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1. A majority of our Chasubles come in all liturgical colors and come with a complimentary in-lay stole

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2. Our styles include Gothic and Monastic Chasubles, with designs with seasonally-appropriate designs


3. Chasubles of different styles and materials


4. In this category there are particular types of liturgical vestments: Chasubles made of cotton, bamboo, wool, lurex, polyester, silk and elegant Chasubles made of shantung

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5. All the Chasubles are made and decorated by hand in …


6. Shop for the best selection of Priest Chasubles

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7. Folded Chasubles were used generally through the Western liturgical rites and uses, with a few variations and exceptions


8. Chasubles form one of the most important part of our offer


9. Chasubles for different denominations featured with classic style and compatible design

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11. Chasubles are the outermost vestment used in celebrating Eucharistic mass, and are a necessity for priests and Catholic Churches to purchase

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12. Stemper values quality made Chasubles from reputable church apparel manufacturers so we partner with the industry's most trusted producers of religious vestments, including Slabbinck.

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13. Hand-embroidered Chasubles are liturgical vestments embroidered and richly decorated, in which the priest celebrates Holy Mass

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14. Older Chasubles have the form of a rectangle inserted through the head, or resemble a violin


15. Contemporary Chasubles generally have a cape-like shape, and are often less decorated

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16. Set of 4 semi gothic Chasubles SET-Y103


17. Set of 4 semi gothic Chasubles SET-GY201


18. Offering Advent Chasubles, Lenten Chasubles, Christmas Vestments

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19. Our Chasubles are Tailored in Abby Fabric, these vestments are made of durable,lightweight breathable fabric with a slight grid.


20. Chasubles of different styles and materials


21. In this category there are particular types of liturgical vestments: Chasubles made of cotton, bamboo, wool, lurex, polyester, silk and elegant Chasubles made of shantung

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22. All the Chasubles are made and decorated by hand in …


23. Patrick's Guild carries Chasubles in colors that span the Church's liturgical season

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24. Full catalogue of Chasubles: over 180 catholic priest Chasubles, bishop Chasubles and advent Chasubles manufactured and hand embroidered by the best Italian ecclesiastical tailors with first choice fabrics: pure cotton viscose polyester wool silk linen hemp acetate

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25. Og-hm-25 gothic style Chasubles - colors

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27. Shop for Slabbinck brand Chasubles online at

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28. Pastor Priest IHS Gothic Chasubles - Set of 4


29. Pastor Priest Monreale Collection Semi-Gothic Chasubles - Set of 4

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30. Chasubles for sale Chasuble Catholic Church Roman Chasubles Priest Chasubles Chasuble and Stole Sets

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31. Our products include Albs, Chasubles & Copes, Stoles, Plain vesture, Funeral Sets, Linens & Vessels, Custom Items and Chrism

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32. Small Cross Liturgical Fabric, Vestment Brocade, Copes, Chasubles, Altar Cloth, Church Decorations, Choir Robes, Deacon Dalmatics, Vestments TopFabrics

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33. The Chasubles have an ample gothic cut with a 61 inch width and a 53 inch length and include an inner stole.COLORS:WhiteForest GreenRedSerumWhite-Black-SilverChasuble are shipped from Belgium and require 3-4 weeks for shipping

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34. Beautiful Chasubles and matching Eucharistic stoles in a variety of timeless styles and fine fabrics, all from our exclusive QuikShip program - in stock for immediate delivery


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36. Chasubles We have a beautiful selection of Chasubles in a variety of fabrics for every budget


37. Check deacon dalmatics and copes or Chasubles in variety of types as Gothic, Semi-Gothic or Roman

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38. Choose from Chasubles for sale with matching stoles, verify our great attention to detail in all Catholic vestments

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39. Includes priest robes, albs, stoles, surplices, Chasubles, and more


40. The early medieval Chasubles were made of a semicircular piece of stuff, the straight edge folded in the middle, and the two borders sewn together, leaving an aperture for the head


41. Chasubles synonyms, Chasubles pronunciation, Chasubles translation, English dictionary definition of Chasubles


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CHASUBLES [ˈCHasyəb(ə)l, ˈCHazəb(ə)l]


  • a sleeveless outer vestment worn by a Catholic or High Anglican priest when celebrating Mass, typically ornate and having a simple hole for the head.
Synonyms: vestment . surplice . cassock . rochet . alb . dalmatic . canonicals . pontificals .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does chasuble mean?

Definition of chasuble. : a sleeveless outer vestment worn by the officiating priest at mass.

What does the name chasuble mean?

The chasuble originated as a sort of conical poncho, called in Latin a casula or "little house", that was the common outer traveling garment in the late Roman Empire. It was simply a roughly oval piece of cloth, with a round hole in the middle through which to pass the head, that fell below the knees on all sides.

How do you spell chasuble?

The word above "Chasuble" is the correct spelling for the word. It is very easy to misspell a word like Chasuble, therefore you can use TellSpell as a spell checker.

What does the priest use under a chasuble?

The stole is a long piece of cloth that is worn like a scarf over the neck and falls down the front of the priests chest, usually ending near his waist or knees. Although many priests wear it over the chasuble (the next vestment), it is supposed to be worn underneath the chasuble. The stole has its' origin in the Jewish prayer shawl.

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