a judge

Chins, Court, Child

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Chins, Cafe, Ca

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15. Chins cases, known as "status offenses," are acts prohibited by law

Chins, Cases

16. The goal of the Chins program is to provide intensive preventative services to families in order to reduce the number of children entering foster care

Chins, Children, Care

17. The Chins Primer provides information on statutes and case law for Indiana judges and attorneys who practice in other areas of law that are impacted by Chins law

Chins, Case

18. The Chins Primer 2018 is the most up-to-date version


19. Chins Papers and Articles Chins in the Indiana Chins


20. Chins, a local non-profit organization, has provided services for children and families in Otero & Lincoln Counties for over 30 years. Chins employs over 100 dedicated professionals providing a variety of services designed to support and strengthen families.

Chins, Children, Counties

21. What is the goal in a Chins proceeding? The goal is to protect and care for the child

Chins, Care, Child

22. Chins proceedings are not criminal proceedings, so the parent cannot be incarcerated, fined, or put on probation as a result of the Chins

Chins, Criminal, Cannot

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Chins, Consistent

24. (Chins) What is a Chins? A Child in Need of Services (Chins) matter is a court case in which the Juvenile Court tries to help parents and school officials deal with troubled youth

Chins, Child, Court, Case

25. The person filing the Chins petition must show the judge that the child: regularly runs away from home; or

Chins, Child

26. Chins petitions may be filed by a child under 18, parent/legal guardian, or the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)

Chins, Child

27. JU 05.0100 Child in Need of Services (Chins) Petition (PTCIN) 07/2018 JU 05.0200 Notice of Hearing on Child in Need of Services (Chins) Petition (NTHG) 09/2000 JU 05.0600 Petition for At-Risk-Youth (PTARY) 07/2017 JU 05.0650 Notice of Hearing on At-Risk-Youth Petition (NTHG) 09/2000 JU …

Child, Chins

28. What is Chins? Indiana Code 31-34-1-1 through 31-34-1-11 provide the elements that must be shown in order to establish that a child is a Chins

Chins, Code, Child

29. The basic elements of a Chins case require a showing of the following: Child is under 18 years old; Parents have seriously impaired or seriously endangered the child’s well-being;

Chins, Case, Child

30. If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor

Chins, Could, Confessions

31. •The Chins Eligibility Checklist is not used for these children

Chins, Checklist, Children

32. Cleft Chins were believed to be a dominant trait: if two parents had cleft Chins, their kids could have a cleft or might not

Cleft, Chins, Could

33. And if two parents had smooth Chins, their kids would always have smooth Chins


34. It's still more likely than not that if your parents both have cleft Chins, you'll have one

Cleft, Chins

35. And if both have smooth Chins, you will too.


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37. Chins synonyms, Chins pronunciation, Chins translation, English dictionary definition of Chins


38. Chinned , chin·ning , Chins v

Chinned, Chin, Chins

39. Chins stands for Child In Need of Service

Chins, Child

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What do the different types of Chins mean?

Chin/Jaw Face Reading Short Chin. People with short chin are very introverted and emotional. Sometimes, they are extreme, tactless and... Long Chin. The long chin belongs to those who are righteous, patient, persistent, emotional, loyal and popular. Double Chin and Round Chin. Double chin suggests the well-off life and comfortable twilight years. Round chin... More ...

What is a chin for?

The chin developed as a point of muscular attachment facilitating minute movements of the lips associated with speech. In human evolution, the chin is a cladistic apomorphy, partially defining anatomically modern humans as distinct from archaic forms. Non-human anthropoid apes have a simian shelf for example.

What is Chin in English?

Definition of chin. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the lower portion of the face lying below the lower lip and including the prominence of the lower jaw. 2 : the surface beneath or between the branches of the lower jaw. chin. verb.

What is the plural of Chin?

The plural form of chin is chins.

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