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1. Chastise definition is - to censure severely : castigate

Chastise, Censure, Castigate

2. How to use Chastise in a sentence


3. Synonym Discussion of Chastise.


4. [ chas- tahyz, chas-tahyz ] See synonyms for: Chastise / Chastised / Chastisement on verb (used with object), chas·tised, chas·tis·ing

Chas, Chastise, Chastised, Chastisement, Com

5. Chastise verb [T] (CRITICIZE) to criticize someone severely: Charity organizations have Chastised the government for not do ing enough to prevent the latest famine in Africa

Chastise, Criticize, Charity, Chastised

6. Some common synonyms of chastise are castigate, chasten, correct, discipline, and punish. While all these words mean "to inflict a penalty on in requital for wrongdoing," Chastise may apply to either the infliction of corporal punishment or to verbal censure or denunciation

Common, Cha, Castigate, Chasten, Correct, Chastise, Corporal, Censure

7. Chastise is a fancy word for telling someone that something they did was really bad. If you pick your nose, your mom will probably yell at you


8. If you pick your nose in front of the Queen of England, your mom will Chastise you.


9. To Chastise is to scold someone severely for bad behavior or even to punish someone by beating the person. An example of Chastise is when you publicly shout at your assistant in front of everyone …


10. A husband cannot Chastise his wife, but he may use force to restrain her from committing a violent criminal wrong

Cannot, Chastise, Committing, Criminal

11. PUTNAM'S HANDY LAW BOOK FOR THE LAYMAN ALBERT SIDNEY BOLLES And therefore he never withdraweth his mercy from us: but though he Chastise his people with adversity he forsaketh them not


12. The Crossword Solver found 42 answers to the Chastise crossword clue

Crossword, Chastise, Clue

13. Operation Chastise, the destruction of the Mohne and Eder dams in north-west Germany by the RAF’s 617 Squadron on the night of 16/17 May 1943, was an epic that has passed into Britain’s national legend


14. Chastise is a dignified word for corporal punishment, combining in nearly equal degrees the notions of desert and correction. from the GNU version of the …

Chastise, Corporal, Combining, Correction

15. Definition of Chastise to criticize someone harshly for doing something wrong Examples of Chastise in a sentence If you bully someone in Mrs

Chastise, Criticize

16. Marshall’s class, she will Chastise you and keep you after school

Class, Chastise

17. Again, to Chastise the bad and reward the good belongs to both alike, methinks? Who is so foolish as to Chastise or instruct the ugly, or the diminutive, or the feeble? I wish to God I were a younger man, that I might Chastise you for the hound you are


18. If he should appear in mine, I know how to Chastise him, and to vindicate my own honour.


19. Charity organizations have Chastised the government for not do ing enough to prevent the latest famine in Africa.

Charity, Chastised

20. I will Chastise them in accordance with the proclamation to their assembly


21. When it is My desire, I will Chastise them; And the peoples will be gathered against them When they are bound for their double guilt


22. Operation Chastise was an attack on German dams carried out on 16–17 May 1943 by Royal Air Force No

Chastise, Carried

23. All 10 uses of Chastise in THE GIVER


24. Nouns for Chastise include Chastisement, Chastisements, Chastiser, Chastisers, chastizement and chastizements

Chastise, Chastisement, Chastisements, Chastiser, Chastisers, Chastizement, Chastizements

25. Whilst the Chastise of BC was a garbage damage/stun ability regardless of cost and cast time, the stun being the worst end of the stick - this new and improved version coupled with the revelations talent looks absolutely incredible

Chastise, Cost, Cast, Coupled

26. Revelations makes Chastise a much welcome addition to the holy tree with great healing potential.


27. Synonyms for Chastise in Free Thesaurus


28. 54 synonyms for Chastise: scold, blame, correct, discipline, lecture, carpet, nag, censure, rebuke

Chastise, Correct, Carpet, Censure

29. Inflections of ' Chastise ' (v): (⇒ conjugate)

Chastise, Conjugate

30. Chastise was a priest ability available to draenei and dwarves, added in patch 2.3


31. English common law allowed parents and others who have "lawful control or charge" of a child to use "moderate and reasonable" Chastisement or correction

Common, Control, Charge, Child, Chastisement, Correction

32. Chastise - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


33. Inflections of 'Chastise' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Chastises v 3rd person singular chastising v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Chastised v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man."

