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1. To cause (the skin) to roughen, redden, or crack, especially as a result of cold or exposure: The headwind Chapped the cyclist's lips.

Cause, Crack, Cold, Chapped, Cyclist

2. Chapped skin is sore, rough, and broken, especially because of cold weather: 2

Chapped, Cold

3. Chapped Used to describe something of poor quality or make, or something that is cringe-inducing

Chapped, Cringe

4. For Chapped hands or face: One ounce of glycerine, one ounce of alcohol mixed, then add eight ounces of rose-water


5. GILLETTE Cheap soap and hard water are the unknown enemies of many people, and the cause of rough skin and Chapped hands

Cheap, Cause, Chapped

6. Chapped, chap·ping, chaps

Chapped, Chap, Chaps

7. To cause (the skin) to roughen, redden, or crack, especially as a result of cold or exposure: The headwind Chapped the cyclist's lips

Cause, Crack, Cold, Chapped, Cyclist

8. Cold, dry weather, sun damage, and frequently licking your lips are just some of the reasons your lips might feel dry and Chapped. To prevent and treat dry, Chapped lips at home, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists.

Cold, Chapped, Certified

9. Chronic Chapped lips that won’t heal could be a sign of serious medical conditions or infections, which include actinic cheilitis, an early form of skin cancer that requires immediate treatment

Chronic, Chapped, Could, Conditions, Cheilitis, Cancer

10. Medically known as cheilitis, Chapped lips are characterized by peeling, fissuring and cracking of the lip skin, says Shari Marchbein, MD,

Cheilitis, Chapped, Characterized, Cracking

11. Chapped lips are when your lips feel dry and cracked

Chapped, Cracked

12. If your lips burn, sting, or feel uncomfortable, they’re probably Chapped. You may think of Chapped


13. Chapped lips can get infected, as bacteria can enter through cracks and abrasions

Chapped, Can, Cracks

14. Chapped: ( chapt ), Having or pertaining to skin, especially of the hands, that is dry, scaly, and fissured, owing to the action of cold or to the excess rate of evaporation of moisture from the skin surface

Chapped, Chapt, Cold

15. Dehydration can cause Chapped lips

Can, Cause, Chapped

16. Dehydration is a major culprit when it comes to Chapped lips

Culprit, Comes, Chapped

17. Chapped: 1 adj used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure “ Chapped lips” Synonyms: cracked , roughened rough , unsmooth having or caused by an irregular surface

Chapped, Cold, Cracked, Caused

18. Chapped adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (skin: made sore by the cold) gercé adj adjectif : modifie un nom

Chapped, Cold

19. Most people get Chapped lips from time to time


20. There's much you can do to treat — and prevent — Chapped lips

Can, Chapped

21. Privacy & Trust Info Cracks in the lips are most commonly associated with Chapped lips, medically referred to as cheilitis simplex

Cracks, Commonly, Chapped, Cheilitis

22. Chapped - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


23. Compound Forms: chap Chapped: Inglés: Español: Chap Stick, ChapStick, chapstick, chap stick n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

Compound, Chap, Chapped, Chapstick

24. Smooth, supple, and soft in September, hands can turn red, Chapped, and rough by February.

Can, Chapped

25. Of course I'm still Chapped over the way Henry

Course, Chapped

26. Chapped lips (also known as cheilitis simplex or common cheilitis) are characterized by cracking of the lips

Chapped, Cheilitis, Common, Characterized, Cracking

27. Definition of Chapped adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


28. A six year old boy with Chapped foreskin help! Chapped vagina and thick white discharge! what is it? White flaky/moist globs on penis head when I rub it lightly - possibly yeast infection? Skin will not retract fully when penis is erect foreskin is cracking, +itching, and shrinking cracked foreskin foreskin penis peeling Chapped penis in a diabetic

Chapped, Cracking, Cracked

29. Kiss dry, Chapped lips goodbye with the best lip balm to keep in your back pocket year-round


30. Chapped lips are also a common symptom of menopause

Chapped, Common

31. If you have severe Chapped lips that are painful, or accompanied by cracking at the corners of the mouth or lip sores, consult a trained health care provider for assistance.

