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personality, nature, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, psychology, psyche, constitution, makeup,

"Characters" in Example Sentences

1. How to use characters in a sentence. Example sentences with the word characters. characters example sentences.
2. The Word "Character" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2272771 Tom is a character. CK 1 288286 He's a strange character. CK 1 3056562 Tom is a good judge of character. WestofEden 1 3131821 You're a terrible judge of character. CM 57077 All the characters in this book are imaginary.
3. The characters and incidents are natural, and are sketched in a lively and attractive way. 🔊 11. Their philosophy may be unsound, but it produced noble : 8. characters in a sentence - Use "characters" in a sentence 1. Looking for people with " good moral character ." 2. There is a wry affection for the characters in these stories. click for
4. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " Your new boyfriend has excellent character. (excellent, good, exemplary, impeccable) " People love her because of her generous character. (generous, gentle, likeable, lovable) " The story has colorful characters. (colorful, lively, real, larger-than-life)
5. Like Francis, most of the characters in this drama are today continuing in their accustomed roles.: The characters that play in the film are weird, though the actors make a good job of it.: Creating a wardrobe of period costumes for this crowd of characters is the task of resident designer Deneen McArthur.: He is bursting with ideas and characters and energy and just wants to see if you are on
6. How to use The characters in a Sentence? 1. One of the characters of the Valley. 🔊 2. The characters are, however, distinct. 🔊 3. Meanwhile one of the characters conquers Poland. 🔊 4. Crapo Jackson, the sexton, is one of the characters. 🔊 5.
7. 1. He did not seek to put his characters in a position where it was right to do wrong.; 2. But it is necessary to express these characters in terms of the facts of experience.; 3. We thought of the characters in the unconvincing wigs and costumes of our school performance.; 4. His old habit of identifying himself with the characters in the tales he read had mastered him.
8. We use letters to communicate with other people anywhere in the world. In business, employees create business letters at one point in time, and include counting the characters. To simplify things, the users utilize software to type the document and count the number of words and characters they use.
9. characters in a sentence - Use "characters" in a sentence 1. Looking for people with " good moral character ." 2. There is a wry affection for the characters in these stories. click for more sentences of characters
10. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "characters "On some OS's you get gibberish for filenames with fullwidth characters so when downloading please change to a suitable filename. There are more than 40,000 characters in Chinese script.? Corrected mistaken/missing characters in the text data.
11. How to use characters in a sentence. The characters list of example sentences with characters. characters examples - characters in a sentence - 33. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. nouns 0. noun "three-fingered cartoon
12. Sentence with the word characters. Cuvier, in one of a series of lectures, delivered at Paris, in the spring of last year, says, "the name chemistry, itself, comes from the word _chim_, which was the ancient name of Egypt;" and he states that minerals were known to the Egyptians "not only by their external characters, but also by what we at the present day call their _chemical characters _."
13. Re: Count characters in a Sentence 807595 Nov 14, 2003 11:59 AM ( in response to 807595 ) Use a StringTokenizer for the user specified character and count the number of tokens.
14. characters definition: Noun 1. plural form of character
15. Count characters is a useful online character and word counting tool. It allows you to count the number of characters, or count the number of words in a sentence, a letter, or block of text. To count the number of characters or words please paste or type text into the space provided below.
16. > ./ Enter characters: mkn Enter a sentence: My son is in elementary school. My son in elementary > Although the above is an appropriate use of strtok(), be wary of it. It is an artifact of an earlier age and should be avoided in favor of safer, modern library functions like strsep() or strtok_r().
17. 4. Foretelling story events using running motifs. Recurring motifs or themes are also useful for foreshadowing events.. Toni Morrison uses this type of foreshadowing in her unflinching examination of the effects of slavery, Beloved (1987). A single sentence at the start of each section in the book, mentioning the address where the main characters live, foreshadows the tone of events in that
18. Use wildcard characters as comparison criteria for text filters, and when you're searching and replacing content. For more about using wildcard characters with the Find and Replace features in Excel, see Find or replace text and numbers on a worksheet.
19. When you need to count the characters in cells, use the LEN function—which counts letters, numbers, characters, and all spaces. For example, the length of "It's 98 degrees today, so I'll go swimming" (excluding the quotes) is 42 characters—31 letters, 2 numbers, 8 spaces, a comma, and 2 apostrophes.
20. In C programming, a string is a sequence of characters terminated with a null character \0.For example: char c[] = "c string"; When the compiler encounters a sequence of characters enclosed in the double quotation marks, it appends a null character \0 at the end by default.
21. "Main Character(s)" Possessive. How should I write the following sentence, with "main character(s)" being possessive?: "In contrast to these small obstacles, there are also large obstacles in the main character(s) journeys." another where there are multiple main characters. Is this still the correct way to write it?

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