Chastise, Conjugate, Chastises, Chastising, Chastised

34. Verb If you Chastise someone, you speak to them angrily or punish them for something wrong that they have done.


35. Leviticus 26:28 View whole chapter See verse in context Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will Chastise you seven times for your sins

Chapter, Context, Contrary, Chastise

36. Deuteronomy 11:2 View whole chapter See verse in context And know ye this day: for I speak not with your children which have not known, and which have not seen the Chastise ment of the LORD your God, his greatness, his

Chapter, Context, Children, Chastise

37. Chastise (Racial)20ydrange300 manaInstant castChastise the target, causing X to Y Holy damage and Immobilizing them for up to 2 sec

Chastise, Castchastise, Causing

38. May the Light have pity upon your blackened soul." —Boris Brightbeard1 Chastise was a priest ability available to draenei and dwarves, added in patch 2.3


39. Definition of Chastise in the dictionary


40. What does Chastise mean? Information and translations of Chastise in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Chastise, Comprehensive

41. Same as Chastise; - a variant spelling; as, She chastized him for his insensitive remarks

Chastise, Chastized

42. ‘For instance, they don't hesitate to Chastise a colleague, even if he is a personal friend, for incompetent work.’ ‘Society celebrates certain kinds of choice, while chastising and reprimanding others.’

Chastise, Colleague, Celebrates, Certain, Choice, Chastising

43. Chastise means to punish or castigate.Chasten means to discipline or subdue.Chastisement is harsher, and chastening can be subtle and event gentle

Chastise, Castigate, Chasten, Chastisement, Chastening, Can

44. Only Chastisement would involve physical force or violence (though these are not essential to its meaning).


45. In "Chastise", he revisits the RAF raid against the Ruhr dams in 1943


46. That raid was famous at the time and further popularized after the war by the book and movie "The Dambusters." "Chastise" is a tense and insightful retelling of the mission, executed by an incredibly young but dedicated group of pilots and air crew against long odds.

Chastise, Crew

47. Chastise (21 Occurrences) Multi-Version Concordance Chastise (21 Occurrences)

Chastise, Concordance

48. Luke 23:16 I will therefore Chastise him and release him." (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS YLT RSV)


49. Chastise somebody (old-fashioned) to punish somebody physically synonym beat Parents are no longer allowed to Chastise their children as they did in the past

Chastise, Children

50. Chastise 'Chastise' is a 8 letter word starting with C and ending with E Crossword clues for 'Chastise' Clue Answer; Severely reprimand (8) Chastise: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Chastise We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Chastise will help you to finish your crossword today

Chastise, Crossword, Clues, Clue

51. Chastise by Max Hastings is a gloriously informative book that takes the reader behind the scene and into the heart of the Dam Busters raid


52. Chastise (v.) "to inflict pain upon to punish and recall to duty, to punish for the purpose of correcting or reclaiming," c

Chastise, Correcting

53. 1300, Chastisen, from Old French chastiier "to warn, advise, instruct; Chastise, admonish; punish; dominate, tame" (12c., Modern French châtier), from Latin castigare "to set or keep right, to reprove, chasten, to punish," literally "to make pure" (see castigate).

Chastisen, Chastiier, Chastise, Ch, Castigare, Chasten, Castigate

54. Chastise definition is - to censure severely : castigate

Chastise, Censure, Castigate

55. How to use Chastise in a sentence


56. Various social-media sites and platforms have begun to Chastise the new sports darling for, of all things, the upkeep of her hair


57. When it appears it is largely used to Chastise transsexuals and


58. Find 40 ways to say Chastise, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Chastise, Com

59. 1 Chastise somebody (for something/for doing something) (formal) to criticize someone for doing something wrong He Chastised the team for their lack of commitment.; 2 Chastise somebody (old-fashioned) to punish someone physically synonym beat Parents are no longer allowed to Chastise their children as they did in the past.

Chastise, Criticize, Chastised, Commitment, Children

60. The carrier, however, perceiving by the light of the innkeeper candle how it fared with his ladylove, quitting Don Quixote, ran to bring her the help she needed; and the innkeeper did the same but with a different intention, for his was to Chastise the lass, as he believed that beyond a doubt she alone was the cause of all the harmony.

Carrier, Candle, Chastise, Cause

61. Chastise meaning, definition, what is Chastise: to criticize someone severely: Learn more.

Chastise, Criticize

62. As verbs the difference between punish and Chastise is that punish is to cause to suffer for crime or misconduct, to administer disciplinary action while Chastise is to punish or scold someone.

Chastise, Cause, Crime

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CHASTISE [ˈCHasˌtīz, ˌCHaˈstīz]

chastise (verb) · chastises (third person present) · chastised (past tense) · chastised (past participle) · chastising (present participle)

  • rebuke or reprimand severely.
  • punish, especially by beating.
Synonyms: scold . upbraid . berate . reprimand . reprove . rebuke . admonish . chide . censure . castigate . lambaste . lecture . criticize . pull up . trim . rate . chasten . recompense . visit . reprehend . objurgate . praise . punish . discipline . beat . thrash . flog . whip . horsewhip . strap . belt . cane . lash . birch . scourge . flay . flagellate .

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