Chapped, Cracking, Corners, Consult, Care

32. Your peeling and cracked dry lips can be a sign of a number of things, including dehydration, an allergy, or a vitamin deficiency Sure, the typical culprit of Chapped

Cracked, Can, Culprit, Chapped

33. Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, is a common condition marked by dryness, redness, and cracking of the lips ().Several factors may cause Chapped lips, …

Chapped, Cheilitis, Common, Condition, Cracking, Cause

34. These are the 23 lip treatments — balms, oils, scrubs, and more — that we found our Chapped lips can't live without, including a $40 luxury indulgence that beauty editors simply can't get

Chapped, Can

35. Chapped definition: If your skin is Chapped , it is dry , cracked, and sore

Chapped, Cracked

36. Dry, Chapped lips are annoying any time of year, but the problem becomes more prominent in the fall and winter


37. Chapped hands develop when the skin is very dry due to a later of moisture


38. Chapped skin is a condition that often affects people with very sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated

Chapped, Condition

39. When left untreated, Chapped hands can limit activities, cause other skin conditions such as eczema, or encourage infection to develop.

Chapped, Can, Cause, Conditions

40. I went skiing the other day and now it feels like above my upper lip is really dry and Chapped, but chap stick doesn't help

Chapped, Chap

41. Chapped: Chapped , dry, sunburned lips may respond to fragrance free moisturizer


42. "Chapped lips are usually harmless, however, sometimes they can be a sign of a medical condition," Sherber said

Chapped, Can, Condition

43. "If your dry, Chapped lips do not heal after following these tips for two to three


44. Note: Chapped lips are not likely to heal in one day, but by using these remedies and tips, you can replenish the health of your lips

Chapped, Can

45. The remedies will be explained in detail after stating the various reasons that can lead to dry and Chapped lips, apart from dehydration

Can, Chapped

46. What are some other causes for Chapped lips, doc? According to Gymrek, other, less common causes for Chapped lips include an allergic reaction to certain lip products or foods, a yeast infection, or sun damage (also known as “actinic chelitis”), which can be precancerous or thyroid disease.

Causes, Chapped, Common, Certain, Chelitis, Can

47. : Majestic Pure Tea Tree Body Wash - Formulated to Combat Dry, Flaky Skin - Soothes, Nourishes and Moisturizes Irritated, Chapped, Problem Skin Areas - (Packaging may Vary) …

Com, Combat, Chapped

48. These home remedies for Chapped lips are simple things you can incorporate into your everyday life and get your lips soft, moisturized, and oh-so-kissable

Chapped, Can

49. This home remedy for Chapped lips is an easy one on how to heal Chapped lips, because lip balm is something you hopefully already have at home!


50.Chapped lips are common during the winter months in particular, as the cold weather and dry heat in homes and cars essentially dehydrate the …

Chapped, Common, Cold, Cars

51. Dry, Chapped lips can be painful and annoying

Chapped, Can

52. : 4Legger Certified Organic Nose & Paw Pad Healing Balm Unscented for Dry Chapped and Cracked Paw Pads, Elbows, Snout, Dry Skin with Hemp Oil, Vegan Wax, Calendula & Shea Butter - Made in USA - 1.9 oz : Pet Supplies

Com, Certified, Chapped, Cracked, Calendula

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does chapped mean?

verb (used with object), chapped, chap·ping. to crack, roughen, and redden (the skin): The windy, cold weather chapped her lips. to cause (the ground, wood, etc.) to split, crack, or open in clefts: The summer heat and drought chapped the riverbank.

What does Chapp mean?

CHAPP stands for Community Health Assessment and Promotion Project. This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc. Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc. MLA style: "CHAPP.".

What is another word for chaps?

The word chaps is a clip of chaparejos or chaparreras, which are Mexican Spanish words for this garment, ultimately derived from Spanish chaparro, one sense of which is a low growing thicket—difficult to ride through without damage to clothing. In English, the word has two common pronunciations: [ʃæps] and [tʃæps].

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