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1. 48 synonyms of Cheated from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 70 related words, definitions, and antonyms


2. Cheated: to use dishonest methods to achieve a goal


3. To deceive by trickery; swindle: Cheated customers by overcharging them for purchases

Cheated, Customers

4. Cheat definition, to defraud; swindle: He Cheated her out of her inheritance

Cheat, Cheated

5. Find 17 ways to say Cheated, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Cheated, Com

6. Miller then Cheated on Law with her Layer Cake co-star, Daniel Craig

Cheated, Cake, Co, Craig

7. Cheated 'Cheated' is a 7 letter word starting with C and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Cheated' Clue Answer; Broke the rules (7) Cheated: defrauded (7) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Cheated We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Cheated will help you to finish your crossword today

Cheated, Crossword, Clues, Clue

8. Synonyms for Cheated in Free Thesaurus


9. He Cheated on You: What Can You Learn? The Top 4 Reasons Relationships Fail

Cheated, Can

10. "Cheated" has a double meaning: Athletes, counsellors, NCAA and the administration Cheated, and the athletes were Cheated out of achieving a meaningful college degree, if any degree at all

Cheated, Counsellors, College

11. He Cheated first and I tried my best to work things out, but unfortunately he wasn’t making the effort to make things better with me


12. Two weeks after that I saw him with the girl he Cheated on


13. Being Cheated on in a marriage is awful, but it doesn’t always mean your relationship should be scrapped


14. The rumors began to spread over a year ago that Prince William, future king of England, had Cheated on his wife, Kate Middleton, with one of Middleton’s own friends, Rose Hanbury


15. To rebuild your marriage and heal the hurt and mistrust your spouse feels after you Cheated, you will have several tasks that you need to accomplish


16. Check out the official music video for "I Should Have Cheated" by Keyshia ColeBest of Keyshia Cole: here:

Check, Cheated, Colebest, Cole

17. Being Cheated on can make you feel a range of emotions, from anger and sadness to humiliation and rejection, but learning how to get over a cheating boyfriend is key to your future happiness

Cheated, Can, Cheating

18. We Think We Figured Out Who Cheated Between Christina and Tarek El Moussa By Pippa Raga

Cheated, Christina

19. Wife Cheated at work +1114-1007


20. ISLA Cheated!! Blindfolded Slime Challenge with tags toys and me, tiana, slime challenge, slime videos, slime, Cheated, slime prank, prank, pranks, blindfolded

Cheated, Challenge

21. Among those who had not Cheated in the first, far fewer (18 percent) Cheated in the second


22. Here's all the proof that the rapper definitely Cheated on her


23. I Cheated on my husband at my bachelorette party, and it was the biggest mistake of my life


24. He Cheated because there was something wrong with him


25. A Wall Street Journal article on Friday alleged that President Donald Trump Cheated on his wife, Melania, with a porn star—and it wasn't the first time Trump has been in the center of a public

Cheated, Center

26. Explore 104 Cheated Quotes by authors including Rush Limbaugh, Samuel Johnson, and Anatole France at BrainyQuote


27. And if it isn't provided, or if it doesn't happen, then people feel Cheated."


28. Cardi B filed for divorce from husband Offset after he reportedly Cheated on Her “pretty much the entire time,” while she tried to keep their marriage together for their daughter, Kulture Kiari.

Cardi, Cheated

29. Cheated is nothing less than an American tragedy.”—Frank Deford, author of The Entitled and senior contributing writer for Sports Illustrated “This book informed me that, as a black athlete and a student, more awareness and information about the universities you attend must be thoroughly analyzed before making a decision about your future.

Cheated, Contributing

30. Tristan Thompson Cheated on Khloe Kardashian with her sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods, a source tells Us Weekly — details


31. In a new YouTube video, Jeffree Star finally debunked a viral conspiracy theory that Kanye West Cheated on Kim Kardashian West with him

Conspiracy, Cheated

32. My husband Cheated, decided to leave, and I now miss my kids half the time and don’t have a real family


33. Cheated Stories Refine by tag: Cheated love broken cheater cheating betrayed hurt sad romance betrayal heartbreak hate cheat pain heartbroken heart boyfriend fight friends lies

Cheated, Cheater, Cheating, Cheat

34. Cheated, written by Patrick Jones, tells a convincing story of a boy and his friends who on a November night make a decision that will stress their friendship to the limits

Cheated, Convincing

35. A TikTok suggesting - with no evidence - that Kanye West may have Cheated on Kim Kardashian West with Jeffree Star went viral, causing the unverified rumor to trend on Twitter

Cheated, Causing

36. "[Cheated] offers a stinging critique of UNC-Chapel Hill’s handling of the academic and athletic wrongdoing that kept student athletes eligible to compete and persisted for nearly two decades."—Jane Stancill, News & Observer

Cheated, Critique, Chapel, Compete

37. 20) in Tennessee, Sara Evans' estranged husband Craig Schelske has claimed Evans told him last week that she had Cheated on him

Craig, Claimed, Cheated

38. Woods, 33, whose image has been wrecked by reports he Cheated on Nordegren with a bevy of babes, is stressed out but "not on sedatives," the source said


39. In September 2015, the company acknowledged to the EPA that it Cheated

Company, Cheated

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cheater mean?

cheater - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true. beguiler, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat. offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law. bluffer, four-flusher - a person who tries to bluff other people.

What do all cheaters have in common?

4 Little Things Compulsive Cheaters Have In Common 1. They're hooked on drama. 2. They're unhappy. 3. They're afraid of being alone. 4. And they can be very opportunistic. The best thing to do is stay aware and be kind to yourself.

What is another word for Cheater?

deceiver, cheat, cheater, trickster, beguiler, slicker(noun) someone who leads you to believe something that is not true. Synonyms: darnel, deceiver, charmer, chess, tricker, slicker, practical joker, swindle, hoaxer, beguiler, trickster, tare, oilskin, cheat, rig, bearded darnel, prankster, cut-up, cheating.

What is the definition of Cheat?

Definition of cheat. (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud cheated the elderly couple out of their property. 2 : to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice a young man who cheated young women into marrying him when he was already married.

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